No excuses. What will you accomplish by 12/31/2012?

| August 26, 2012

No excuses. What will you accomplish by 12/31/2012?

Last week we focused on the power of ORGANIZATION to overcome life’s OBSTACLES—by becoming a great deal more methodical, meticulous and systematic. As I said early on, you don’t have to work harder… or longer… or put up with endless hassles. (This, of course, is the big premise and promise of  The Power of TQ!)

This week we are going to focus on the character-building inevitability of adversity—and how you can use your personal Time Prism to prevail over life’s trials and tribulations.

Life is not meant to be an “endurance test.”

Rather, life is meant to be lived to its fullest.

Learning how to deal with life’s inevitable setbacks and obstacles—in a powerful, positive and proactive manner—is what causes GROWTH.

“Trials, temptations, disappointments—all these are helps instead of hindrances, if one uses them rightly. They not only test the fiber of character but strengthen it. Every conquering temptation represents a new fund of moral energy. Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before.”~ James Buckham


Just give Glen Meyers’ compelling story another read. If he didn’t see the light… didn’t take action to reinvent his life… didn’t transform his passion for life into targeted action… just where do you think he would end up?

It takes action to change the trajectory of your life. This is the ONLY way to overcome the issues you face… indeed, to transform your problems into tremendous opportunities. (These are not just “words”. They are the facts of life that some of us learn way too late in life.)

This week I want you to open your mind to the endless possibilities available to help you overcome adversity—both perceived and actual.

No Excuses…

We now have just 5 months remaining in 2012.

To achieve your goals and aspirations, you mustlearn to take action in the face of any and all adversities: Health issues, family problems, money worries, and so forth.

No excuses. What to you want to ACCOMPLISH between now and 12/31/2012?

Write it down, right here, right now:


Now, think about the next 5 months. What significant ADVERSITIES must you overcome to achieve your goals?

Write them down, right here, right now:


Now, what are you committed to do… what ACTIONS will you take… to neutralize the adversities in order to achieve your goals?

Write them down, right here, right now:


(If you are “stumped” for the right actions to take, simply look to the 100 TQ Factor Actions. These are the solution to YOUR life’s problems.)

This little exercise is VITALLY important.

It will prevent you from throwing away your future. It leads directly to a concrete answer to HOW you can live your best life… starting right now.
— E.R. Haas, CEO


The following Ideas for Action represent some of the best thinking on the planet regarding TQ Factor 10A.

No excuses. What will you accomplish by 12/31/2012?They’re designed to inspire and motivate you to actually dothis factor a great deal more frequently.

Spend some time reading each one. Make sure you understand them. Visualize yourself doing them.

Keep in mind, however, that these ideas will remain ideas until youput them into action.

So, Is It So Because You Said So?

The degree of power in your life is measured by your ability to cause action.

Action creates power, not the other way around.

Do You Read The Reviews Before You Stage The Play?

If you commit to taking action now, you’ll get into the habit of acting before negative messages kick in. Instead of “I can’t do this,” you’ll be telling yourself how wonderful you are for getting the job done so quickly!

The longer you put something off, the more time obstacles have to show up. By taking action immediately, you’re finished before they arrive!

No Pain, No Gain?

Taking immediate action is a habit you can build. Like working a new set of muscles, at first it’s uncomfortable. But soon you’ll come to enjoy your new level of power and productivity.

Practice taking immediate action. Soon you won’t have to think about it — you’ll just act immediately out of habit!

Do You Feel Out Of Control?

Get time on your side. When something needs doing, do it now. When you take immediate control over your work, you immediately increase your productivity and accelerate your success.

“The sooner the better” is generally best.

Let’s Get Busy!

Do it now! The most effective people act on their work as soon as it hits their desk.

A lot of your daily tasks can be completed immediately. Don’t put them off. Start and finish them NOW!

What’s The Cost Of Putting It Off?

Think in terms of consequences. If you’re going to delay an action, what will it cost you?

Time is your greatest ally! By taking action, you gain immediate control over your work, schedule and goals. So stop putting it off and start now.

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