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| May 15, 2013

“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” – Woody Allen

A Quick Thought…

So often we try to do things in fits and starts.

We declare a Goal without ever giving ANY thought to how much time, money, passion, love, purpose, direction, emotional commitment, relationship commitments — and how all these variables will fit together to achieve the desired results:




The peace of mind that comes from knowing that spending your precious resources in this fashion is the RIGHT thing to be doing.

Yesterday, I spent some time in the TQ Dreams, Goals and Plans Center.

WOW — what an eyeopening experience!

No question, Goals are all purchased with time, money and love.

If you haven’t achieved your most important goals, you need only to look at these three variables and ask yourself if you have ENOUGH of the right stuff!

Enough LOVE?

Enough TIME?

Enough MONEY?

SOP_3DShadCD_Sm3eIf not, you have just found the perfect reason to Learn & Burn... turn up your PERFORMANCE…connect the dots to your PURPOSE… and start getting REAL about the TIME you have remaining to actually ACHIEVE your most important Goals.

The interesting thing about this is that, Goals stem from an unstoppable sense of passion and purpose.

Achievable Goals are the product of High Desirability over High Believability.

I highly recommend you take a real look at where you are spending your Love… your Time… and your Money.

Isn’t is SMART to make sure you are investing in the right things?!


PS  As you fill in the details in your Mission… Goals… Plans you will be asked some very personal questions as your are led through the process of setting REAL Goals. If you get stumped as you do this work, no problem, most people are not prepared to even guess at these vital answers. If you have the answers, go here now… 


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