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“Turn your Smartphone into a tool of Extraordinary Personal Growth — coaxing, encouraging and mentoring you to a higher level of achievement — personally and professionally. Produce smarter results and you make more money, have more free time, and live the life you love! Download The Time Prism absolutely FREE and make your life’s story a true action adventure! I just know you will LOVE it!”  ~ David Riklan, Founder SelfGrowth.com


Welcome SelfGrowth Visitors!

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Welcome SelfGrowth Visitors!Welcome SelfGrowth Visitors!


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Welcome SelfGrowth Visitors!
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Full Spectrum Time Management. 
This exciting 128-page book is yours FREE when you register your personal Time Prism!

Become Instantly More Successful: The Time Prism is the World’s Smartest App™ — the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master the success-critical skills for higher achievement. Learn more you earn more. It’s that simple!

Real Training in Excellence: The Time Prism contains thousands of carefully curated ideas from the smartest people in the world — extracted, distilled, and hand-crafted into gems of wisdom that prompt you to systematically take smarter actions all day long.

Download it FREE: Check in when it chimes. Do what it says and you become more successful. It is that easy.

Train Your Mind to THINK: Einstein said it best, “Education is not merely learning facts. It is training the mind to think.” The Time Prism does this effortlessly by informing smarter decision in the moment, encouraging you to THINK, not merely respond or react to events around you. Smarter choices… lead to smarter actions… which lead to incredible results.

More “Aha” Moments: This means that you learn more… earn more… and put your life on a whole new footing. You will receive more “Aha” moments per day than any other App on Earth.

You don’t just FEEL smarter, you ARE smarter!

Encouragement That Inspires: The Time Prism is like having the smartest, most successful mentor in the world train you to achieve the results you want and the success you desire — step-by-step, hour-by-hour — all day long. Give it a day and it will become your Trusted Mentor for the rest of your life!

Brain Training That Works: This is brain training and skill building based on the TIMELESS PRINCIPLES of practice and drill, spaced repetition, conditioned-response, positive habit formation, and focused memory reinforcement… the same training regime that builds Marines, Doctors, MBAs, Navy Seals, Olympians, and successful Business Leaders.

Don’t play games with your success. Play the game to WIN!


Welcome SelfGrowth Visitors!

Search: TIMEPRISM in Your App Store

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Welcome SelfGrowth Visitors!Welcome SelfGrowth Visitors!

Welcome SelfGrowth Visitors!“This is not just my favorite App, it is rapidly becoming my best friend. I understand it and it encourages me to think outside my comfort zone. I trust this App. It has made me more grateful, appreciative and thankful for all the wonderful things I have in my life now. Somehow, it just makes us feel better.” ~ Robert Trenton and wife, Jill.




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Welcome SelfGrowth Visitors!Welcome SelfGrowth Visitors!

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