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| February 11, 2013

“Excellence is the Result of Caring more than others think is Wise, Risking more than others think is Safe, Dreaming more than others think is Practical, and Expecting more than others think is Possible.” ― Ronnie Oldham

Differentiate Yourself…

So often we take our circumstances for granted.

We are here and now… what more is there?

We find ourselves stuck — or worse, running in place — and wonder why we are not making better time!

We look up and BAM, 5-10 years have blown by with no real progress towards our career or financial goals.

There is a simple solution.

Strive to become the MVP within your company each month.

Just that idea will start to gel powerful forces to help you gain traction… get moving… and pick up momentum.

FSCP 3DShadCD_smIt’s not that times are changing…
it’s that times have changed.

When we wrote Full Spectrum Career Power, we took the position that there is still tremendous opportunity at every level, and that you can easily transform your career POTENTIAL into career POWER.

You CAN become your organization’s MVP — each and every month — if you demonstrate the desire to become the BEST you possible.

What more can anyone ask of you, than YOU at your best?!

Think about it.

Where would you go in your career if your performance exhibited these 10 characteristics each day:

1. Ultra high physical and mental ENERGY level…

2. Unstoppable sense of passion, purpose and MISSION

3. Powerful, optimistic and enthusiastic ATTITUDE

4. Crystal-clear GOALS, personally and professionally…

5. Rock-solid PLANS for all your key goals…

6. Total focus on your PRIORITY #1 for each step in your plans…

7. Incredible inter-personal SYNERGY and leadership leverage…

8. Outstanding ORGANIZATIONAL skills…

9. The ability to OPTIMIZE the clock like an NFL quarterback…

10. An ACTION-oriented conviction that overcomes any fear, uncertainty and doubt.

These 10 attributes are all that stand between you and MVP status!

This is what you WANT, right?

Can you even imagine how powerful you would be if you were ALL 10 — all day long — every single day?

You would be the MVP, as there would be no stopping what you could do.

Imagine being described each day with these 10 power words: Energetic, Passionate, Optimistic, Self-directed, Well-planned, Focused, Supportive, Organized, Timely and Proactive.

Consider the alternative. How would you feel if people saw you as: Drained, Aimless, Pessimistic, Vague, Rash, Scattered, Unsupportive, Disorganized, Haphazard and Hesitant?

Big Difference: Excellence vs. Mediocrity!

miniThe difference is, one person gets ahead by differentiating themselves based on powerful RESULTS… simply because they have the power to perform beyond expectations… the hallmark of performance EXCELLENCE.

With so many negatives driving the other person’s performance, they are seen as easily replaceable — not an MVP keeper. Who would want someone on their team who is frequently seen as Drained, Aimless, Pessimistic, Vague, Rash, Scattered, Unsupportive, Disorganized, Haphazard and Hesitant?! Isn’t this the hallmark of performance MEDIOCRITY… or worse?


lb-front-cover-500Learn and Burn!

Slap on the buds… hit the play button… and start connecting sweat with success.

Over time, you will become the above 10 POSITIVES… simply because you took the actions necessary to drive the NEGATIVES out of your performance.

This is, in fact, the fastest and easiest route to MVP status!

As I am frequently want to say, “There is no other, other way.”


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