The World Excellence Project…


“Please support The World Excellence Project — it’s time to teach the people of the world — our friends, families, co-workers, employees, customers, clients, everyone — to expect Excellence and reject Mediocrity in all that we do.”

“Simply ask them to take a moment to download The Time Prism: The World’s Smartest App. It is FREE, has no ads and informs smarter decisions in the moment.”

“The Time Prism is the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master the success-critical skills for higher achievement — personally and professionally. You don’t just feel smarter, you THINK smarter.”

“Give it a day and it will become your trusted mentor for the rest of your life.”

“Your kindness shows you care about your friends and the world around us. Thank You!” ~ E. R. Haas, CEO and the entire Team TQ


The World Excellence Project...


The World Excellence Project...The World Excellence Project...


Executive Overview…

The World Excellence Project...Each day begins and ends with a story.

Ours is a doing great by doing good story — helping ordinary people produce extraordinary results. Our passion is to make excellence the prevailing aspiration around the globe… to help people release their full potential and become all they are meant to be.

Our vision is to transform 2.5 Billion Smartphones into a Transparent Learning Engine designed to give every person who wants it the chance to achieve their most inspiring goals — personally and professionally.

Why Are We Giving This Invaluable Program Away?

Because we hate to see people let their talents die on the vine because they lack the mindset to take risks and step out of their comfort zone. With just a little more encouragement they can overcome their natural fear, resistance, and hesitancy to taking the actions that lead to higher achievement.

We hate to see the 20-30 somethings who need to compete for a rung on the ladder of success languish in careers they hate. They are educated, young, and smart. They just need guidance.

And we absolutely hate to see people work their hearts out and still come up short. Millions of talented people have no chance for enduring success simply because they lack real training, encouragement and accelerated learning tools, so they spin their wheels, work harder and harder doing what they think works, when just a small shift in perspective — more insight and awareness — would put them on the fast track to enduring success.

Why? Because people deserve an opportunity to become the best version of themselves possible. This is not philosophy or fluff, it is established science.

The GREAT news is that we have created a breakthrough product that can actually shape thinking and influence working intelligence in real time.

Without question, it’s the universal commitment to excellence and the total rejection of mediocrity that will make the biggest difference as the world embraces the future.

The world is in desperate need of encouragement, motivation, and a higher standard of performance — which is the CAUSE that drives The World Excellence Project™.

The World Excellence Project™ is a teaching mission initiated by Think TQ to develop and deploy the Smartest App on Earth — The Time Prism.

The Time Prism is a PRAGMATIC — albeit a high-touch, high-tech — way to change the world from the inside out, one person at a time, 10 seconds at a time. It is the prime mover behind TQ virtual training products such as The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence and The Excellence Habit: Why EVERYTHING Matters.

Simply put, the Time Prism is a Transparent Learning Engine™ designed to make excellence the prevailing aspiration around the globe.

Always remember, we BECOME what we LEARN.

Want to become the best version of yourself possible?

Learn to become Smarter in The Moment.

We are proud to report that The Time Prism is now available on both Google Play and iStore. Please send this link to all your friends, family, and co-workers! 



The World Excellence Project...The World Excellence Project...

“Education Is Not the Learning of Facts, But the Training of the Mind To Think.” ~ Albert Einstein


What is Transparent Learning?

It is learning without even knowing you are learning — learning that penetrates both your conscious and subconscious mind… to SHAPE your thoughts… and prompt you to take smarter actions… in REAL TIME!

We expect to turn the world’s 2.5 Billion smartphones into a human neural net that helps people realize their full potential. (Where others are investing Billions of dollars on artificial intelligence to get machines to think, The Time Prism is an Idea Machine designed to get people to THINK.)

Our VISION is to heal this fractured world by releasing each person’s full potential… to transform the world by creating a network of people’s brains — not machines — working at maximum efficiency, effectiveness and producing exceptional results over time.

Five hundred million more people working at their full POTENTIAL is what this broken world needs at this juncture. And we fully expect to help them turn their God-given gifts and talents into the essential skills necessary to become the difference in the world we all know is possible.

The World Excellence Project...


Simply put, the Time Prism is a Transparent Learning Engine™ designed to make excellence the prevailing aspiration around the globe.


The World Excellence Project...Imagine a cool new App that implants truly SMART ideas directly into your brain… all with one PURPOSE: To shape your thoughts, choices, and actions… moving you in a positive new direction.

Better, imagine that it is incredibly SIMPLE on the outside — works automatically and is drop-dead GORGEOUS — but is built on timeless training PRINCIPLES combined with true wisdom.

Simplicity + the best ideas from the best brains = Transparent Learning that has the power to TRANSFORM the world.

You learn a new idea, apply it instantly and achieve greater results. Now, not later.

  1. You feel more in CONTROL of your day…
  2. You become more HOPEFUL…
  3. You feel EMPOWERED…
  4. You feel relaxed… more POSITIVE…
  5. You feel like things are coming together… you’re getting AHEAD…
  6. You feel SMARTER and more capable of handling life’s endless challenges.

Self-betterment is a universal human value.

Better is a neverending quest.

Every person on this planet has a dream of some kind… a desire for self-growth… a yearning for self-improvement… a longing to become all they are meant to be.

We are all united in desire and the need for positive change.

Without question, everyone wants to live a life of joy and happiness… to feel secure and safe… to be free from want… and to pursue all their hopes and dreams.

This is not just the American way… it is the way of the people of the world. It is our universal hope to see our families grow and prosper.

Sadly, that’s not the case today…

We know that you too have a feeling that there’s something’s very wrong, and want to help make it right. People around the globe are falling farther behind and labor to just make ends meet and feed their families.

