| January 31, 2017

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” ~ Helen Keller

TQ Members: It’s Time to Step Up…

I need your help to make a key investment in YOU personally and the rest of the human race collectively.

Not an investment in Artificial Intelligence to make MACHINES smarter…

But a small investment in an App that will make PEOPLE materially smarter…

To give you and the rest of the world HOPE that we can make our own lives better, while at the same time, giving a BILLION people around the globe something that they cannot get at any price right now…

The HOPE that if we work just a bit smarter we can create a better world for ourselves, our families and the generations ahead.

This is a HUGE vision that you personally can help make real.

Think about the people all around the world — many right in our own backyards — who are victims of economic disparity, war, tragedy… the list is endless. They struggle to get by and are losing hope.

Which is why we set up a crowd funding campaign to give the world what it needs most right now… and to give YOU the opportunity to do something wonderful.

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We intend to develop and deploy the World’s Smartest App — an App that will transform the 2.5 Billion smartphones in the world into a Transparent Learning™ engine designed to release every person’s full potential. We are taking 5,000 years of great ideas — the true wisdom of the ages — off the shelf to make success-critical skill building as prevalent as music streaming, photo-sharing and tweeting in the next 24 months!

Please watch the 3 minute movie featuring Lisa Williams explaining this incredible project. Click to Watch…

Give from your heart and I will even provide you with wonderful “PERKS” for your kindness.

I know what we are doing will make perfect sense to the hundreds of thousands of you who have been with TQ for years. Just spend a couple of minutes seeing what The World Excellence Project™ is all about and how you can become the change we all need to see happen.

Your Friend,
E. R. Haas, CEO


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