True EV Freedom™

| August 11, 2021

True EV Freedom™

True EV Freedom™

In the beginning…

True EV Freedom™Every great idea begins with an easy-to-understand icon and promise.

The icon gives brand identity…

The promise tells our story.

In this case, the promise is True EV Freedom™ — freedom from worry… freedom from doubt… freedom from range anxiety so many who now own Electric Vehicles (EVs) face.

Over the coming months, as this project I am working on matures, I will be adding meaning and depth to this vital concept.

It is our fervent belief that the EV industry as a whole will fail to live up to the promise of an EV in every garage… unless an easy to use, easy to find, and easy to navigate network is built.

I have been asked by a small team of like-minded rebels to help them build such a network.

It is called

A secure, fast, and most of all, EASY way to get the charge you need, where you need it, when, and how.

Or as our promise suggests, we deliver…

True EV Freedom™… a trademark owned by me as of August 11, 2021 and first published in this article today!

In the end, we want to lead the “Charge Me Generation™” …



Your friend,

E. R. Haas (AKA The Invisible Billionaire)



True EV Freedom™



Because Friends Want Friends to Drive Juiced™


True EV Freedom™



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