Ask Tommy Anything…

Ask Tommy Anything...


“TQ/Ai™ is the most powerful tool in my executive arsenal. I constantly ask it highly personal questions, relationship questions, and get stratigic advice better than the high-priced-medium value consultants we used to hire. Tommy TQ Quinn will get to know you better than you know yourself. You will get to know yourself better than you do now. But the big WHY behind integrating the TQ Platform + GPT = Actionable Intelligence you can use for anything and everything. It brings the idea of Artifical Intelligence empowering Human Aspirations that gives you a true competitive advantage… at home and at work.

Below you will find a constantly growing list of my questions as well as questions posed by other members. Simply copy and paste (only one at a time) into the TQ/Ai entry box and really study the responses. Frequently, I will ask follow-up questions based on the previous question—asking for more specific information and ideas for action. Check back here often for new ideas to ask and watch your potential for success become realized!” E. R. Haas, CEO


Recent Questions…

Ask Tommy Anything...

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Memorial Day Tribute

This Memorial Day I am especially thankful for my grandfather, a CB who built airstrips in the Philippines for our troops in WW II,  and my high school friend, Kenny Savano who died as a fighter pilot in Vietnam—a brilliant life cut way too short.

Ask Tommy Anything...


So, I asked Tommy “How to best honor friends and family this Memorial Day who fought and died for us?” How can we perform on purpose to honor their legacy?



Adaptive Coaching

Ask Tommy Anything...


Tell me how TQ + GPT produces Adaptive Coaching. What are the top 5 benefits of this convergent technology? 500-word expose’



Increased Control and Wellbeing

Ask Tommy Anything...


How does TQ + chatgpt turn the TQ experience into a powerful coach helping people increase their sense of wellbeing and control over their lives? 750 word essay format with 3 major bullets




Transportable and Transferable Skills

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my total TQ scores, what are my top 10 most important transportable and transferrable skills? 600 word essay format


Long Thread: From Values to a Mission Optical Chain Reaction

Ask Tommy Anything...


I need to review my values for TQ Factor 2a and 2b. Suggestions?

Followup >>

My values are love, legacy, freedom, curiosity, loyalty, spirituality, wealth, adventure, giving, and complexity. Please craft a mission statement that starts with a verb the will permit me to live these values and achieve up to my full potential. reduce to 15 words or less.

Followup >>

The TQ mission is to “Inspire you to become the best version of yourself possible.” How does my mission and TQ overlap?

Followup >>

How does acting on my mission build the opportunity for legacy and wealth? 500 word essay

Followup >>

Because my TQ mission color is so important, how does it affect the other 9 colors in TQ? 700-word executive summary with bullets

Followup >>

Excellent, now please give me 10 affirmations for living the above truths

(By regularly repeating these affirmations, you can reinforce the alignment of your daily actions with your mission, ensuring that you live out the truths of how your strong TQ Mission Color influences and enhances your overall productivity and effectiveness.)



TQ + ChatGPT = Tommy

Ask Tommy Anything...


What is the best way to explain TQ plus Tommy? What is the combination of TQ + ChatGPT worth to someone who needs business and personal advice?



Thread: Maximum Success This Month/May

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my total TQ Color scores, where can I find maximum improvement in my results between now and June 1st? Essay format, 800 words, 5 bullets


Please give me 10 affirmations for the above

what is the Eisenhower matrix?

How does the Eisenhower Matrix fit into TQ Factors?

Which TQ factors are important for Quadrant 1?



Immediate Confidence Meeting With Marisela

Ask Tommy Anything...


How do I build immediate confidence for what I believe to be a pivotal meeting with Marisela to talk out the direction of our relationship?



Strategic Selling

Ask Tommy Anything...


What is the most important thing to know about strategic selling? Which TQ Factors are involved? 600-word executive summary



Stress to Inner Peace

Ask Tommy Anything...


I feel over-stressed at work and in my relationship with Marisela. I need to find inner peace. Given my TQ scores, which factors should I focus on this week? Executive Summary format, 700 words.



Mastering Focus

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my TQ scores, how can I focus more on what matters to me, rather than spend my time on endless distractions? 700-word essay



Powerful Vision

Ask Tommy Anything...


A visionary must not try to predict the future; he must create it. Given this and my TQ scores, especially for attitude and mission, how should I create a workable vision for the rest of 2024, with an emphasis on money making opportunities? 750-word executive summary format.



My Mission / April

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my individual TQ scores and my ambitions, what single aspect of my performance should I focus on for the rest of April? Goals, Plans, Mission, Energy? 750-word essay format with 3 bullets



Reduce the Fear of Change in Relationship Complexities

Ask Tommy Anything...


Even though I have strong TQ scores, affecting change, especially at my age, seems daunting and unattainable. How can I better view the changes being thrust upon me, especially in my love for Marisela? She is perfect for me but I fear the future with her. Her and my life is very complex. How do I reduce relationship fear and whole-heartedly but myself in the game? 750-word essay format.



The Courage to Act

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my situation, how do I develop more courage to act rather than analyze? 500-word expose’



Greater Internal Motivation

Ask Tommy Anything...


How do I build even more internal motivation for the pursuit of both my personal goals as well as financial goals? Which of my TQ scores do I need to put a spin on to increase both inspiration and motivation? 750-word essay format



Developing Patience

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my TQ and profile, how can I develop the habit of patience and not dwell on the negatives and focus more on potentially positive outcomes with a bit more patience. 750-word expose format with 3 bullets.




