What Great Entrepreneurs Know That You Don’t…

Luck is Not a Strategy…

What Great Entrepreneurs Know That You Don't...

My Sincere Invitation to Join A Revolution…

Think about the most successful businesses of our time. What do great entrepreneurs actually DO differently to make them great? Apple, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Microsoft, Dell, Wholefoods, HP — the list is endless — all started with less money than YOU have access to right now.

All were started with a vision that led to passionate plans.

Those plans, by necessity, grew into a targeted strategy that would lead them to greatness.

What Great Entrepreneurs Know That You Don't...Most business struggle simply because they lack a coherent strategy. Instead, they string a bunch of tactics together hoping to make something happen.

This is the high-risk, hard-work, evolutionary way up the ladder.

Successful businesses start with clear goals and develop an executable strategy to achieve the results they desire.

This is the low-risk, high-return, revolutionary way to grow.

It’s also the easiest.

Remember, luck is NOT a strategy!

Sign Up Now…

This month I will select 4 new clients for an exclusive 4-session intense business/leadership coaching experience.

These are one-on-one sessions that lead to a highly specific strategy for achieving faster growth, greater profitability, and maximizing stakeholder value.

I like to think of this as board-level advice focused on unlocking your inner-Midas Touch. (We all have it hiding deep within!)

In these 4 sessions we will focus on revolutionary vs. evolutionary ways to maximize income and generate wealth.

Having built 22 companies in finance, software, manufacturing, dealerships & high-tech — starting with nothing more than an idea — my companies have earned billions in revenue and made me rich. I can help you in ways you cannot imagine.

My goal is to give back to others what others have given to me over the years: Experience, pitfall avoidance, strategic marketing and sales tactics that lead to hyper-growth in a hyper-competitive market.

You must be able to LISTEN, QUESTION, and ACT. After our first session we will either continue together or you will get your money back.

If you have been praying for help, this might be the answer. Please review my comments below. This is not a sales-hustle. If we are to work together, I need you to be committed to leading revolutionary change, not merely interested in talking about it.

Talk is cheap. I am not.

But, as the Loreal commercial says, ‘I’m worth it’! So, take me up on this invitation.

If after our first session you see this is not for you, I’ll refund your money and we will part friends.

No excuses. Nothing to lose… your life to gain.

Let’s see where we go from here. ~ E. R. Haas, CEO, Author, Publisher, Successful Serial Entrepreneur


What Great Entrepreneurs Know That You Don't...

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FACT: More Millionaires and Billionaires will be created this year than at any time in history. With desire, skill, and direction, this can be you.

What Great Entrepreneurs Know That You Don't...When you open your eyes to the potential around you, great things happen.

But, you will need a coach to help you actually see those opportunities… and develop a coherent strategy to seize them.

I have decided to take on a few clients for what I would call Strategic Mentoring leading to the Midas Touch.

Consequently, we created a special live professional / leadership coaching engagement that will point you in the right direction, inform a real strategy, and give you the tools to execute it.

The 4-session coaching package focuses on the 3 Rules of Maximum Business Success:

  1. Think Strategically…
  2. Act Tactically…
  3. Execute Brilliantly.

Your investment for these 4 sessions is $999 (individually $1,600) and includes the tools and tech you need to implement the fast-track strategy.

If, after the first session we feel going forward is pointless, I will simply refund your money and we will part friends.

You follow my directions and you will move up towards the success you desire.

That’s the guarantee.

Having 4 hours of “Me” time is a game-changer.

About Me…

This is not bragging. I want to help you navigate the chaos and build a highly successful business.

I have built businesses in the toughest markets under crushing competition. My track record is exemplary. But this is not about MY success, it’s all about YOURS.

You can…

  • Maximize your income…
  • Increase personal free time…
  • Rapidly expand your business…

We will meet once a week for about an hour, discuss objectives, and together we will create a workable strategy to put you on track for your best year ever.

This is a first-come, first-served limited-time opportunity. I am interested in giving back. You must be willing to invest in your future. Do this and you will create what titans of industry call “The Midas Touch”.

What Great Entrepreneurs Know That You Don't...

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While businesses have been built using the tired old “TRIAL AND ERROR” method for centuries, times have changed and there is a smarter way.

Today, there is NO room for error. No room for a “spray and pray” shotgun approach to business. No room for the “throw spaghetti up on the wall and see what sticks” strategy… or WORSE… the Same-O-Same-O, this is the way we have always done it — and if it was good enough then, it’s good enough now — mentality.

By creating a simple to follow, functional approach to business development, we are making it vastly EASIER for you to succeed. How?

Once you can SEE what needs to be done differently you can take smarter actions. If you never SEE what’s standing between you and the success you desire, you will never take the actions required to circumnavigate it.

You will waste a lot of time and money running in circles… and ultimately suffer the fate of so many who start with great intentions but finish burned out, stressed out and flat out of business.

The Four Stages of Business Success. Where are you now? Be Totally HONEST…

Think about where you are right now. It is vitally important we understand your starting point.

Stage-1 — SUSTAINABILITY: Your business has moved beyond Start-Up, cash flow negative, hand-to-mouth subsistence and has mastered the FUNdamentals. While not yet consistently profitable, it has moved from stable to sustainable, because your income over the long run is more than enough to cover your expenses. Management has proved that it is capable of getting new customers and keeping them coming back for more.

