Unleash Your Leadership Potential

| February 8, 2016


“Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.” ~ Vince Lombardi

Achieve Your Highest Ambitions

So you’re serious about leadership. You want to inspire others…to achieve goals no one ever could going it alone…to make a difference–not just in your own life, but in the larger realms of family, community, profession, or even the world!

Those are high ambitions. As you’ve discovered through your TQ experience, success in any domain doesn’t just happen. It’s a process that requires knowledge, discipline, practice, patience, persistence, and specific skills.

Effective leadership is no different. Except in the rarest of circumstances, leaders aren’t born–they’re made!  And that means you CAN become the leader and powerful influence in the world you want to be!

Now, TQ Coaching can take you there. You shouldn’t be surprised. Leadership is an indispensable skill-set for anyone whose goals and aspirations require the participation of others. If that includes you, then TQ Leadership Coaching is your answer. Recognizing the immeasurable value of this high-level attribute for success, TQ has interwoven leadership into all of our testing and training programs. You already have a jump start on these powerful skills. But now there’s a specific leadership protocol designed especially for you, the TQ protege.

Are Your the Leader You Want to Be?

What’s Your TQ Leadership Score?

Unleash Your Leadership Potential

There are seven key TQ Colors critical to successful leadership. If these colors are not burning brightly you are not winning and achieving at the level you could. Not knowing these specific leadership performance colors and how to turn them on and turn them up is unquestionably costing you. You sense that or you wouldn’t be reading this message. The TQ leadership coaching modules work within the context of strategies and skills you’ve already developed as a TQ practitioner to make your transformation to a transformational leader a faster, more natural and enjoyable process.

Your TQ Leadership Score will identify your potential weaknesses and strengths as a leader so you can focus on the specific modules that will net you the greatest gains in the shortest time. You’ll LOVE it!

Discover Which of the Five Leadership Styles Fits You and Unlock the Door to Success Beyond Your Dreams .

There are five primary leadership styles. To maximize your potential as a leader, facilitator, or even friend, it’s vital that you know what these styles are, and which “fit” your personality the best and then maximize your leadership with TQ Coaching.   

With that knowledge and the TQ Leadership Coaching you will:

  • Release the bold and daring leader within you.
  • Cut through your fears and doubts about directing others.
  • Clearly define what you stand for and passionately communicate it to others.
  • Discover how and when to challenge the status quo.
  • Create powerful and inspiring visions others will want to be part of.
  • Learn how to translate visions into reality with the cooperation of others.
  • Discover how to attract talented people who will exponentially compound your results.
  • Inspire team members to “bring their best game” to every challenge.
  • Convince others to believe in themselves and achieve the “impossible.”
  • Develop uncompromising team focus and the ability to get consistent results.
  • Take charge of your own learning and development as a leader.
  • Do the right things without getting stuck on “doing things right.”
  • Take your organization to the next level…and the next…and the next…
  • Secure the skills, tools and disciplines you need to become the leader you were meant to be.

Now ask yourself, “In what areas of my life am I committed to becoming an effective and dynamic leader?” What’s holding you back? Lack of confidence? Fear of rejection? Inadequate communication skills or ability to persuade others? Or an inability to inspire and motivate?

Real, visionary leadership is needed now more than ever! And frankly, people are dying to be led. If you want to become one of those leaders who makes a real difference in your business, in the world, and in the lives of others, YOU CAN DO IT NOW with the help of TQ Coaching!

Consider the results of just one of hundreds of satisfied clients:

“Before TQ Coaching, I was stagnating in my career. I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to go next or how to get there. I took too much on myself and was always falling short of expectations. With the help of TQ Coaching, I began to see myself and my role in the organization differently. I created the future I wanted to experience in my mind, put it down “on paper,” and began to put the team together to make it happen. I found it easy to enroll others in my vision because it was ambitious and specific. I grew more excited to go to work and great things quickly began to happen. I have already taken several major steps toward my ultimate goals which have included more supervisory responsibility in the organization and even higher pay and benefits! All I can say is, these principles work and with the help of my coach, Maikel Bailey, I’m achieving career goals I had thought were beyond me.”

–Bruce A, Marketing Executive

Act Now for your Free Leadership Coaching Consultation

If you are truly serious about developing your leadership skills, click on the link below to request an interview for your TQ Coaching Leadership Consultation.

