Release: 1/15 ~ The Midas Touch Strategy: Capitalize on 2019 Business Volatility

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”  Harriet Tubman


The Midas Touch Strategy: Capitalize on 2019 Business Volatility

As the world becomes increasingly volatile and hyper-competitive, MyBizIQ offers a unique program to turn businesses of any size into a high-output goldmine. Where programs like Quick Books, Square, Zoho, etc. show you what happened, My Biz IQ gives you the business intelligence, predictive tools, and technology to create a brilliant strategy to make hot new things happen.

Boulder, CO – MyBizIQ, Inc., developer of the Golden Game of Business predictive technology is delighted to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the highly anticipated 2019 Midas Touch Leadership Bundle… a customized, made-to-order series of personalized books and software that some call a Harvard MBA  for the masses.

As MyBizIQ’s  co-founder, E. R. Haas points out, the start of a new year is the perfect time to create a dynamic strategic plan for the year ahead. But in reality, most businesses will ignore this crucial function, opting to use random tactics that have little impact and no lasting effect on the success of their business.

“The old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you may as well plan to fail,” says Haas. “And as Alan Kay pointed out, ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’ which requires business leaders to pivot from short-term/long-term thinking to a continuous flow of predictive strategic planning.”

“It’s no secret that a large number of businesses fail, taking the aspirations and dreams of the stakeholders with it. The cost to the owners, families, and the community is staggering. Experts suggest this costs the US economy well over a Trillion dollars a year.”

“Over half of all businesses started 36 to 48 months ago are already dead or dying, and 75% will be gone in another five years. The reason for this is eminently clear – you must have a living, breathing strategy for success, not just tired old tactics cobbled together, bound by hope, good intentions and prayer. In today’s hyper-competitive, volatile, and survival of the smartest economy, only leaders who think strategically and execute tactically have a chance at entrepreneurial success.”

“Virtually every business has some type of automated accounting system,” Haas opines. Programs like Quick Books, Zoho, or Freshbooks are great to tell you what happened. But that is not enough to tell you where you need to go, or what you must do — the key business choices you must make — to gain a unique competitive edge.”

“Knowing what happened is not the key to success. Knowing what to make happen is,” Haas advises. “This is where MyBizIQ’s predictive strategic planning really shines.”

Common signs that a business is in desperate need of a real strategy include:

• Having to work excessively long hours to just stay afloat, reacting to the changing business conditions in the market

• Consistently losing business to competitors as a result of the failure to market, innovate, and use technology effectively

• Failing to quickly grow from basic subsistence to positive cash flow and sustainability

With the volatility in the Stock Market, China trade war, NAFTA reboot and tougher financial conditions, even the smallest of businesses need a well defined strategy to rise above the fray.

And according to Haas, that strategy needs to be updated on a monthly basis, not just once in a while. 

“A plan is nothing more than bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now. By considering the big choices upfront, you can use your limited resources to maximize cashflow and profitability.”

“Your strategy needs to be constantly evolving, which is why we created this simple to use, but immensely powerful new software.  If you plan to win, then play to win, you could easily double your business. And the program we send you is completely custom-produced using your My Biz IQ responses and stated business objectives, so it’s all 100% actionable and on target to your business!”

To access the tools, technology and systems that will give you the Midas Touch, visit the information page here:

Contact Information is geared to small businesses with 5 to 500 employees. We are dedicated to the “doing dreamer” — men and women who are committed to turning their hard work into entrepreneurial success… what most would call gaining the Midas Touch. Through predictive virtual technology, we have made the business-critical but highly complex process of Strategic Planning push-button easy for the masses.

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Release: 1/15 ~ The Midas Touch Strategy: Capitalize on 2019 Business Volatility

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