About The TQ Smart Family…

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” ~ Pat Riley

The Heart of TQ: The Intentional Pursuit of Excellence…

ThinkTQ, Inc. is the world’s leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence — the only company with the tools, technology and systems that make it possible to instantly improve your performance — dynamically accelerating your potential for true and lasting success.

We know a lot of other companies make this claim, but we have the means to actually deliver. In fact, we unconditionally guarantee it!

ThinkTQ is in the business of measuring and improving human POTENTIAL — YOUR potential — giving you the baseline reference point for meaningful changes… and the TOOLS to rapidly hone your God-given TALENTS into hard-edged SKILLS, with which you will achieve ALL your dreams, goals and aspirations.

TQ stands for your Time Quotient, a gold standard measurement of your power to produce meaningful Results over Time… the best indicator of your success potential… and the only form of intelligence you can actually improve. Instantly. Click Here to Test Your TQ…

With over 25 years of experience, we have the resources to do something that others can only promise: Train you to immediately produce greater Results… in less Time… through a continuous process of self-measurement… self-evaluation… and self-improvement.

Our key sites, ThinkTQ.com, MyBizIQ.com, MyBelieversGuide.com, MarriedWithPurpose.com, MyPurposeChallenge.com — and hundreds of others — are all interwoven and interconnected, explicitly designed to give you a knowledge base that ANSWERS a single question…

“What’s Holding Me Back From the Success I Want?”

Personal success. Business success. Financial success. Spiritual success. Here you will find the answers you seek — not just an endless discussion about the philosophy of success. Here you will find a systematic, measurable, sequential process that will lead you to achieve far greater RESULTS in far less TIME.

You may reach us via…

Phone: (303) 664-9624

eMail:  Marketing@ThinkTQ.com

ThinkTQ, Inc.
1020 E. 15th Ave
Broomfield, CO 80020

WOW Customer Focus…

We do not expect you to take our word for anything… we will PROVE our worth to you every single day!

To really get to know US, listen to what our CUSTOMERS have to say. Review excerpts from tens of thousands of real people with real stories. Living Testimonials…

ThinkTQ is a Performance Portal for people who are serious about personal growth… people who strive to achieve exceptional results each day, both personally and professionally.

If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend you take your TQ Test right away and get with the program! Start Now…

The TQ Business Structure…

Our Mission:

Measure the world’s TQ (practical working intelligence) and improve it 80 points.

Our Values:

Drive us to seek EXCELLENCE in everything we do… Complexity, Integrity, Curiosity, Effectiveness, Innovation, Communication, Speed, Loyalty and Competition… which makes us the HIGH VALUE ~ LOW COST provider of personal and professional training worldwide.

Our Vision:

Make it easier for people to find true and lasting success. This means helping people learn, remember and master the skills necessary to produce outstanding results… personally and professionally.

The Goal:

First, dead-stop the insidious back-sliding we are facing and put America back on the economic fast track. Ultimately increase the GDP of the United States of America 3% in the next 10 years by training our people to out-think… out-smart… out-hustle… out perform… out-compete… and out produce the rest of the world.

America must compete based on VALUE… not just PRODUCTIVITY.

Our expectation is to help 20% of working Americans improve their performance by a full 20%.

This will help every nation on Earth by creating a climate of excellence… replacing the climate of entitlement we now see encroaching the human spirit.

Key Business Objective:

Become the # 1 Training Portal in the world.

Customer Activity:

Our expectation is to have 50 million members by 2013, with 500 million client interactions each month.

Shareholder Value:

ThinkTQ, Inc. is a privately held, Colorado corporation in good standing. Our financial goal is to brand TQ as the new form of “Working Intelligence™”, creating $5 Billion in shareholder value over the next 3 years.

The Process…

TQ is loosely based on the US Olympics training progression: First master your FUNdamentals… then Train to Train… next Train to Compete… finally, Train to WIN. Take this program seriously and you will find yourself at the top of your profession, fully engaged in opportunities you find emotionally and financially rewarding.

Because TQ is the effective measurement of your Working Intelligence™ — and the only form of intelligence you can actually improve over time — you can quickly make huge strides in both the quantity and quality of the results you produce.

Team TQ…

Following are the brief biographies of key members of the TQ launch team.

Our people have the battle-hardened management expertise to assure a rapid deployment of ThinkTQ.com, bringing powerful, real-world experience and the ability to transform this unique opportunity into a world-class company.

Eric. R. Haas, CEO

As a lifelong entrepreneur and founder of several successful businesses, Haas has the depth of experience and forward thinking that is critical to the development and full commercial exploitation of ThinkTQ.com.

Kent Madson, VP Business Development

As a self-professed “training junkie” and a lifelong student of personal performance and time management, Kent brings firsthand knowledge and experience to the project. Kent supervised the research team of 30 and is a co-author.

Michael Long, VP Technical Development, CTO

Michael has over 30 years of advanced, business commercial applications development experience. Michael has the ability to create system architectures that are highly effective and efficient, and can develop them in mission-critical time and environments.

Jan Haas, VP Operations

Jan has a proven track record in management and business operations and is responsible for the execution of all administrative functions.