The Chasm Between The Haves & Have-Nots Further Widens

| August 19, 2012

The Chasm Between The Haves & Have-Nots Further Widens

“The divide between the economic haves and have-nots has widened into a chasm that is accelerating at an alarming pace. Our Second Quarter 2012 update is shocking in the harsh reality of this expanding polarization between people who find true and lasting success… versus people who struggle just to make it pay check to pay check.” — E. R. Haas, CEO

2012 Study: Second Quarter

Updated August 15, 2012

The Chasm Between The Haves & Have-Nots Further WidensThe Rapidly Growing Divide Between Success & Failure in America Continues to Widen. Click image at right to download complete study.

The economy remains in shambles and continues to experience the worst decline in seventy years. This study should be considered a wake up call for leaders in large and small organizations alike.

As you can see from the data, America — indeed, the entire world — is in real trouble and can no longer afford status quo, business as usual thinking.

Worse, we are seeing an acceleration of the polarization between the economic HAVES and HAVE-NOTS — extending well into the next decade and beyond.

The percentage of the population living in or at the poverty level has dramatically increased to over 50% of all Americans.

The percentage of the population receiving food stamps has increased to a stunning 14.2%.

The percentage of people out of work has increased to 8.3%, and the number of people who have just given up or accepted work substantially below their previous income levels has doubled in the last 24 months. In fact, the real unemployment number is now over 15% (the U-6 Line) and is expected to crest to 20% before job creation exceeds population growth. See for a complete analysis…

The Chasm Between The Haves & Have-Nots Further Widens

Combine this with the fact that new business formations are down 27% in the last 12 months… while business failures are accelerating (over 40% of businesses started 36 months ago will be gone this time next year), you start to get the idea that you have to take personal responsibility for your future.

No question, people are working harder, making less and are falling further behind.

If you want to achieve success in this relentless economy you can.

But the competition is steep.

The government is not going to “fix” this problem for you, so you must take the initiative to make your “personal economy” a great deal more resilient… a great deal more successful.

You have no choice but to develop the skills to out-smart… out-hustle… out-produce… out-lead and out-perform your competition every step of the way.

Do this you THRIVE.

Don’t, you won’t.



ThinkTQ, Inc. is the world’s leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence. TQ is in the business of helping people discover and release their full potential through a continuous, sequential process of self-measurement… self-evaluation… and self-improvement — both personally and professionally.

Our mission is nothing short of dead-stopping the insidious back-sliding America now faces — by giving people an entirely new Starting Point for long term success.

Since 2002 we have been compiling a large online database using a Gold Standard test we developed that measures the ACTIONS people take to produce the RESULTS they get.  We call this a TQ Test, which reflects your Time Quotient™… your overall ability to produce Results over Time.

By measuring human potential based on the frequency of positive actions taken—rather than psychological characteristics—we get to truth or consequences fast. You either do what is mandatory for success, or you don’t.

“Action is the real measure of intelligence.” — Napoleon Hill

Thus, TQ measures how smart you ACT… not how smart you ARE… and is the effective measurement of your Practical Working Intelligence™.

Remember, everything you will ever be, do or have in life… everything you are… your DNA… your IQ… your EQ… your education… every book you have ever read… every aspect of your personality and disposition… your God-given talents and skills… your fears… your hopes and dreams… directly and indirectly show up in the ACTIONS you consistently take—or fail to take.

2012 Mega-Trends…

Each year we do a comprehensive statistical analysis looking for key “Mega-Trends” that will influence people for decades to come. With tens of millions of records in our database, we have the granularity to see the broad issues as well as the individual components of success and failure. This year, our conclusion is roughly the same as it was in 2010 when Goeff Colvin, Senior Editor of Fortune Magazine opined…

“Even when the recession is over, most Americans won’t be any better off than they were a decade ago, nor will their prospects be bright. The more ominous fact is the average household income hasn’t budged for the past 10 years. Most of the country has just been treading water over a period that spans expansions and recessions, bull and bear markets and Republicans and Democrats in charge.”

It’s now a “survival of the smartest” economy.

The next two years, indeed the rest of the decade will be VERY difficult for people with a status quo… business as usual mentality. The economic divide that currently separates the haves vs. the have-nots grows wider each day and is decimating what we have come to know as the great middle class in this country.

The Chasm Between The Haves & Have-Nots Further Widens

The above chart reflects the continuum from DESTITUTE — quite literally living on the street as some 3-4 MILLION Americans are doing right now (almost 2% of our population) — to the SUPER RICH (about 8/10th of 1%) who are, by any definition, LIVING LARGE.

The numbers are stunning in scope. Unless this mega-trend is reversed, the average person living in America may have it better than the average person living in China… but not by much.

The thought that we are descending into a nation of hopeless and helplessness is totally repugnant to me, as it is completely unnecessary.

This is not a rich vs. poor issue. It is a Mindset issue.

The reality is, that in a hyper-competitive global economy there will ALWAYS be winners and ALWAYS be losers. The good news is that YOU get to choose which class you will ultimately fall in.

No question, winners think differently from losers.

They have what we call The Winner’s Mindset™…

Absolute CLARITY of Values…

Absolute Clarity of Vision…

Absolute Clarity of the Roles they play…

Which gives them unstoppable CONVICTION… total COMMITMENT…
fostering the COURAGE to take bold action.

In study after study over the years, we have found that highly successful people… people in the top 10% by any standard: Wealth, Power, Happiness… people who are living a life of meaning and significance… ALL have one thing in common.

They all have a highly evolved, unstoppable sense of PURPOSE… and MISSION.

With deep statistical analysis, we have found the source of this. There are just 3 simple variables that separate people who rise to the top and people who struggle their entire lives with failed hopes and dreams.

Fill in these 3 variables, and you will put power and purpose behind every action you take.  You will ultimately find the success you desire.

Fail to fill in these 3 variables, and you will grow old and cynical. Your life will lack meaning and significance. You will work your heart out and never find that which you desire most.


You can achieve success beyond your greatest hopes and dreams, but you will have to stop dabbling at it. To thrive in this turbulent economy, you’ve got to find a new Starting Point for your success and give it everything you’ve got.

If you are in the shrinking middle class, you have a simple choice.

Do nothing and watch your success potential die on the vine.

Or, hit the reset button and become a Success On Purpose.

Choose wisely.

E. R. Haas, CEO

The Chasm Between The Haves & Have-Nots Further Widens

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