About TQ… What Does It Mean?

About TQ... What Does It Mean?

“A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.” ~ Roy H. Williams


About TQ... What Does It Mean?

The New IQ

TQ (your Time Quotient) is a gold standard measurement of your practical working intelligence. TQ reflects how smart you ACT, not how smart you ARE. TQ measures how consistently you take the actions the greatest minds in history say are absolutely critical to exceptional personal performance.

TQ is a fundamental engine for personal growth… an important discipline built around the idea that when the intentional pursuit of excellence becomes your prevailing aspiration, you succeed. It is roughly patterned after the US Olympics training progression: First master your FUNdamentals (TQ = 60+)… then Train to Train (TQ = 70+)… Train to Compete (TQ = 80+)… and Train to WIN (TQ > 90+).

TQ is the intelligence behind enduring success — the systematic, sequential process of Self-Measurement… Self-Assessment… and Self-Improvement. With the TQ discipline, you increase what psychologists call your self-efficacy… which leads to greater self-confidence, and ultimately improved self-esteem. Increased self-efficacy is the starting point.

With millions of data points, there is no question that high TQ performance correlates perfectly with high achievement. Proof? Compare the two charts — the chart on the left shows a low TQ: No sense of mission and purpose… no goals… limited plans… poor focus… inadequate delegation… terrible organization… ultimately, little action. The chart on the right shows a high TQ Score: An incredible physical and mental energy level… a strong sense of mission… a passionate, optimistic attitude… real goals, plans, and focus… skilled at delegation and team-building… a highly organized, action-oriented power-player.

TQ Score: 32 Vs. 89 — The Difference is Stunning…

About TQ... What Does It Mean?    About TQ... What Does It Mean?


Who gets the big promotions?

Who commands more money?

Who gains true financial freedom?

Who experiences the lifestyle of their dreams?

A Little Context…

About TQ... What Does It Mean?TQ is for people who know they can do better… want to do better… but don’t know where to start. You simply rate 10 key actions, on a scale of 1-10,  in 10 Color-Coded areas of your performance, and we give you a 1,000 (10x10x10) degree assessment of your success potential — together with a list of the actions you must improve. As a result, we can immediately create a custom-published, 172-page virtual personal book — a made to order assessment/evaluation, all about you, only you — and the forces moving you up towards success or holding you back from it.

TQ is about transforming your God-given talents into hard-edged skills — the fastest and easiest way to realize your full potential. Think about it. Given your intellectual and emotional makeup (whatever it is), you are still responsible for creating the life you want. This means producing positive Results. The Results you produce over your lifetime is how your success will ultimately be measured. Success is not measured by good intentions — or how much effort you expend — or how badly you want it. Instead, success is entirely dependent upon the Results you actually get in the Time you have.

TQ doesn’t measure your cognitive intelligence (IQ,) or your emotional intelligence (EQ). Experts are divided as to what, if anything, IQ predicts — simply because there are 11 different types of “intelligence”: Musical, Logical-Mathematical, Linguistic, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, etc.  Many highly successful people have boringly low IQ scores. What matters is what successful people DO to achieve the results they desire. (Stephen Hawkins had an IQ of 160 but who would win in the ring with George Foreman?!)

Test Your TQ to discover where you are strong, what you need to do differently, and how to turn your limiting weaknesses into core strengths. We invite you to Test your TQ: Click here to take the Gold Standard Test of Personal and Professional Excellence…

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