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The 10 Second Miracle

| April 16, 2018 | 0 Comments
The 10 Second Miracle

Everything Can Change in 10 Seconds…

When we launched The Time Prism we had no idea how it would be used.

The design is simple enough: Read… Breathe… THINK.

Each screen was written to be short and on-point.

You simply READ what is presented to you…

Take a deep BREATH to inject some oxygen into your brain…

And take 10 seconds to just THINK…

About what was being said…

About anything at all that pops into your mind.

The Result?

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Perfect your plans.

| April 16, 2018
Perfect your plans.

This week, I plan on helping you turn your dreams and goals into rock-solid plans!

Every goal—regardless of how complex or difficult—is nothing more than a series of steps that must be completed along with a path, from one object to another.

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