The Courage to Make Peace With The Past

| September 24, 2018

“Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life. What is it you would let go of today?” ~  Mary Manin Morrissey

We All Have a Past…

Most of us will also have a future beyond today!

What limits our future is not just up to you, it’s up to your past and how you perceive it.

Past mistakes…

Past hurts…

Past failures…

You have heard this a million times, when you limit your future by living in the past, nothing good can come from it.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes…

Forgive others who have hurt you…

Forgive the failures but don’t forget the lessons learned.

Forgiveness requires tremendous courage.

It requires us to look back with the courage to love ourselves unconditionally.

It requires the courage to stop the regrets and recriminations.

It requires the courage to look at your life as it is now, was then, and be totally objective.

To THINK about what happened to you… not merely to REACT.

A reaction is an impulse almost always caused by fear.

We see our past in our mind’s eye, and rather than summon the courage to think, we go into default mode and react.

Blinded by the passage of time, we permit our false-memories to engulf our thinking — further coloring a more logical and gaited explanation of what happened… who caused it… and why.

This is where we start our “blamestorming”.

It takes courage to THINK… to stop and actually weigh the facts at hand… and objectively judge.

To judge if we were actually right or wrong.

Ultimately, you will find the courage to decide if you are willing to permit the right vs. wrong equation to control the rest of your life.

What happened, happened. There is no time machine.

You are a living testament that you are alive, here and now.

The past matters only if you can learn something from it.

If not, have a little faith and courage to confront the past and simply say, “It really doesn’t matter… and things that don’t matter need to be gone from my thinking forever.”

The courage to make peace with your past is a powerful prescription for success in the future.

Have some courage… believe it!



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The Courage to Make Peace With The Past

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The Courage to Make Peace With The PastThe Courage to Make Peace With The Past

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