Think & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single App

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Think & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single AppThink & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single App

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” ~ Napoleon Hill


Would The Time Prism Be Napoleon Hill, Albert Einstein and Abraham Maslow’s Favorite App?

Think & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single App

If they were alive today, we are certain of it!

Please permit us to explain.

In 1937, Dr. Napoleon Hill penned — Think and Grow Rich — a book that would sell millions of copies and become the touchstone for self-improvement readers worldwide.

Around the same time, a young scientist at Princeton — Albert Einstein — opined that, “Education is not merely the learning of facts. But rather, education is the training of the mind to THINK.”

A coincidence? We think not!

Now, fast forward from your first personal computer… through the information age… to today when awesome power and technology reside in the palm of your hands — what some might call “The Age of The App.”

From books to software to video tutorials to something new and unique in the world of eLearning — The Time Prism: The World’s Smartest App™ — is an App exclusively designed to inspire you to take a moment to just stop and THINK.

Frequently, intentionally, and automatically.

The Time Prism is the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master the success-critical skills for higher achievement — personally and professionally.

Our mission is to complete the work started by Dr. Hill and Dr. Maslow so many years ago, making it substantially easer for people to achieve enduring success.

Think & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single App

In a very real sense, we offer the ultimate extension of the Think and Grow Rich philosophy with the tools you need to steadily rise up the Maslow hierarchy of basic human needs… by training your mind to THINK as Einstein so eloquently observed.

The result?

You steadily rise up to the pinnacle of success…

Be getting you to just slow down… take a breath… and THINK.

Believe us or believe Einstein…

Training the mind to THINK is the cornerstone to all achievement.

Inform smarter decisions in the moment, you work smarter.

Work smarter, you achieve more.

Achieve more, you succeed faster.

In a world of Apps that play mind games, or get you to mediate and chill out, The Time Prism is a wonderful new App with a single purpose: To make you SMARTER in the moment.

Think brain-training + skill-building + encouragement + motivation + inspiration + spaced repetition + WOW visual imagery — instantly available 24x7x365.

Think & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single App

The Time Prism employs sight, sound, motion, and emotion to create a transparent learning experience that positively shapes your thoughts and ultimately reshapes your future.

With thousands of highly-focused ideas for actions, coupled with a completely unique and different video experience, we produce more “Aha” moments per day than any other personal training available.

You learn without even knowing that you are learning!

“If you plan on being anything less than what you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”  ~ Abraham Maslow

This idea is simple on the surface but incredibly complex to deliver.

Think & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single AppImagine curating 5,000 years of the best ideas, from the best brains who ever lived…

Then extracting, condensing, and distilling those ideas into a unified, coherent system…

Finally, hand-crafting them into 10,000 ScreenGems™ — gems of wisdom on the screen that encourage, train, excite, motivate, engage and cause you to make smarter choices and take smarter actions — in the moment!

Timeless ideas that cause you to pause and THINK.

In 1-minute bursts, all day long.

What Are You Getting Me To Think About, Exactly?

Napoleon Hill would suggest success and wealth.

Maslow would say self-esteem and actualization.

We would add effectiveness, efficiency, and performance excellence.

To all of that we would then add thousands of ideas that will fully enrich your life — at home and at work.

The premise of The Time Prism is that self-betterment is the most basic of all human desires.

Think & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single App

In fact, Abraham Maslow scientifically proved this in his seminal work in the late 1950’s.

His conclusion? “We are always becoming.”

At the base of the hierarchy is physical and physiological needs (food, shelter, etc.)

In the middle is confidence, achievement, love and belonging.

At the top is self-actualization and transcendence… where we not only achieve success ourselves, but pass it on to others.

So it is natural then that the content of The Time Prism contain the core elements that makes a person exceptionally successful: thousands of ideas on performance excellence, results, goals, plans, optimism, focus, priorities, passion and purpose, plus hard skills such as delegation, scheduling, time management, organization, etc.

Proficiency in these fundamentals is what transforms an ordinary person into an extraordinary person.

However, that’s not nearly enough.

Think & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single AppNo question, becoming efficient, effective, and productive is an excellent start.

But to lead a full, rich life requires a different dimension to the conversation.

It requires us to step out of two dimensional thinking and widen our perspective and world view.

So we added a constant flood of reminders that broader skills are essential for a truly successful life — things such as gratitude, kindness, spirituality, mental toughness, joy, fitness, self-awareness, emotional freedom, honor, commitment, and a host of skills that don’t just make you more efficient and effective, but skills that lead to a life of happiness, satisfaction and significance.

Think About This…

If you could take every great idea ever thought, encapsulate it, and build a training discipline around it, what do you think would happen?

The answer is a prophecy.

Over time you would be exposed to thousands of new ideas on a theme, asked to engage on a deeply personal level, and those “idea seeds” would become planted in both your conscious and subconscious mind.

Ultimately, they will grow into new opportunities that will shape your future.

Or, to our way of thinking, you would simply become SMARTER in the moment!

Ours is brain training and skill building engineered on the timeless principals of practice and drill, spaced repetition, conditioned/response, habit building, and structured sequential memory reinforcement… the same training regime that builds Marines, Doctors, MBAs, Navy Seals, Olympians and successful business Leaders.

Simply download it, take a moment to personalize it, and forget it.

All day long, on your  designated time slots, you will be nudged to Turn On… Tune In… and Turn Up.

When it gets your attention…




Think & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single App

(Your brain already knows what to do when you give it a great idea!)


“All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination. Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.” ~ Napoleon Hill


Think & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single App

Work Smart • Achieve More • Retire Rich

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Think & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single AppThink & Grow Rich: The Power of a Single App


The Time Prism is an App developed and deployed by ThinkTQ and The World Excellence Project.

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