Introducing The Time Prism…

Turn your Smartphone into a tool of Extraordinary Personal Growth — coaxing, encouraging and mentoring you to a higher level of achievement — personally and professionally. Produce smarter results and you make more money, have more free time, and live the life you love!

Introducing The Time Prism... Introducing The Time Prism...

Introducing The Time Prism...It’s not that times are changing, it’s that times have changed.

We are now in a survival of the smartest hyper-competitive global economy where we are all measured by the results we produce each day.

If you are in business, sales, or simply need to put your career-track back on the fast track, you understand that to differentiate yourself today, you must make excellence your prevailing aspiration — and train yourself to a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness.

So, we developed The Time Prism: The World’s Smartest App™ to make YOU smarter in the moment… by informing smarter decisions that lead to far greater results each day.

The Time Prism a new Transparent Learning Engine™ — the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master the success-critical skills needed for higher achievement, personally and professionally.

The Time Prism is deeply PERSONAL — it is about ENCOURAGEMENT and EXCELLENCE.

It’s about becoming SMARTER in the moment —  putting your INNER-DRIVE into OVERDRIVE.

You simply…

1.  Set it: Choose your background, screen effects, start & stop times…

2.  Forget it: It is fully automatic and transparent. It works like you do on your schedule.

3.  Check it when it tick-tock-ticks! Pick up your phone and learn something new that will help you make each day better than the day before.

Introducing The Time Prism...The Time Prism contains THOUSANDS of the best ideas — from 5,000 years of wisdom, advice, and pure knowledge — from the smartest, most successful men and women who ever lived. We take all those gems of wisdom off the shelf and inject them into your life — 10-seconds at a time, all day long.

Imagine the wisdom, great advice, and just plain street-smarts you’ll receive from the most powerful thought leaders who ever lived — people like Aristotle, Bill Gates, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, Napoleon Hill, James Bell, Robert Schuller, Oprah, Meg, and a hundred others… all showing you the path to the success you desire.

The Time Prism will be your trusted mentor for the rest of your life. It’s like having the smartest, most successful mentor in the world encourage you to achieve the results you want and the success you desire — step-by-step, hour-by-hour — all day long.

1. Gain a powerful career and business edge

2. Become the best version of yourself possible

3. Achieve all your dreams and goals

4. Improve your earning power

5. Take control of the hidden forces now controlling you — stay in a flow of positive thoughts and expectations all day long

6. Work smart… find an easier way to get more done… with great ideas for action and a constant flow of encouragement

7. Find meaning and purpose in all that you do

8. Hone your time management and leadership skills — help others release their full potential

9. Keep hope alive with positive instructions for immediate life change

10. Remain focused on excellence over mediocrity and become a little more grateful and thankful each day

The Time Prism captures your attention much like a text message but provides you with a 10-second training burst that informs smarter decisions, making you smarter in the moment. With better information, you produce better results.

This is the essence of Transparent Learning… learning without even knowing that you are learning!

Introducing The Time Prism...


The Time Prism is brain-training, skill-building, and personal mentoring all in one simple to use App that is with you wherever you are… wherever you go… and whenever you need a shot of encouragement coupled with instructions.

Introducing The Time Prism...Introducing The Time Prism...

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