Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action…

Excellence as a Strategy Matters. We have condensed 25 years of experience into this 2-minute TQ Talk!

A custom version of The Time Prism has been created just for you.
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Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...

Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...


A simple proposition — give away The World’s Smartest App™. Reinforce your brand, build goodwill, and provide your customers with the gift of success.

Our Transparent Learning Engine™ encourages, excites, motivates, reinforces and informs smarter decisions in the moment. It provides a continuous flood of great ideas for action.

The result: More “Aha” moments each day builds success-critical skills for higher achievement.


Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...

Ethos: A smarter planet starts with smarter people. Billions are invested to make machines smarter than people. We need to make people smarter than machines — so we created The Time Prism: The World’s Smartest App™ — the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master the success-critical skills for higher achievement.

Benefit: This is a zero-cost way to empower your people to achieve up to their full potential — to become more efficient, effective, and productive  — as you build goodwill and top of mind brand awareness… on the hour, daily.

Your people work smarter, compete smarter, and achieve far greater results.

Nothing is more important to success than a strong work ethic.

Every goal, at every level, requires WORK.

Success comes from doing the work that must be done each day.

Which requires you to continuously work smarter and produce greater results.

Every personal development expert will tell you that the reason people fail is that they do not consistently build the success-critical skills that lead to higher achievement.

They may work hard, but they hardly work smart.

We solved this problem with systematic Spaced-Repetition, Reinforcement, and the Encouragement to be the best version of themselves possible.

The Time Prism — the World’s Smartest App — trains you to set smarter goals, make smarter plans, and take smarter actions.


It will expand your brand like nothing else possible.

As Albert Einstein opined, “Education is not merely the learning of facts, it is the training of the mind to THINK.”

This is precisely what we do!

Provide simple brain-training and skill-building that causes people to STOP >> take a BREATH >> and THINK.

We anchor this timeless wisdom with your logo — connecting your brand with their success.

The Time Prism is a highly effective personal training program that motivates, encourages, and mentors people to a higher level of success… inspired each day by the greatest minds in history.

It is fully developed, real-world-tested and can be launched today. People LOVE it!

You simply provide the activated links we sent you to people interested in personal and professional development.

They see your logo all day long and discover a continuous flood of “Aha” moments that positively shape their thinking.

This opportunity is like receiving billions of impressions on TV — free! But it is time-limited.

Your only commitment is a nod towards the intentional pursuit of excellence.

If we positively shape thinking towards the unconditional pursuit of excellence and the complete rejection of mediocrity, the world becomes a far better place for all of us: Our kids, grandkids, and the future at large.


Our vision is to give a billion people the tools they need to excel.
Free of charge, free of distracting ads, no gimmicks. No kidding!


Think of our App as a powerful weapon in your daily battle to acquire, serve, and retain customers…

To encourage people to become more effective, efficient, and productive… to attain financial independence, achieve more, and realize all their goals.

A unique opportunity to build goodwill, reinforce your brand, and provide your people with a tool to help them get ahead faster in this hyper-competitive economy.

Thomas Watson, Founder of IBM said it best, “If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work.”

This is why The World Excellence Project is strategic, vital, and timely.

OUR CAUSE: Our cause is to return excellence as the prevailing aspiration around the world — dynamically training a billion people to work smarter, compete smarter, and achieve up to their full potential. This will have a lasting impact on the framework of the future.


Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...


YOUR CHALLENGE: It’s proving harder to GET and KEEP customers in this hyper-competitive global economy. Think of the battle for mindshare and market share in every major industry: Zip Recruiter vs. Indeed vs. LinkedIn… Best Buy vs. Amazon… GEICO’s Gecko vs. Progressive’s Flo… Wells Fargo vs. Citi… Staples vs. Office Depot… Priceline vs. Expedia… Avon vs. Mary Kay…

The competition is relentless. The war for attention and retention is fierce.

PROPOSAL.  Here’s an opportunity to do something inspiring for your people — a way to stand apart from the herd. Use our cause to solve your problem.


Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...


WHY? It is the right thing to do… and vastly better than giving away tokens such as hats, pens, shirts, and the like.

REMIND… Reinforce… Repeat. The Time Prism represents tremendous brand reinforcement coupled with a constant flood of “Aha” moments — every day, on the hour. Your customers learn, remember, and master the success-critical skills for higher achievement. Truly a WIN-WIN proposition.


Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...


WHO? is the world’s leading producer of virtual training products exclusively focused on the intentional pursuit of excellence. We have honestly served millions of people over the past 25 years. We operate on the highest level of integrity. Our goal now is to help a billion people globally achieve up to their full potential — personally and professionally.


Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...


To support the launch of our world-changing initiative, we are looking for excellence-driven companies to sponsor The Time Prism: The World’s Smartest App™ — at zero cost to you or your customers, just your nod towards the intentional pursuit of excellence.

The Time Prism is brain-training, skill-building, and a personal coach all in one super-smart, super-simple, fun new App that turns a smartphone into a tool of extraordinary personal growth. Where other Apps promote meditation… or brain games… we are totally different.


Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...



We believe that if we can get people to just stop, take a breath, and THINK for a moment — to inform smarter decisions — their lives and the lives of everyone around them will be greatly improved.


Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...


The Time Prism contains 5,000 years of the best ideas… from the smartest people who ever lived… carefully curated and hand-crafted into thousands of gems of wisdom (ScreenGems™) and Smarter In A Minute videos that inspire, motivate, inform, and reinforce.


The 411:

  1. Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...We have already activated a special edition of The Time Prism with your logo on appropriate screens instead of our TQ Smart block.
  2. You simply let your stakeholders know that you are a proud sponsor of The World Excellence Project and give them your custom link to download The Time Prism — free of cost… free of any distracting ads… no requirement to purchase anything, ever. We have even prepared ideas for you to use. Click Here…
  3. This is your gift to their success and your brand will be displayed for as long as the App is used on their phone or tablet… potentially many years.
  4. Over the course of a day, each person sees 20-30 ScreenGem™ training sequences delivered automatically — anchored by your logo. This is like buying BILLIONS of impressions on TV to the best target audience possible. (We will send you quarterly reports of the number of impressions over time your members have experienced!)
  5. It is more effective than giving away pens, shirts, hats, etc.
  6. We already sent you a custom link that tells the system which logo to display. All you do is email a Gift of Success message with that link. We have many announcement messages already created for you!
  7. This is a unique opportunity to do something great for your stakeholders, help us get the word out, and reinforce your brand as the obvious first choice for greater results. A true WIN WIN WIN.
  8. Finally, don’t worry. We have been honorably serving the needs of hundreds of thousands of customers for 25 years. We hate spam more than you do, which is WHY we honestly want your support rather than bombing those same people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


This is exactly like giving away pens, hats, or shirts with your logo on them — only here you don’t even buy the items! And this is a program your customers will love and use forever.


About TQ:

Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...The World Excellence Project is an initiative developed by Think TQ, Inc. — a leading training company exclusively focused on the intentional pursuit of excellence.

With over 25 years of experience and hundreds of custom-produced products, we have thousands of actual testimonials and millions of success stories around the globe.

In 2002, we developed the first (and only) virtual personal book entitled The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence — a 172 page made-to-order book giving you a solid evaluation of your strengths, weaknesses, and a map to precisely what you must do differently to work smarter, improve results, and achieve your full potential.

We believe that people have outstanding potential but it must be developed into real skills. We also feel that it is criminal to watch people needlessly struggle when just a few simple changes in their habits can create a life of happiness, satisfaction, and significance.

Help us get the word out and we will give your people the tools to work smarter, achieve more, and live up to their full potential. This is Earth changing!

Contact E. R. Haas, CEO at

Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...

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Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...Zip Recruiter: Excellence In Action...

The Time Prism is an App developed and deployed by ThinkTQ and The World Excellence Project.

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