We struggle with the toxic, hazardous, vitriolic world we live in… and grapple with hard environmental choices and relentless economic challenges.

When you don’t think it can get any worse, it does. Our world is at war… polarized by long-standing ideological divisions… a tremendous gap between the richest and poorest… where the fight to find water, shelter and peace have become a life or death struggle.

We have lost faith in our governments to provide a solution and can’t rely on our leaders to right this ship. Instead, it is up to each of us to become the change the world so desperately needs.

The Good News…

Change is possible. People of the world working smarter — more passionately, efficiently, and effectively — succeed in life, making the world a better place for all of us.

Creativity and innovation flourish, the human condition improves and we have more people in the world who are committed — with their hearts, heads, and hands — to the service of mankind. Helping people to have their best day ever, a great deal more frequently is the challenge, but the end result is a better world — plain and simple.

In a very real sense, this initiative will do 3 important things:

  1. Provide tens of thousands of cutting-edge ideas to give your brain key hooks to overcome the brain’s natural “Threat-Determination Deficit”… immediately giving you more and better ideas with which to assess risks.
  2. By displacing negative thoughts with positive ideas, you will be better able to see the value hiding behind any “inherent” risks you face in day-to-day life. More and better ideas directly affect your self-efficacy, which ultimately causes you to take smarter actions when presented with opposing alternatives.
  3. Better ideas drive better choices and motivate and inspire you to get the facts… the real numbers… the realistic estimate of what you will need to move forward — rather than perpetually remaining in a “getting ready to get ready” mindset.

Five Thousand Years of Success-Critical Ideas in the Palm of Your Hand…


The world’s libraries contain thousands of great ideas that can help you grow and prosper… to achieve more and get ahead faster. Unfortunately, these fabulous ideas are all locked away, up on the shelf, out of sight, out of mind. Until now.

The World Excellence Project...Which is why we created the world’s first Time Prism… and why it’s critical for us to give it away to the world — to combine SMART technology with the SMARTEST APP in the world — delivered at ZERO cost for all.

The Time Prism takes these success-critical ideas off the shelf and infuses them directly into your brain.

RESULT: A smarter, more successful new you emerge every day. The exciting part — you learn without even knowing you are learning!

The Time Prism is a revolutionary new tool designed to take the BEST ideas —from the BEST minds on Earth — off the shelf and insert them directly into your brain.

It represents the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master the success-critical skills for higher achievement.

Five thousand years of incredible ideas are locked inside billions of books — out of sight, out of mind — until now. We put the best of the best right in the palm of your hand—at the exact right time—so you not only make your day work a great deal better but you alter the fabric of your future.

Our team has extracted, condensed and activated the best ideas on exceptional personal performance  — and now we want to deliver them right into the palm of your hand… in a cool new way.

The Time Prism, living inside your SMARTPHONE, iPad, or Tablet computer not only makes you smarter, it ultimately makes the world a safer place.

About Team TQ…

The World Excellence Project...This initiative has been driven by E. R. Haas, Chairman… Kent C. Madson, Vice Chairman… Tim Mackie, Director… and Jan Haas, Executive Vice President of ThinkTQ, Inc.

ThinkTQ is the world’s leading publisher of virtual training products exclusively focused on personal and professional excellence.

We have a hundred different products designed to measurably, systematically and sequentially train people to a higher level of achievement and success—personally and in business.

TQ has gifted $3 million of content and highly refined technology to this project.

In the end, our gift to the world is 5,000 years of wisdom in the palm of your hand -—thousands of the best idea, from the best brains on Earth — condensed, distilled and activated for immediate use… each designed to shape thoughts and create more positive actions.

We have mastered the dispersion of great ideas, presented individually, building on the most fundamental truth that repetition is the mother of learning.

We, together with all our invaluable partners, believe the Excellence Project™ will cause an immediate improvement in millions of lives and a subsequent wave of positive results worldwide.

Ultimately, The World Excellence Project™ has been formed to give ordinary people the power to produce extraordinary results that will counterbalance the effects of these 7 Mega Trends:

  1. Global political unrest, destabilization and the rise of rogue nuclear powers. The wholesale of exportation of terror and the rise of theological extremists must be countered with knowledge and opportunity.
  2. The economic polarization of the have’s and have not’s — to start narrowing the gap between the richest and poorest nations and populations through innovation and personal creativity.
  3. Accelerating climate change/global warming. It will take our best and brightest to identify, isolate and implement environmental solutions on a worldwide basis.
  4. The shift from human labor to robotics and Artificial Intelligence that competes for low-level jobs previously performed by low-skilled people. More people up to the challenge of greater personal productivity is always desired.
  5. Sovereign debt, especially in the United States, is at the tipping point, and if not addressed with surgical precision, will cause an economic depression that will affect every person on Earth for decades. No question, to get out of this trap we must ALL work smarter, compete smarter and live smarter.
  6. The mass migration of people in search of political refugee and scarce physical resources such as water, food, etc. This is accelerating now. Every person working to their full abilities is the key to mitigating the effects of this tidal wave of humanity in search of bare subsistence.
  7. Inner-city gang wars, the rise of Narco-states and the collapse of law and order due to extreme racial differences and criminal malevolence. Our cities are under attack. We cannot give up on effecting positive change. People better capable of dealing with change and quickly adapting to conditions is the key.

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot;
together we can do great things.”  ~ Mother Teresa


Teach the world to work smarter each day — to make excellence the prevailing aspiration — and we inspire the opportunity for personal growth in people the least capable of getting the training they need to succeed.

The world becomes a better place for us all.

When all the people in the world work just a bit smarter… with just a bit more heart… with just a little more passion… we all win.


We solve the problems facing this generation and prepare
the next generation for a more prosperous future.



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