The EV2RV Initiative ~ Day Late Dollar Short!

Uploaded on Youtube April 2022


Uploaded on Youtube November 2021

A Thought on Fate…

A retrospective by E. R. Haas, CEO

In early 2022, I pitched a plan that would unite EV charging with RV parks known as the EV2RV Initiative.

We were excited so I purchased the domain.

Unfortunately, I was badly hurt in a car accident on July 21, 2023 — in the ICU twice for 6 days, told I needed brain surgery, and spent 6 months in rehab.

It was fate that moved this exciting opportunity off my plate — probably cost me $300k to a million dollars by the time we cut a deal with the likes of GoodSam.

Now, the EV market has lost its luster and this project went from tabled to dead… as dead as I almost was back in mid-August last year.

I was going through all the domains I own and what could have been a multi-million dollar deal is now projected by Godaddy at less than lunch!

Timing is everything,


The EV2RV Initiative ~ Day Late Dollar Short!

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