What do you have the right to expect?

| January 30, 2017


“For, he that expects nothing shall not be disappointed, but he that expects much—if he lives and uses that in hand day by day—shall be full to running over.” ~ Edgar Cayce

What do you have the right to expect?
The Key to Living
a Life that Matters.
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Great quote, isn’t it?

Even if it comes from a man who lived his life on the fringe of “conventional” wisdom, considered by many to be a fraud and charlatan!

Do you Expect little out of life… for fear of being disappointed?

Or do you raise the bar each day, setting a new higher standard for yourself—creating world-changing Expectations—and holding yourself fully accountable for achieving them?

Do you Expect the good things in life… or just whatever life hands you?

Do you have sky-high Expectations—coupled with the Power to exceed them—or do you just hope and pray to make it through the day?

Do you live your dreams… or are you trapped in a slow-moving nightmare?

It’s all a matter of what you have given yourself the RIGHT to Expect.

The question I posed all last week was simple: Are you taking ACTION to move your dreams into your life? Are you living your MISSION?

If not, why not?

This week, we will focus on the power of crystal-clear EXPECTATIONS. The power of clear future Expectations is an AWESOME POWER— trumping fantasies, wishes, dreams, hopes and aspirations every time.

As we say in The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence, it is the ratio of your Expectations over your Power of Execution that drives everything that you will ever be, do and have in life. If you are struggling right now, I highly recommend you get your personal copy of this fabulous book, and read it twice. Do all the exercises, and you will experience one of the most eye-opening events of your life. You will see—up close and personal—WHY the 4-word TQ catch-phrase is the most important advice you will ever receive: Expect More ~ Execute Better.

Learn how to turn your dreams into clear Expectations, and they are 75% realized. Leave them in their natural dream-state, and you have a zero chance of seeing them made real.

This is an absolute FACT!

A big part of my job is turning hopes and dreams into reality. My team and I do it every day.

With millions of data points at ThinkTQ.com, I know for a FACT that most people (89%) fail to set crystal-clear Expectations for what they want to see happen.

They FAIL then, simply because they don’t EXPECT to succeed.

What Do YOU Have The Right To Expect?

By turning a wish into a dream… a dream into a goal… a goal into a plan… THEN taking some action (however small) to move towards your dream, you EARN the right to EXPECT rather than just wish and wait.

What Do You EXPECT This Year?


What do you have the right to expect? What do you have the right to expect?

Rate Your Power to EXECUTE:


To realize your dreams, you must BELIEVE you can.

All this week, I want you to focus on TQ Factor 3B: “I am confident that I can succeed at whatever I do, as long as I simply take the right actions.” It sets up the initial conditions under which a dream coalesces into an Expectation.

Understand the importance of this TQ Factor of your performance and you are well on your way to tremendous success. Fail to heed the advice contained here, and your goals will have a very difficult time even seeing the light of day.

What do you have the right to expect? Stop and listen to the audio track for this TQ Factor while you’re reading the rest of this page, and while you’re completing the exercises below.

This is just one track from our fabulous ACT NOW Personal Workshop. If you don’t own the complete collection, maybe it’s high time to get with the program!

A Simple Prescription For Success…

Just do a few things RIGHT!

What do you have the right to expect? Success is the direct result of taking the Right actions, the Right way, at the Right time for the Right reasons.

Understand your age-old 4 R’s and you can take on anything with confidence.

Just discover what the right actions are and do them.


With tremendous consistency and skill.

Remember, your success isn’t limited by past mistakes—but by your willingness to take the right actions right now!

If you have no confidence in your ability, you won’t even try.

But, if you’re committed to do whatever it takes until you get it right—you will eagerly proceed with the confidence to succeed.

“Nature arms each man/woman with some faculty which enables him to do easily some feat impossible to any other.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Factor 3B’s CONTRIBUTION to your performance…

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you approach every situation with the EXPECTATION that you will ultimately find the right thing to do and then do it. Because you are confident you can achieve anything you want, an endless series of possibilities open up.

This is not simplistic, blind faith that things will always work out.

Instead, it’s a belief gained from a history of trying new things and staying with them until you succeed. Even when you don’t know if you’ll succeed, you still take action in pursuit of what you want—because you are certain you will figure it out eventually.

Factor 3B’s COST to your success…

A lack of commitment to this area of your performance suggests you are someone who tends to fear failure and avoids the pain of doing things wrong.

A lack of confidence, and a fear of failure, prevents you from proceeding—more times than you’d like.

You find it hard to take action when there’s no guarantee of success. It’s even worse when you’ve never done something before.

This lack of confidence holds you back from small things like initiating conversations with strangers—to large decisions like career changes.

And day-by-day, you simply give up on things you want—because you have no belief in your ability to achieve them.

Reality Check…

What do you have the right to expect? Without a clear VISION of the future that aligns with your VALUES, you will spend your life wishing for things that simply don’t matter. If this is a problem area for you, listen to your Mission CD again and identify ONE ACTION that you can take NOW to move in the direction of your dreams.

The Bottom Line.

Are there things you want, but you hesitate to try because you fear failure more than you expect success? Stop this destructive thinking.

When you develop the confidence to passionately pursue anything and everything you want, you move towards the results you expect. Until then, your dreams are on hold, because you haven’t EARNED THE RIGHT TO EXPECT THEM.

If you haven’t already, right now is the perfect time to take a baseline assessment of your EXPECTATIONS and your POWER to achieve them. I urge you to take the full 100 question TQ Test to baseline where you are now… and what you will need to do differently to achieve your goals this year. — E.R. Haas, CEO

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