These three thieves, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, will rob you of your future.

| June 16, 2017


“Fear is an insidious virus. Given a breeding place in our minds it will eat away our spirit and block the forward path of our endeavors.” ~ James F. Bell

These three thieves, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, will rob you of your future.Do you FEAR failure more than you EXPECT success? Do you DOUBT your true potential? Would you like to break the chains holding you back from living your dreams? Read The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence.


All last week we did a “refresher course” on Dreaming and Doing.

This week, I want to cover a topic that is a big stopper of BOTH dreaming and doing: FEAR.

If you let them, these three thieves, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, will rob you of your future.

They put a big damper on each of the 10 Colors within your Time Prism… which causes you an enormous reduction in your personal POWER.

Less Power… Fewer Results…

Call it the FEAR of success… the FEAR of failure… the FEAR of the unknown.

It has the same effect. Fear becomes the self-fulfilling prophecy of turning GLOOM into DOOM!

This week I want you to confront what you fear most about your future.

Please take a moment to think about your Top 3 Goals for this year.

Now, identify and write down what your fear the most.

Be honest.

Getting your concerns on paper is a great first step towards conquering your fear.

Remember, when your POWER is greater than the FEAR, you will have the self-confidence to meet the FUTURE with open arms!

My Top 3 Fears, Concerns and Doubts…

1) _____________________________
2) _____________________________
3) _____________________________
These three thieves, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, will rob you of your future. These three thieves, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, will rob you of your future.

Energy… Mission… Attitude…
Set Goals… Make Plans… Prioritize…
Synergize… Organize… Optimize… Act Now…

Please take a moment to spot-check your Energy, Attitude and Act Now Colors. Are they powerful enough to overcome your natural fear of the unknown? Are your GOALS big enough to inspire you to action? How about your focus and organization?

These three thieves, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, will rob you of your future.These three thieves, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, will rob you of your future.

Print… Clip… Hang.

Interesting questions, right?

Are these 3 Colors strong enough to power you through the fear?

Putting FEAR into the “performance arena” gives the discussion a slightly different perspective, doesn’t it?

How well, and how often do you actually take TQ Factor Action 10D?

When you are stopped by fear, you almost always fail.

Every type of fear—physical, emotional or social—has the beneficial purpose of protecting you from harm.

However, this does not mean you must always stop.

Remember this: thought directs action. Confirm the value of your goal and the appropriateness of your actions.

Then, consciously choose to focus on more productive thoughts.

Master this and you can act in spite of your fear—and continue toward your desired goal.

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right!” ~ Henry Ford

Factor 10D’s CONTRIBUTION to your performance…

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you are a person whose answer to a fearful situation is to take immediate action.

Rather than sit and worry, you do whatever you can to resolve or reduce the threat.

You change your focus from what you fear, to what you want and can do. You gather information, seek expert opinions, change direction, increase performance, sharpen skills and make better plans. You get help when needed, shore up defenses and take any action necessary to improve the situation.

Factor 10D’s COST to your success…

A lack of commitment to this Factor Action suggests you are someone who does more fretting than fixing.

Progress stops when you are confronted with a fearful situation.

Lacking the personal strategies to keep going in spite of the fear, you tend to avoid the situation rather than resolve it.

It’s easier to skirt the issue, delay the conversation or divert yourself with unrelated tasks. Unfortunately, these strategies never really improve your situation, and you remain a victim to the fear for as long as it exists.

Factor Benefit…

The BENEFIT of choosing to do Factor 10D a bit more frequently: You have more power…

You gain immediate power over your fears by taking a positive forward action.

You accumulate performance positives like “Courageous, Committed and Undaunted” — immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

What happens when you FAIL to consistently do Factor 10D? You have less power…

You are robbed of all personal power until the cause of the fear goes away.

Negatives like “Fearful, Intimidated and Paralyzed” start to take their toll on your performance — quickly moving you away from the success you want.

The Bottom Line…

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt will rob you of your future if you let them.

They are present every minute… every single day.

Learn how to deal with your fears, and you will move faster in the direction of your dreams and goals.

Allow fear to intercede, and you will frequently find yourself turning Gloom into Doom… moving you further away from the success you desire.

This, of course is a choice. Your choice. — E.R. Haas, CEO

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