Sales may be somewhat erratic, but you have products/services that people naturally want to buy. Your management team is actively engaged in talent, as well as new product/service development. Actually, you feel like your dreams of working for yourself, more freedom and financial independence are on the cusp of being realized.

While there are many reference points on the Sustainability continuum, the toughest for most businesses is movement from the Start-Up phase… to basic Subsistence (where your minimum needs are being met)… to Stability where you are continuously improving your chances at success. By the end of this continuum, you hit the sweet zone where your business is truly Sustainable. There is enough to meet your needs and keep you in the game… maybe forever!

Stage-2 — PROFITABILITY: Regardless of the size of your gross income, you have a business that actually generates a net taxable profit from day to day operations. Management has found the secret to getting and keeping customers… and doing it profitably… where your paycheck is fully covered, your bills are paid on time and all REAL costs are being met. Everyone on your staff is getting paid what they are worth… including you!

Profitability is something of a sliding scale. Put succinctly, at some point in time, there needs to be MORE top-line Revenue coming through the front door… and LESS bottom line Costs running out the back door. The big issues are matching Revenue to Costs… accounting for the real Costs… Opportunity Costs… timing of expenses and of course, business continuation issues like long term capital investments, brand building, new product development, etc.

Stage-3 — GROWABILITY: Your business has mastered the day-to-day fundamentals. It has, through automation and strict cost and performance controls, turned every business process into a hardwired system that allows you to duplicate your success. You are now highly profitable and management is constantly looking for new avenues for growth, expansion, and development of new products, services and/or locations. You have excellent financial management in place, a positive and high internal cash flow, and funds available through lines of credits or cash reserves to move the business up the ladder of success — either through organic growth, newly invested capital or through Mergers and Acquisitions.

Businesses at Stage-3, by definition, know how to GET customers in highly profitable numbers. They have created intriguing customer retention systems and reward their customers for their business. In short, they KEEP their customers returning to them regardless of the competition. Finally, they have mastered the knack of MAKING MONEY and lots of it.

What Great Entrepreneurs Know That You Don't...Stage-4 — GREATNESS/VITALITY/SALABILITY: Your business has an unstoppable Strategic Plan with tremendous management bench strength. You have learned to fully exploit your competitive advantage. You have grown to a prominent position within your industry.

You have several excellent choices.

You can aspire to build a business that is VITAL, FUN, EXCITING and makes a real difference in people’s lives. Think Google, Apple, The Body Shop and the like. Or you can take advantage of numerous options to sell up or sell out… from a merger with another business… to an IPO… or an employee buy-out, with highly skilled leadership teams who will continue to operate the business in pursuit of its true mission.

What is Your Personal Objective?

Over the years, we have found that there are 2 distinct — totally different — types of businesspeople. To find true success, you need to know which you are:

1) The Personal Income Maximizer: Also known as the SOLO-PRENEUR… MOM-PRENEUR… POP-PRENEUR… a man or woman with a good idea, occupation, talent or profession who is self-employed and owns a business for the purpose of making as much MONEY as possible from his or her efforts.

Profit MAXIMIZATION is the objective… not entrepreneurial greatness. You might have lots of employees… or just you and a helper. You might have a private practice where you want to optimize billable hours. You might have a local shop of some sort, but want to extend your reach globally. The name of the game is M.O.N.E.Y., and how to make more of it. How to use every precious minute in your day to harvest greater RESULTS that quickly get turned into hard dollars.

While your strategies and tactics will be decidedly different from The Business Builder, the principles to WIN your game are exactly the same: Think Strategically… Act Tactically… Execute Brilliantly…

2) The Business Builder: A man or woman on a MISSION who intends to actually BUILD a business… to grow it… to nurture it… to expand it… with constant innovation, and a vision of entrepreneurial greatness… joining the ranks of the self-made billionaires on the Forbes 400 list.

This person is constantly looking for new locations, more people, bigger opportunities, better systems… a person CONTINUOUSLY looking for an EDGE to WIN against towering competition. Clearly, they PLAN to WIN… and PLAY to WIN. They play HARD… but mostly… they play SMART… constantly honing their Business Intelligence.

The name of the game is M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T., and how to move up to Stage-4 Greatness — as fast as you can — to become the next Apple, Microsoft, or Whole Foods!

No question, your strategies and tactics will be very different from the person who just wants to maximize income. Your challenges are greater… but so is the reward. In the end, the principles to WIN your game are exactly the same: Think Strategically… Act Tactically… Execute Brilliantly…

Business is a game of inches, not yards. While the game never get’s any easier, it does become fun.

It is a game where, once you master the fundamentals, you start seeing a never-ending flow of new opportunities that are there to be seized.

Because my companies are experts in digital learning, time management, and leadership development, everything we do is based on actual repeatable science. We call the collection of the tools and tech The Power of TQ.

Below is a short video from our Spokesperson, Leah Marston, on the notion of solid gold performance leading to solid gold success. As you will see, success is more about creating micro-habits and nano-changes that drive a new way of strategic thinking.



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What Great Entrepreneurs Know That You Don't...

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What Great Entrepreneurs Know That You Don't...

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