What does it take to win? Attitude!

| July 16, 2018

What does it take to win? Attitude!

“Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force.” ~ Tom Blandi

For the last month, we have been talking about very broad topics: Hope… Freedom… Purpose… Values… Success (and what it takes to ACHIEVE it… and be HAPPY along the way.)

No doubt, we have asked — and answered — the questions that lead to a life of passion, purpose, and significance.

This week, we will narrow our focus to you personally, and what it takes to WIN at what you do.

No “top of the funnel” thinking here… just real CLEAR advice on what it takes to unleash the winner within you.

Some Basic Advice…

How you approach life determines if you will ultimately succeed… or fail to produce the results you want.

Think a moment about what it takes to honestly win the Tour de France.

What puts winners ahead of the pack? From my perspective, it is an outstanding TQ performance!


Let’s look at Winners through
the 10 Colors of The Time Prism:

What does it take to win? Attitude!

Is it their physical and mental ENERGY level? No doubt.

Is it their sense of purpose and MISSION? Yes.

Is it the GOAL and the team’s PLAN to achieve it? Absolutely.

Is it the unrelenting focus and ability to PRIORITIZE the right moves? Sure.

Is it the ability to create powerful team-building SYNERGY? Yes, the team won… not just any given rider.

Is it the systematic ORGANIZATIONAL skills and ability to OPTIMIZE time? No question. You don’t win anything without solid time management skills.

Is it the ability to consistently take bold ACTION to break out from the pack? Naturally.

Yes, these 9 Colors were all burning white hot. But that’s not enough! If a rider permitted his ATTITUDE to go negative, at any point in the race, a perfect 10 on the other 9 Colors wouldn’t matter—because 9 x 0 is ZERO.

What gives winners the winning edge is ATTITUDE. The positive attitude to endure pain, frustration, and setbacks.

Believe you will win.

Pay the price to win.

You can win.What does it take to win? Attitude!

A Fact of Life…

What does it take to win? Attitude!Your motivation to take action increases automatically when you imagine how great it will be when you succeed. The bigger, brighter, more immediate and more personal you can imagine the payoff, the greater your desire to pursue your goals. When you picture failure, you lose motivation to proceed. You focus on avoiding mistakes, rather than striving to do your best. This leads to a reduction — and an increase in desire — to avoid a negative outcome.

CONTRIBUTION to your performance…

A high commitment suggests you spend your time fulfilling your prophecy of success. Each day’s progress — large or small — gets you closer to the goals you desire. Inspired by a beautiful dream, you maintain interest and internal drive — even when things don’t go well. With your eye on the prize, you keep hope alive for yourself and those around you — and conquer the inevitable detours on the way to your desired destination.

You have more power…

You leap at every opportunity to achieve your goals. 

You accumulate performance positives like “Enthusiastic, Eager and Inspired” — immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

This week, do a REALITY check and an ATTITUDE check.

Do you get the connection between your reality and your attitude?

For better or worse, they are inseparably linked.

Think about it. — E.R. Haas, CEO

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