Dreams, Goals, Plans

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my profile and total TQ scores, how can I become more consistent in updating my dreams, goals and plans? I need to make this a weekly habit. Essay format 700 words



Optimistic Insights

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my TQ scores for Attitude, what more can I do to remain optimistic in a very down economy? Business conditions require me to adapt faster and look for the best in the situation, but what can I DO to become more focused on solutions instead of problems? 750-word white paper.

My Followup that I would have, not in a million years, guessed.

What single TQ Factor would help me most regarding the above?



Strategic Planning Insights

Ask Tommy Anything...


I am good at strategic planning but need to become great. Given my TQ scores, what do the world’s best executives do to enhance their strategic planning skills so that execution of them is easier? 750-word expose format with 3 major bullets, please



Facts vs. Feelings Driving Positive Decisions

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my total TQ Scores, how can I rely more on positive facts instead of negative feelings when I make important decisions? 750-word Executive Summary with 5 bullets and a section for ideas for action



Expand My Vision

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my profile and TQ Scores, how do I expand my vision for what’s possible for my life? 700-word essay format with 3 bullets



Less Reactive ~ More Responsive

Ask Tommy Anything...

Given my TQ scores, how can I become less reactive and more responsive? I need to train myself to accept rejection better and remain positive in light of critical comments from prospective buyers. A 750-word executive summary with 5 bullets


Followup: What specific TQ Factors can help me with this?



Empower Human Potential

Ask Tommy Anything...

Write a 250-word vision statement for the convergence of TQ + GPT to empower Advanced Working Intelligence with an emphasis on merging AI with Human Potential

This is how Tommy responded: Our vision is to converge Time Quotient (TQ) with Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) technology to empower Advanced Working Intelligence, revolutionizing the way individuals and organizations harness the synergy between artificial intelligence and human potential. By merging the precision of AI with the creativity and adaptability of the human mind, we aim to create a transformative platform that enhances productivity, decision-making, and personal development3.

Through this convergence, we envision a future where individuals can leverage AI-driven insights and predictive analytics to optimize their TQ performance, enabling them to achieve greater results in less time. By integrating GPT’s natural language processing capabilities with TQ’s actionable performance metrics, we seek to provide personalized, real-time coaching and guidance that aligns with an individual’s unique strengths and challenges.

Furthermore, our vision extends to organizational empowerment, where the convergence of TQ and GPT fosters a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and high-performance teamwork. By leveraging AI to augment human potential, we aspire to create a collaborative ecosystem where individuals and teams can thrive, adapt to change, and drive sustainable growth.

Ultimately, our vision for the convergence of TQ and GPT is to unlock the full spectrum of Advanced Working Intelligence, where AI serves as a catalyst for human potential, enabling individuals and organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, creativity, and success.



Shaping Positive Beliefs

Ask Tommy Anything...

Given my TQ scores, how can I improve my belief in a positive outcome for the projects I take on? I am in an end-game strategy and find myself caught between positive expectations and the realization that there is a high probability of failure. How do I increase my belief that things will turn out well? 750-word essay format with 5 bullets.



Rags to Riches

Ask Tommy Anything...

Given my TQ scores, what do I need to do differently to capstone my rags to riches story? I am almost where I want to be at this point in my life. How do I move way up the pecking order to the pinnacle of achievement? 750-word rags to riches essay for me!



Mental Toughness

Ask Tommy Anything...


Here are 4 questions I posed to Tommy that you all might want to ask as well…

  1. Given my overall TQ, what do you recommend so that I improve my mental toughness? 600 words, 3 bullets
  2. What specific TQ Factors should I address for mental toughness? 700 words, 10 bullets
  3. OK, now give me 10 affirmations for mental toughness
  4. For the week beginning 2/12/2024, day by day, present an action list to become more mentally tough. 700 words, schedule format



Fear of Failing

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my total TQ Score, why do I still fear failing and what can I do to overcome this fear? 750-word expose with 5 major bullets



Factor 1c

Ask Tommy Anything...


What can I do to improve TQ Factor 1c? 500 word expose



Get Organized

Ask Tommy Anything...


What can I do to boost my Organize Color in 3 simple steps? 500-word executive summary



Fading Optimism

Ask Tommy Anything...


My optimism fades during the day, clouding my vision of what’s possible. How can I, given my Attitude TQ scores, start the day off optimistic, and not let the day wear me down and out? 750-word essay format



Sales Relationships

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my TQ scores, how can I create better relationships and close more sales this quarter? 750-word essay format



Greater Focus

Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my Total TQ scores and past success, what single thing, Color, or Factor should I focus on this week? Executive summary, 3 bullet points with highly specific recommendations for action.


Hopes and Fears

Ask Tommy Anything...


You will recall the younger woman named Marisela and the potential for a future together. With respect to addressing my fears and hopes, what TQ Factors should I be doing better to align the next 10 years with hers? The objective is to not let our age differences control our lives. 750 words with bullets.


Live In the Moment

Ask Tommy Anything...


Considering all my TQ scores, what do you recommend so I live more in the moment, not the past or future? How do I shift my thinking more in the now? 750-word essay with 5 bullets



Ask Tommy Anything...


Given my TQ scores and current situation, how can AI reprogram my inner-self to become who I am meant to be? 1000-word essay format on the connection between TQ, AI, and my inner-desire to become the man I know I can be?



Ask Tommy Anything...


Given the above and my TQ scores, how can I quickly improve my inner-self, inner-strength, and inner-confidence? 750-word executive summary with 10 bullets emphasizing TQ Colors and Factors



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