The Key To Sales Success: Just 5 Verbs + High TQ Performance…

| August 27, 2012

Big Pile of Money

If you want to make MORE money, regardless of what you sell… learn to take Smarter Actions.

Today, I will share just 5 VERBS (Action Words) that will make YOU a fortune!

“The superior person’s learning goes in his ear, attaches to his heart, expands to the end of his limbs, and is established in his actions. Even in his smallest word or slightest action, he sets an example.” ~ Mencius (Mengzi Mengtse)

I have always loved this quote! It is exactly what we expect of you: To take this information… put it into action… and lead by powerful example.

Of course, we have some people who let this information go in one ear and out the other! To those I say, study Mencius’ quote carefully… it offers profound wisdom.

So, let’s discuss your TQ from a SALES perspective: How to become a great deal more effective, productive and successful… at making the big sale.

Since leaving graduate school, I have been engaged in every kind of selling known to man, woman and child: Simple sales… complex sales… sales to lenders… sales to boards of directors… sales to stakeholders… sales with very long sales cycles… sales with short sales cycles… sales to my friends and family. Yes, there has been “a whole lot of selling going on” since starting my first business in 1969. I have gotten good at it. I have made millions of dollars doing it.


Had I followed this simple bullet list back in 1977, when I first met Bill Gates, I would have HIS $3 Billion dollars in MY checking account right now. Instead, HE has my$3 Billion dollars in HIS checking account! (But I am coming after it!)


In truth, the entire sales process is built on POWER… your Power of TQ to be exact.

The Key To Sales Success: Just 5 Verbs + High TQ Performance...

Sales Success = More Customers/Less Time.

Understand this time-critical PROCESS and you will succeed. Dismiss it, and you will fail.

These are the CRITICAL steps that must be taken to achieve success. If you are to make it big in sales, this is the most important advice I, or anyone else, will ever give you.

As simple as it is, it is the prescription for making more sales, earning more money, and creating a career path that has a thousand evangelists singing your praises.

You want to make more sales. That’s a given.

Clearly, you want MORE of this…

The Key To Sales Success: Just 5 Verbs + High TQ Performance...

So, learn to take Smarter Actions.

How To Get and Keep More Customers…

The Key To Sales Success: Just 5 Verbs + High TQ Performance...
The Key To Sales Success: Just 5 Verbs + High TQ Performance...

Time Horizon: December 31, 2013.

  • FIND more suspects: Network, make more calls, get in front of more people, attend trade shows and conferences, advertise, master the art of self-promotion…
  • TURN those suspects into qualified prospects: Learn to listen and ask the right questions. Develop EMPATHY…
  • CONVERT those prospects into clients: Remember your ABC’s(Always Be Closing)…
  • TRANSFORM your clients into evangelists: Develop deep-seated relationships and friendships…
  • And UNLEASH those evangelists to help you FIND more people interested in what you do. If they BELIEVE in you, you won’t even have to ask!

How? Improve your Power TQ:

  • Improve your physical ENERGY level. You can’t make it through the sales cycle if you are burned out, stressed out and running on empty. If you are dead on your feet, you are dead in the water.
  • Improve your sense of purpose and MISSION. If your heart isn’t in the battle, you have lost the war before it has begun. Always remain focused on what you VALUE most.
  • Improve your ATTITUDE. It is impossible to make it in sales… or anything else for that matter… with a negative, self-defeating attitude. If you are becoming an old “NO” it all, you need to get a grip… and fire up your attitude.
  • Improve your ability to SET GOALS. Without crystal-clear goals, you will simply burn up precious time… with little or no progress made towards realizing your dreams.
  • Improve your ability to MAKE PLANS. Remember, a goal without a plan is merely a wish without a hope. You can have huge goals, (earn $60k… then $120k… then $250k each year) but without a rock-solid plan, your goals are nothing more than a wish without a hope.
  • Improve your ability to PRIORITIZE your activities. If you lack unwavering FOCUS, you will never cut through life’s urgency’s… and spend your time on what’s most important. It’s focusing on the IMPORTANT that gives you the edge over your competition.
  • Improve your ability to create strong teams and interpersonal SYNERGY. Real power comes from building powerful teams. Engage EVERY person you know in helping you. Especially your FAMILY. To make it big, you need help. Make sure you make it easy for other people to help you.
  • Get and stay ORGANIZED. If your systems don’t support you… redesign your systems until they do. This is the single most BORING Color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum. It is also the Color that holds most people back. It is the Color that, in congress with your Optimize Color, drives your EFFICIENCY. If you are inefficient, you are out of the game. Stop confusing EFFORT with RESULTS. Boost this Color now.
  • Make OPTIMUM use of your time. This is what puts the “T” in your TQ: Time. Fail to Optimize your time, and you will never live up to your full potential. The game will be over before you even get into the hunt.
  • Take bold ACTION to make things happen. In sales, as in every area of life, it’s up to you to GET the ball moving… and KEEP it rolling in the direction of your goals. Learn to continuously take Smarter Actions, and you WIN. Don’t and you won’t.

The simple truth is, GETTING and KEEPING customers takes POWER and SKILL.

The greater your Power, the greater your income.

The greater your Skill, the easier it becomes.

To become the success you desire, you must improve your Power of TQ…

The objective, simply stated, is to Get and Keep a customer.

To do this, you must FIND people interested in what you sell… TURN them into real prospects… CONVERT those prospects into clients… TRANSFORM your clients into evangelists… and UNLEASH your evangelists into the world.

You either have the power to do this, or you don’t.

The good news is, you now know what you will need to DO to improve your personal power. Improve your TQ.

I told you it was simple. But of course, it is not easy.

It takes work. It takes power. It takes focus.

While we are on the subject of sales success, I urge you to test your TQ, and get with the program, if you haven’t already. Like knowing your blood pressure or HDL level… knowing your TQ is the most important number that affects your career.
~ E. R. Haas, CEO

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