More Aha Moments/Day Than Any Other Training Program on Earth

“NO Games! TQ is all about brain-training, skill-building and higher achievement. The underlying belief behind every TQ product is that we BECOME what we LEARN. Learn positive new ideas that inform smarter decisions in the moment, you actually BECOME SMARTER and achieve greater results. Do this day in day out, you become the best version of yourself possible.” ~ E. R. Haas, CEO and the entire Team TQ


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The fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master success-critical skills for high achievement.


The Time Prism gives you more WOW Ideas for Action… AHA! Moments…  Flashes of Inspiration… and Pure Insights per Day—in 10-second bursts—than any other personal training program on Earth. We are putting this amazing new technology in the palm of your hands—absolutely FREE. Download in your App Store Now… Become Smarter In The Moment!




Training your mind to THINK is job #1 at TQ. It’s WHY we developed and deployed The Time Prism: The World’s Smartest App™.

Systematically and transparently giving you something powerful to think about — THOUSANDS of Idea Seeds — is our Mission.

Highly successful people intuitively put themselves into the flow of new IDEAS that encourage, shape, and inform their decisions… IDEAS that cause them to STOP and THINK. They simply plant more Idea Seeds each day — which gives them “Aha Moments” far more frequently — driving smarter results over time.

If seeds never get planted, plants never grow… and the harvest never comes. But plant thousands of seeds, many will bloom and some will turn into entire forests.


The Question of the Ages…

Have You Ever Wondered WHY…

One person works their heart out, burns the hours and still struggles to find enduring success? They end up emotionally starved in a career they tolerate, relationships they settle for, money worries, crushing debt — a living nightmare not a dream-life.

Where another — equally talented and hardworking — quickly rises to the top and lives the lifestyle of their dreams? They have financial security, a job they love, meaningful relationships, a strong sense of purpose and become leaders in every sense.

Virtually every training company on earth poses this question, and answers it with their brand of spin: Motivation, Attitude, Aptitude, Purpose, Strategy, Faith, Character, Education, Mentoring, Leadership… the list is endless.

We know, we too have such a list!:)

BUT, after 25 years and tens of millions of data points in the massive TQ database, we have reduced the question to an answer that is revealing, actionable and more importantly SIMPLE: It’s because successful people have far more Aha Moments — thousands more in fact — than people just going through the motions hoping for the best.

Highly successful people intuitively put themselves into the flow of new IDEAS that encourage, shape, and inform their decisions… IDEAS that cause them to STOP and THINK.

The greater the number of positive IDEAS in your day, the more frequently you will have those success-critical Aha Moments.

No question, success in every aspect of life comes down to the proverbial Aha Moment…

A moment of intuitive intelligence where things seem obvious…

A flash of inspiration and illumination…

A moment of unexpected insight and discovery…

An epiphany—a sudden revelation and awareness…

Yes, I am sure you know what an Aha Moment is.

So the question becomes, how do you create this feeling many times a day, rather than just once or twice in a lifetime?

Now, this is the Exact Right Question…

When we were designing The Time Prism, we saw it as a Transparent Learning Engine where you pick up a tidbit of information, we dub an Idea Seed, to make a better informed decision in the moment.

Hence, our claim of helping you become Smarter In The Moment!

Smarter in the moment is probably the best working definition of the Aha Effect you will ever find.

So, how do you actually become Smarter In The Moment… to achieve Aha Moments more frequently?

The Answer…

Put yourself in the flow of new ideas that cause you to stop and THINK.

Plant more Idea Seeds and your harvest will be bountiful.

The more frequently you THINK, the greater the chance that you will experience “A moment of unexpected insight and discovery. An epiphany.”

Obvious but vital.

As a result of this idea, we just revised the instructions for the use of your personal Time Prism:

  • READ

There are exactly 32 highly condensed and distilled training sequences that appear transparently, “out of nowhere” in 10-second blocks each day.

All you need to do is READ the screen >> stop and take a deep BREATH (breathing is good for you:) >> and THINK about what you are experiencing.

Look at one of the Yes/No screens from yesterday. It asks you a simple question in the form of a short affirmation… where you THINK about your GOAL… THINK about if you are moving forward… and THINK about your circumstances… and if you getting ahead or not.

This single Idea Seed encourages you and instructs.

It causes you to actually THINK about if you are getting ahead or not.

It shapes your thinking towards a POSITIVE outcome.

It confirms and affirms that you actually have a GOAL.

All in 5-10 seconds!

Do one or two of these a day, you do better

BUT, do 32 — in 10-second intervals — over a 12 hour day and your THINKING radically changes.

Do this for the next month and you have been exposed to a MASSIVE SHIFT IN PERSPECTIVE — 960 Idea Seeds planted where you stopped to THINK about something you would have never thought about on your own.

Over a year, that’s 11,520 Aha’s… Smart Ideas to shape your thinking… Bigger Dreams… Greater Results… More Money… a Career You Love… fresh new Business Opportunities. This is the KEY to becoming the best version of yourself possible. 

A year later? Your life has dramatically changed.

960/month x 12 months = 11,520 Seeds Planted…

11,520 opportunities for an Aha Moment to influence your thinking — in the moment…

All by simply taking 10 seconds to READ, BREATHE & THINK.

The power of a single Aha? Immense… World-changing.

Disney was built on a pair rodents with big ears named Mickey and Minnie…

Apple was built on the idea that computers should be appliances…

Microsoft’s idea was to make personal computers more important than the mainframe…

eBay was organized to sell a collection of PEZ dispensers…

Edison’s idea was to make a safe, cheap light bulb…

Google’s idea was to index all the knowledge in the known universe and make it instantly available at the touch of a button…

The stories are endless in every category of human endeavor.

Your life-story has yet to be written.

Just a single aha moment can change everything.

Our contribution is that we make Idea Seeds fun, fast and easy to read, automatic, and virtually TRANSPARENT.

They are the embodiment of Einstein’s thinking and our technology: WE TRAIN YOUR MIND TO THINK!


Last, but not least, is for you to tap the SHARE button and help everyone you love create more Aha Moments too!

Every single person on the planet who installs The Time Prism receives the exact same 32 Idea Seeds each day.

They are great conversation points…

They lead you and your team in a more proactive direction…

You become smarter because you stopped to THINK about others.

Think about it!



PS Click on this cover image from Psychology Today for an incredibly enlightening article on the power of the Aha Moment. My instructions above stand. Their cover graphic is both beautiful and depicts Idea Seeds taking root. If you want some really great stories on the effect of Aha on your life, drink this in!


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