Breathing Life into Your Someday Dreams

| April 9, 2013

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars… to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman

The Importance of Being a Dreamer…

From the time I can remember, maybe around 4-5, my life revolved around making dreams come true.

My dad and I read the Tom Swift and Horatio Alger books together.

Hard work resulting in wealth — well beyond the dreams of a little boy living on the east side of Fremont Ohio — was the message.

Going on grand adventures, in far off lands was the hope envisioned.

I have always felt emotionally connected to the future. To all those Someday’s yet to be lived.

Happily, I have achieved many of my most precious Someday Dreams.

Happily, I have many many more on the cusp of being realized!

A few years back I received a wonderful CD from one of our customers who loved the simplicity of our Time Prism. Ryan Sarti, the incredible talent on the video above, sent me a review copy of songs he thought people might like to listen to as they worked though their 10 Colors. Songs that would help them boost their Energy… improve their Attitude… focus their attention on creating crystal-clear Goals and making rock-solid Plans.

I loved the vibes, but at the time, could not see how they could be used.

Fortunately, a true dreamer’s passion never dies, so Ryan recently sent me a followup,  wondering if his dream now intersects with ours.

“Odd, how this all works”, I thought, “Now that we have Learn and Burn, this might be a great time to feature totally different approaches to helping people get the importance of the various TQ concepts.”

As I watched and listened to this first “mini-movie” on dreams (above,) I immediately saw a possibility open up for him, me and our members. In fact, he just sent his second video, and it is AWESOME! More “awesomer” than the first, was the way Jan saw it!

As you listen to Ryan’s musings on Dreams, enjoy the short chapter Kent and I wrote way back in 1995 — almost 20 years ago — on the importance of keeping our Someday Dreams alive.


Someday my life will… Someday I will go… Someday  I want to… Someday I will have… Someday I will stop… Someday I will learn… Someday my day will… Someday I will live in… Someday I want to earn… Someday my career will… Someday I will have less… Someday my family will… Someday my friends will… Someday I will have more… Someday my company will… Someday I will play a lot of… Someday I will remember to… Someday I will get around to… Someday I will look back and… Someday my organization will… Someday I will take a long trip to… Someday my relationships will… Someday everyone I work with will… Someday I will help my community by…

Someday. What an interesting concept.

Think of all the things that were supposed to happen by now, that “Someday” you convinced yourself was right around the corner. Think of all the energy you’ve expended wondering why Someday never seems to get much closer to today. Think of all the daydream believers, people who dream and wish their lives away, hoping and praying that they’ll be given the chance to live life on their own terms—Someday.

Maybe you’re one of them, maybe not. To most of us, Someday is the 8th day of the week, that mythical place in our hearts where we have convinced ourselves we would be right now, if only we had more time… or more money… or more talent… or…

Do you have a lot of dreams still floating among the clouds, dreams that are only “pie in the sky” wishes—pipe dreams, really? Do more of your dreams reside on your Someday page than in your life?

Do you have dreams that are almost within reach, but, at the same time, always just out of your grasp? Why is that, do you suppose?

How confident do you feel in your ability to make your dreams come true in the next few years, the next few months, or even right now? Be honest, it’s OK. Do you have the personal power to take your dreams off that Someday page and put them into your life?


Remember, Today was Someday A Long Time Ago…

Today is that day you dreamed about a long time ago. It’s the day you promised yourself you would make happen by now—no matter what. That fabled day when all your dreams would become real.

But, if your dreams had come true, they wouldn’t still be on that Someday page waiting for you, would they? You would already be enjoying their rewards. You would already be experiencing feelings of satisfaction and achievement. You would be able to say, “Been there, done that, and it was GREAT!”

So, what’s holding you back from making every one of your Someday dreams come true?

Is it Desirability, Believability or the Power of your commitment?

Consider these ten ideas from The Time Prism.


Breathing Life into Your Someday Dreams

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The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence…

Ten Simple Dream-Achieving Ideas…

Realizing your dreams doesn’t require you to work any harder, but it does require a high ENERGY level and a sustained commitment to peak power through better health and fitness—both mental and physical.

Dreams need to feel alive, to pulsate with the spiritual vitality that emanates deep from within your heart. Thus, your MISSION must be carefully aligned with your true visions and values so you’re always living what’s most important—always working from your heart.

Dreams hate hanging around with a bunch of old “NO it alls.” They yearn for you to believe in them and flourish when exposed to a positive, uplifting environment. By projecting a “Yes I can” ATTITUDE for every task you tackle, you transform your passion into action. Unleashing this passion creates the inner believability and the positive environment which will excite, inspire and motivate you—and everybody around you—to an elevated sense of purpose.

Dreams want to make you happy while you’re pursuing them—not just after you achieve them. But even the most excellent dreams remain fleeting visions on the horizon until you turn them into specific targets, with clear, easily identifiable milestones along the path to their realization. Remember, the difference between a dream and a goal is a date. So, when you SET GOALS, dreams get to show up as visible “check points” on your daily calendar and “to-do-list.”

Dreams are elusive. They only begin to materialize when you MAKE PLANS that map future steps—plans that take into full account your personal beliefs, interests and reasons—and pinpoint the resources  needed to achieve them.

Dreams like to be chosen first—to feel more desired than anything else—and clamber for you to PRIORITIZE the steps necessary in their pursuit. They insist that you always focus on priority #1 first by choosing those steps which are most rewarding and valuable—the steps which lead directly to their attainment.

Dreams want company and like to be seen frequently. To survive, they must be shared, communicated and empowered. They invite you to SYNERGIZE with others and leverage your time by finding someone to help you. They know you can’t prevail as an “army of one,” and are strengthened when you delegate as much as possible to people who know more or can do more than you.

Dreams are fragile and die when left in clutter and disarray. They cry out for you to ORGANIZE your activities so that you automate to conquer, making each action you take incredibly efficient and automatic. Dreams like to be thought of as rapidly flowing rivers—not stagnant backwater ponds littered with mistakes and best intentions.

Dreams hate waste and simply wilt when you confuse effort with results. They need you to OPTIMIZE your time, forever making every minute count. Dreams are valuable and demand that you treat them with respect and careful consideration—every minute of every precious day.

Dreams like movement and beg you to ACT NOW so that more of them arrive sooner rather than later. They can’t stand to be forever put on hold, waiting for the action to start. Dreams long for the day when you’ll joyfully announce to the world, “THEY’RE HERE!”

Above all things, dreams love it when you make them come true. For even they know you’re the only one who can make them happen!

So, Engage The Time Prism. It will give you the power to move all your dreams off that Someday page and put them into your life—starting right now!

Engaging The Time Prism means Tuning IN to the time you have and being aware of the results you’re getting—continuously. It means working smarter, more frequently—by methodically Turning ON your “Bright bulb” and seeing what’s standing between you and the results you want. It means first measuring, then Turning UP the intensity of your personal performance by boosting all ten colors of Prismatic Power to full saturation and maximum intensity.

Engaging The Time Prism means making dreams come true by taking the Full Spectrum View of everything you do!

It’s the connection between Someday and Right Now!


lb-front-cover-500PS The idea behind Learn and Burn: Success Essentials is to help you move your Someday Dreams out of the clouds and into your life… faster and easier than any other way possible.

Imagine turning up each of your ten Colors every time you press play on your iPod!

Imagine how easy we have made it for you to learn, remember and master the success-critical skills necessary to transform your career potential into career power

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Actually, there’s no reason to imagine it… simply click to order and BOOM… you will have a hot new tool to give you the power to rope in ALL of your Someday Dreams!

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