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“We appreciate you more than you can imagine! Our mission is to help every person on the planet realize their full potential with Encouragement, Engagement and Excellence. You are vital to this mission and we are grateful for your help.” ~ E. R., Kent & all of Team TQ

Important Information on Your Personal Time Prism Beta!

The Time Prism is like having the smartest, most passionate and successful mentor in the world encourage you to achieve the results you want and the success you desire — step-by-step, hour-by-hour, all day long. Everyday.

The Time Prism design challenge has been completely different from all other TQ products which are systematic, procedural, measurable and very much promote a cause and effect relationship… you do this, you get that.

The Time Prism informs smarter decisions each day,
helping you achieve more in the time you have.

This design is more about moving ideas into your subconscious by way of conscious reinforcement, spaced-repetition, and a Transparent Learning experience… where you learn new habits without even knowing you are learning anything. Perfect!

The Time Prism is about something much deeper — it is about your FEELINGS, ENCOURAGEMENT, and EMOTIONS. It is less about smarter ACTIONS and more about your INNER-DRIVE that lead to true SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. It is an engine of “magnetic attraction” that draws you into an idea that will positively shape your thinking for the rest of the day… providing you with HOPE. With more hope, your life becomes filled with optimism, possibilities, and potentialities. You become the person you know you can be.

Every time you check The Time Prism there is something positive and hopeful for you…

  • An idea that promotes persistence, tenacity, and resiliency…
  • A feeling of encouragement, pride, and the praise you need to keep moving toward your goals…
  • Feeling more in control of your day — the feeling that you are on the right track…
  • Feeling a bit luckier — things just seem to work better and fall into place…
  • Feeling more appreciative and grateful for both the opportunities and challenges you have been given each day.

There is always something there to remind you that life is full of choices, and if you choose wisely, things just seem to work out better.

The Time Prism is about SIMPLICITY and CONFIDENCE. When you start to feel a bit more confident and aware, you know it’s working!

So, how does it work?

  1. You SET it…
  2. You FORGET it…
  3. You CHECK it when it chimes.

For this information to transcend your subconscious, all you need to do is STOP for 3-5 seconds… THINK about what you have just experienced… and MOVE forward.

The Time Prism captures your attention much like a text message but provides you with a 10-second training burst. It is the essence of Transparent Learning… learning without even knowing that you are learning!

It leaves a lasting impression by implanting a fresh, new idea — then reinforces it all day long.

THAT, of course, is what it is supposed to do! What we need to know is how it works for YOU!

xxBeta DetailsWhile no software is “bug-free” this is pretty close. In this Beta, what we want to know is how YOU get along with it…

  • Did you figure out how to set a background you love? Comments?
  • Did you figure out how to change the time settings? Comments?
  • Do you like the number of messages you get each day? There are 5 Encouragement sets… and 8 skill-building sets. Would you like more or fewer? Comments?
  • Do you think they should fire more often, or less often? Comments?
  • While we use your device’s standard notification manager, did you understand what happens when you hear the Ticktock… and what you’re supposed to do? Comments?
  • Did you change the sound volume in your Settings App on your phone? Comments?
  • What do you LOVE about it? Comments?
  • What don’t you LIKE about it? Comments?
  • Once AWARE the information is there, do you find yourself ACTING on it… or at least tuck it away in your mind? Comments?

xxBeta Details

We will be sending you a couple of surveys to help you guide our thinking.

Our desire is to help people learn, remember and master success-critical skills in the moment…

By first capturing your attention…

Then encouraging you to act smarter in the moment.

Expectations: You will receive a couple of very short survey’s that will contain exactly 3 questions! Just respond off the cuff and return. Each survey takes less than 1 minute to open, click and submit. With your active help, this will be the world-changer we know it will be.

iOS Installation Process…

xxBeta DetailsApple works completely differently than others, so you will receive an INVITE from Apple Testflight tomorrow.

You will simply download your secure copy from the link Apple provides, and install it…

Allow it to accept notifications, and you are good to go.

You will then be presented with the Sign In screen.

Do NOT use your TQ log info expecting to just Sign In as they are being intentionally kept separate.

You CAN use the same Password and create a NEW App account but SIGN UP so the app is connected to you personally.

You may also use a NEW email address when you SIGN UP.

Once you are Logged In, you will automatically be taken to the Profile screen. Fill it out, save and you shall start the stream of encouragement, wisdom and training!



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