More Work ~ Fewer People

| February 6, 2013

“Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems. ” ― Peter F. Drucker

An Inconvenient Truth…

For the last few years, down-sizing, right-sizing and constant reorganizations have left companies confused and conflicted.

Smart leaders know that people are their most important asset, yet payroll is the first thing to be slashed and burned.

The result is that every company in America is now required to do a whole lot MORE with a whole lot LESS.

The battle cry from the boardroom to the lunchroom is Greater RESULTS ~ Fewer PEOPLE.

Every person, at every level is now expendable — and is seen as either part of the problem or part of the solution… an asset or a liability. No longer is there a middle ground where business-as-usual, status quo mediocrity is acceptable.

Put bluntly, every employee has the responsibility to produce results well beyond expectations.

This means squeezing every ounce of productivity out of each person in the company.

Towards this end, exceptional managers have focused on two vital strategies to keep their organizations running ahead of their competition:

1. Support wellness programs designed to keep their workforce HEALTHY…

2. Support hard and soft skill training designed to make their workforce SMARTER…

Obviously, better fitness translates into a higher energy company — better able to out-perform… out-produce… and out-compete other organizations.

Clearly, a workforce that learns, remembers and masters success-critical personal skills is better able to out-smart… out-hustle and out-think other organizations.

A Simple Idea…

Why not double down on your existing health and wellness program and make it significantly more effective?

Why not add a simple power tool to your tool belt that will help your people become Fit Smart Fast?!

Why not think about significantly better results over time by small incremental shifts in an employees’ attitude, energy level and working “smarts”?

As the world’s leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence, we took a fresh new look at this age old problem.

The result? The Learn & Burn Connection: Success Essentials package.

In this first of 6 new products this year, we have made it quick and easy to step up your pace… and help you win the race!

By matching success essential IDEAS for greater personal productivity — with heart pounding vibes — we give your employees the best of BOTH worlds — GREATER FITNESS while at the same time implanting the Voice of Success in their heads!


They BURN.

You WIN!

You get a healthier… fitter… more productive employee — just by providing them with this simple new program.

Big Bang for the Buck…

This is a no-brainer.

Doesn’t need years of paralysis of analysis.

Get your people to MOVE faster, they get FIT sooner. Learn & Burn does that automatically!

Get your people to FOCUS on positive, results-producing IDEAS for action that they can put into immediate ACTION and they automatically start making smarter choices and taking smarter actions.

Yes, Learn & Burn takes the best ideas — from the best brains on the planet — off the shelf and injects them into your life… effortlessly… automatically… in a fun new training format!

At less than $25/employee, this is the smart product for your entire workforce.

It requires zero administration on your part, as it is fully automated.

You slap on the ear buds… press PLAY… and you are Learning and Burning!

Because this 12 hour program is delivered as a series of MP3 audio tracks — easily imported into iTunes or Media Player — it is quick and easy to get started… and people really love it!

Because it is fully integrated with the full family of powerful TQ Testing and Training products, your people have a terrific opportunity to move forward within the entire TQ discipline.

lb-front-cover-500Be SMART. Get with the PROGRAM.

See for yourself exactly how this works by making it available to employees who are looking to distinguish themselves through performance excellence.

This is NOT a forced fitness program like so many others offer.

This is for people who know they can do better… want to do better… and are simply looking for great ideas that will help them at home and at work.

The economy continues to be challenging.

Obama Care is expensive, and requires you to become very proactive — helping your employees avoid easily avoidable health issues… by moving more… making smart food choices… and becoming actively involved in their personal success.

No, this is not an Obama Care cure all. Far from it.

It something positive, effective and smart you can add to your existing wellness program to further your mission by helping your people get…





PS We even created a very special Quick TQ Test for people who are looking for a baseline performance evaluation. It is free and provides a truly eye-opening look at your performance effectiveness. It takes less than 5 minutes to see exactly where you are strong and where you need help. Click Here Now…


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