Become Smarter In The Moment…


Turn Your Smartphone Into an Engine
of Extraordinary Personal Growth


Encouragement, Hope & Inspiration: The Time Prism is like having the smartest, most successful mentor in the world encourage you to achieve the results you want and the success you desire — step-by-step, hour-by-hour, all day long. Customers have told us that it is “hope with instructions”!

Smarter in The Moment: The Time Prism captures your attention much like a text message but provides you with a 10-second training burst that makes you smarter in the moment. It is the essence of Transparent Learning… learning without even knowing that you are learning!

Fresh New Ideas: The Time Prism leaves a lasting impression by implanting a fresh, new idea on a daily theme — then reminds, reinforces, and strengthens it with spaced-repetition. Give it a day and it will become your Trusted Mentor for the rest of your life!

Work Smart • Play Hard • Live Large

It has been scientifically proven that knowing more words creates a neural-net of understanding — making you smarter. But, knowing better ideas creates a web of intentional actions — making you more successful.

The Time Prism is about moving new ideas into your conscious by way of subconscious reinforcement and Transparent Learning… where you gain new habits without even knowing you are learning them.

The Time Prism is deeply PERSONAL — it is about ENCOURAGEMENT and EXCELLENCE. It’s about becoming SMARTER in the moment,  putting your INNER-DRIVE into OVERDRIVE. It’s about HIGH ACHIEVEMENT and outstanding RESULTS.



So, how does it work?

  1. You SET it…
  2. You FORGET it…
  3. You CHECK it when it chimes.

You become SMARTER every time you check The Time Prism because there is always something hopeful and helpful for you…

  • An idea that promotes persistence, tenacity, and resiliency…
  • A feeling of encouragement, pride, and the praise you need to keep moving toward your goals…
  • A feeling of gratitude and appreciation for both the opportunities and challenges you have been given each day.



The Time Prism leaves a lasting impression by implanting a fresh, new idea — then reinforces it all day long.


Why is The Time Prism the World’s Smartest App? Because it’s brain-training… skill-building… and personal coaching all in one simple App.

The Time Prism turns your Smartphone into a success guide that instantly and automatically shapes your thoughts… helping you see all the possibilities, potentialities, and opportunities coming to you during your busy day.

You’re smarter simply because you introduced a smarter idea into your actions!

Imagine the wisdom, great advice, and just plain street-smarts you’ll receive from the most powerful thought leaders who ever lived — people like Aristotle, Bill Gates, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, Napoleon Hill, James Bell, Oprah, Meg, and a hundred others… all showing you the path to the success you desire.


The Time Prism contains THOUSANDS of the best ideas — from 5,000 years of wisdom, advice, and pure knowledge —from the smartest, most successful men and women who ever lived.

We take all those gems of wisdom off the shelf and inject them into your life — 10-seconds at a time, all day long.

The Time Prism living inside your Smartphone, iPad, or Tablet computer gives you the encouragement you need to become the best version of yourself possible.

You achieve your greatest goals…

You attain your highest aspirations…

You live the life you love.

You do not have to believe us. Simply download and experience The Time Prism for yourself!



Developed and deployed by Think TQ & The World Excellence Project™. 

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