Methods and Momentum Not Just Motivation and Inspiration…

“As the world’s leading publisher of virtual training products exclusively focused on the intentional pursuit of excellence, and Founders of The World Excellence Project, we have the tools and tech to literally transform the lives of every person who attends your next event — live and virtual. Not with more motivation and inspiration, but with a simple systematic, measurable, and unforgettable METHODOLOGY that provides the long term Momentum  that drives exceptional results.” ~ E. R. Haas, CEO, Author, Serial Entrepreneur


We Want to Give Your Next Meeting MOMENTUM!

Where Others Offer Motivation and Inspiration…


We Provide the Missing Element to Transformational Success…

A Proven METHODOLOGY + MOMENTUM for Higher Achievement.

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Methods and Momentum Not Just Motivation and Inspiration...

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We’re Not Bragging… We’re Applying For a Job!

Methods and Momentum Not Just Motivation and Inspiration...

This page is for event planners, speaker bureau leadership, and organizations hosting large meetings either live or virtually…

MESSAGE: We want to be your chief collaborator!

As the world’s leading publisher of virtual training products exclusively focused on the intentional pursuit of excellence, and Founders of The World Excellence Project, we have the tools and tech to literally transform the lives of every person who attends your next event.

We are not bragging… we are applying for the job of being the Methods and Momentum driving your Motivation and Inspiration…

At a deeply PERSONAL level.

With 25 years of actual scientific data — hundreds of millions of data points — we can say with great precision what drives outstanding personal performance.

And we can easily PROVE it.

It’s not about more motivation and inspiration.

It’s a simple, systematic and measurable methodology that provides overview, deep inner belief, and momentum, which leads to exceptional results over time.

Everyone who sets goals wants to achieve those goals.

And, over the years, we have found that there is a golden formula for higher achievement.

It is simple to understand.

Methods and Momentum Not Just Motivation and Inspiration...

Make the goal DESIRABLE… then steadily build BELIEF… and you have the winning combination that drives success — personally and professionally.

One without the other just doesn’t cut it!

A motivational speaker can easily build high DESIRE… reach for the stars inspiration.

That’s a wonderful start!

But not everything is achievable for everyone. We all know that and we see it in our everyday lives.

We offer the missing element… the BELIEVABILITY required to meet those insatiable desires.


With our unique, systematic, measurable and results-oriented process that creates deep personal INNER-BELIEF.

Process NOT hype!

Methods and Momentum Not Just Motivation and Inspiration...Process makes all the difference in the world.

When you start working on ideas for your agenda, invariably someone will suggest that you hire a motivational or inspirational speaker.  And that will no doubt get everyone excited.

However, we know that once your team is back at home, the transformational change you were hoping for will only last about 24 hours… then each attendee will sink back into their old habits and routines.

We want to help you change that.

We provide the missing keys to greater personal and professional performance…

A powerful sense of MISSION…

A scientific, systematic, and measurable METHODOLOGY…

And the big word missing from most motivational hustles: MOMENTUM.

Inspiring speakers offer huge energy boosts and their stories are often powerful and full of promise.

The trouble is, these messages rarely alter behaviors over time.

We will… because we give people the continued momentum necessary for top-level results.

Whether you are selling cars, real estate, insurance, financial advice, network marketing, or are focused on helping each person in your organization reach higher… hit bigger targets… and realize their full potential.

We can do that for you.

Now that’s an inspirational speaker worth hiring, isn’t it?!

Of course, we understand you will hire other speakers who are great storytellers, Olympic champions, or true exemplars in the field of government or the private sector.


People love rags to riches and come-back-kid stories. But as those stories fade, there is a hunger for your people to actually raise their expectations of what’s possible for THEIR life… to truly BELIEVE… and a crying need to give them the tools and tech to make it happen.

We Fully Understand…

We love stories too — and have thousands to share — but there is a big difference between swapping yarns and training folks to produce extraordinary results in their own lives.