This Initial TQ Coaching Consultation, a $450.00 Value is yours FREE for the asking. But act NOW! There are a limited number of seats available and they are filling fast.  Click, TQ Leadership Coaching Consultation.

Your TQ Leadership Training Will Include the Following Essentials

  • Full 1 hour sessions – Most coaching sessions only give you 30-40 minutes per coaching session. That is 100% more time with the coach working through your critical challenges and strategies to success.
  • The TQ Color Worksheets – Targeting specific trouble spots in your leadership performance you’ll build new skills to overcome your past bad attitudes and habits.
  • The Business Journal Workshops – Learn to think smarter, cut through the crap and get to the “pay dirt” of any project, goal or endeavor.
  • The Fears Workshop – Eliminate procrastination, fear and drama from your life once and for all.
  • The Declarations Workshops – Supercharge your Thinking to Actions processes to “git ‘er done!”
  • Cleaning up Toxic People Workshops – Learn to eliminate the negative effects of “toxic people” who interfere, interrupt and slow you down. Now is the time to do any necessary cleanup work and finally free yourself!
  • Values Clarification – Stop the self-sabotage! Bullet-proof yourself and your missions with absolute clarity and conviction about the values you stand for and live for each and every day.
  • The Tactical Trio of the Winner’s Mindset – Master the tactical skills of Set Goals, Make Plans and Prioritize.
  • Build Synergistic Teams – Eliminate the deadwood and hangers-on in your organization and put in place a dynamic team of high energy, high productivity, high reliability and high trust players.
  • Destroy the Distractions Workshop – Rid yourself of the distractions, interruptions, and preoccupations that rob you of success each day and zap your motivation. Take back control and get focused like never before!
  • And much, much more!

Meet Your TQ Master Coach

DSC0083-LMaikel Bailey, Master Coach and Leadership Expert

We can only accept a limited number of people in this premiere Leadership session because Maikel Bailey, the TQ Master Coach, will be working one-on-one with every student in the course.

If you’ve been around TQ for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with Maikel. Our most senior, seasoned, and proficient Master Coach, Maikel has coached more people on the TQ system than anyone else.

He has 17 years experience in every aspect of the coaching industry including enrollment, training, consulting, and coaching, has developed countless original coaching and personal performance systems for TQ and others, and has personally mentored many of TQ’s most successful proteges.

He is one of two voices on the Success on Purpose CD and the new Get Fit Get Smart series, Learn and Burn Connection: Success Essentials. He is a regular contributor to the TQ Quick Start Coaching Series, and other TQ Teleseminars. 

Thank you Maikel.  You have helped me profoundly.
— Robert F., Partner in Architectural Firm

“While leadership skills are learnable they are forged in the furnace of of desire, commitment, adversity and training. If you are willing to invest in yourself you can become the leader you want to be right now.” –Maikel Bailey

“Until I discovered ThinkTQ I really had thought that I was doing “OK” in life.  That was true but what I soon discovered was that I was not doing “terrific”.  Being involved in a primary role that involved sales of high end insurance products and building relationships with clients, I had been able to build up a respectable book of business.  The problem was that things were just “OK”.

After working through the TQ coaching, my work life, personal life, spiritual life and relationships in general became terrific!  The leader inside of me began to shine through.  I found myself leading those who were supposed to be leading me.  In a short time I purchased my first company and have not looked back since.  Things are getting better by the day.  Thanks!

–Andrew P. –  Insurance Company Owner and Broker

An Exclusive Limited Time Offer

Don’t miss this exclusive, limited offer to take your leadership skills to the next level and dramatically accelerate the achievement of all your goals. What has procrastination and doubt cost you in the past? DON’T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! ACT NOW to take the next vital step in your personal and professional development.

For your FREE Leadership Consultation (a $450 value!) click Request a TQ Coaching Consultation now.  Be sure to ask about how you can receive up to 6 additional coaching sessions to assist you with your personal, organizational or leadership projects when you enroll into TQ Leadership Coaching for those who enroll by March 2, 2016.


Is This Your Time?

Unleash Your Leadership PotentialIs this “Your Time”? Find out now. There is never a better time to make the rest of your life the best of your life than right now. There’s no better way to get the unique help, support and guidance you’re looking for than from a Think TQ Coach. Go to www.ThinkTQ.com/mentor1. Have the conversation that has changed the lives of many others and will change yours. We promise.

What Others Have Said About TQ Coaching?

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