Gratitude and Appreciation: A Powerful Combination.

| November 20, 2017

Gratitude and Appreciation: A Powerful Combination.

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” ~ Eden Phillpotts

A couple of weeks ago we discussed Will Power: The indomitable will to move towards your most cherished dreams and goals.

Without question, the key to long-term success is constantly taking positive ACTION to move in the direction of your dreams and goals.

Sustained action gives you an indomitable will… the power to WILL your GOALS into your LIFE!

This week, in light of the upcoming Thanksgiving Weekend, we will be discussing how showing thanks and appreciation, in everyday terms, enhances your ability to live what you value most.

If you are not GETTING what you want out of life, maybe you’re not GIVING enough to it. What do you really want? What are you really willing to GIVE? Be Honest.

I Want:_____________________________________________________________

I’ll Give:____________________________________________________________

Gratitude and Appreciation…
Gratitude and Appreciation: A Powerful Combination.Gratitude and Appreciation: A Powerful Combination.

A Powerful Combination.

It’s Late-November. Are You On Track?

Will you achieve the goals you set for yourself last year at this time? If so, fantastic!

If not, why not?

Please take a moment to reflect on where you are right now—and where you want to go. If you have been following the theme of the last few months, you now have crystal-clear Goals, directly aligned with your Mission… realistic Plans to support them… an Attitude that is positive, optimistic and enthusiastic… incredible focus on your top Priorities… and the physical Energy level to take the Actions necessary to produce exceptional results.

More Power = Goals Achieved Sooner…

However, if you are struggling to achieve your goals, maybe you need more power still… the power that emanates when you assemble powerful teams to help you move your goals off that Someday page, and into your life.

In “TQ Speak,” this means turning up the intensity of your Synergize Color!

One of the most important Factors governing the brightness of your Synergize Color is TQ Factor 7h. It asks if you “show appreciation for the efforts of others, and praise them when they do the right thing?”

Do you?

This single Factor is a HUGE driver of personal success. Why?

People are automatically more productive when they feel that their efforts are acknowledged and sincerely appreciated.

Praise is a small investment that pays huge dividends. Master this factor and your whole world will change. Let others know that you appreciate their efforts. Demonstrate an attitude of gratitude in private and in public. Give credit when something goes right, and don’t forget to reward the victories—large and small.

“People see the world not as it is, but as they are.” ~ Al Lee

Factor 7H’s CONTRIBUTION to your performance…

A high commitment to this critical area of your performance suggests you are grateful to others for the contributions they make to your projects and goals. You recognize how motivating it is to receive praise. You have seen the dramatic improvement in the spirits and results of those you praise.

You take every opportunity to show appreciation for others and reward them for their efforts. You take interest in each person and get excited about their progress. And when you show appreciation it’s almost always reciprocated with an increase in the results produced by the other person.

In short, your demonstrations of appreciation encourages others to excel. This returns to you a hundred fold.

Factor 7H’s COST to your success…

A lack of commitment to this success factor suggests the only two things you share with others are straight facts and criticism—and neither is all that motivating.

There is no doubt that criticism can be a very effective motivator to the right person, at the right time—but you can only beat up people for so long before they give up. Placing little value on the contributions of the other team members will cost you teamwork. And you won’t become a leader until you truly value the contributions others make toward your success—and publicly reward them for their efforts.

Remember, team members become discouraged, give up and leave when they’re not appreciated. Just how likely is it that you will then attain your goals? That’s right, zip.

The bottom line?

Putting your faith in others is sometimes hard.

But it is absolutely essential if you want to create powerful interpersonal leverage.

Won’t you have more FAITH in your future, if you have more personal POWER? What’s holding you back? — E.R. Haas, CEO

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