Our accelerated Transparent Learning Systems are based on the time-proven Teaching Through Testing methodology to greater personal effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

We understand that every person learns at a different rate, has different skills, and even though they have a high desire to achieve bigger goals, without the proper tools it is simply not possible.

The chart below represents the current profile of about 70 Million data points. It is typical of every person in your organization.

First, we breakdown personal performance into 10 Color-coded areas.

Then, within each area, we further examine the 10 success-essential Factors that drive the intensity of that Color.

This gives us incredible insight into the actual forces each person faces, both positively and negatively.

During our presentation, every person in your audience will be guided through a simple 20-minute TQ Quiz that will give them a truly eye-opening experience.

Some will score more, some much less, but all will benefit from getting an accurate benchmark of what’s moving them forward towards success… and what’s holding them back from it.

The objective is to see your Color Bars all 8-9-10 lighting up the entire right side of the chart. Because TQ is in fact the Gold Standard for measuring personal and professional excellence, initial scores tend to average around 35-40 out of 100 points.

Lots of room for rapid improvement!

So, when thinking about your organization, please keep this graphic in mind.


Methods and Momentum Not Just Motivation and Inspiration...

“This chart represents the productivity potential of the people within your organization. Some will score more, some will score less, but all will gain a clear path to higher achievement. Typically a 30 point increase in TQ represents a doubling of an individual’s personal power.” ~ E. R. Haas, CEO

Chart Summary: For the most part, your people will:

Methods and Momentum Not Just Motivation and Inspiration...√ Have OK mental, physical and emotional ENERGY levels…

√ A poor sense of direction, purpose, and MISSION…

√ A strong can-do ATTITUDE that provides an optimistic backdrop for change…

√ Unrealistic GOALS with only a fuzzy vision of the future…

√ Virtually no PLANS and only limited focus on top PRIORITIES…

√ Terrific people skills capable of creating strong interpersonal SYNERGY…

√ Good ORGANIZATION skills, and adequate Time Management/clock OPTIMIZATION skills…


√ Combined they spend a great deal of time getting ready to get ready (also known as procrastinating to procrastinate) and have a limited propensity for ACTION.

Actually, this is all GOOD news!

Now that your people can see themselves clearly, they can see what they need to fix.

This provides a MAJOR breakthrough in thinking and more importantly, in taking BOLD ACTION.

In fact, most people increase their TQ Scores 20-30-40 points in just 100 days. We have the tools and systems that make it easy!

Big Picture: What will TQ do for you and your team?

Methods and Momentum Not Just Motivation and Inspiration...

√ Greater Personal Power = Greater Self-Confidence

√ Enhanced Time Management Skills Leading to Tangible, Achievable Goals

√ Faster Career Growth ~ Material Improvement in Your Earning Potential

√ Eye-Opening Insight, Perspective, and Awareness

√ Expanded Vision of new Possibilities & Opportunities

√ A Greater Sense of Meaning, Mission & Purpose

√ More Action ~ Less Procrastination

√ Greater Results ~ Less Work

√ Tremendous Internal Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement

√ A scientific approach to performance excellence revealing the positives moving you forward towards the success you desire and the negatives holding you back from it

Finally, I want to plant this seed.

Continue with your plans to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE… but ALSO add at least 45 minutes of pure METHODOLOGY and MOMENTUM to your group’s next experience.

Absolutely nothing beats a person who is internally motivated and has the tools to quickly build the MOMENTUM necessary to turn their hopes and dreams into tangible results.

While you are in the planning stage, contact us to discuss your specific needs and objectives. We are your untapped potential.

We offer an exciting presentation that actually leads to positive action.

Our people may not be as flashy and splashy — they ARE consummate communication professionals on a mission to make excellence the prevailing aspiration around the globe… one person at a time… starting now with you!

Simply click here to contact me and I will see to it your questions are answered immediately…

The key to your success — personally and in business — is found in just 2 words:

Expect Success,

E. R. Haas, CEO & Serial Entrepreneur

Methods and Momentum Not Just Motivation and Inspiration...

Expect Success




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