Are You Connecting the TQ Dots or Getting Lost in the Swamp?

| May 23, 2016

Lost in the Swamp

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”  – Michael Jordan

One of the things that probably attracted you to Think TQ is that it is so measurable, logical and sequential. It is a road map to success. Just connect the dots and you’ll get there.

Pretty easy, right?

Yet despite that, a lot of TQ members still have a problem getting started or getting past a certain point when raising their TQ scores. The result is they stay where they are, keeping themselves from producing at a higher level of success in their lives, businesses and careers.

Brunette2_200pxwideWhat’s up with that?

In two words: old habits!

We all have old habits that keep showing up and holding us up. It is like getting lost in the swamp. Improving your performance just feels too difficult or overwhelming.

We mean to go forward but we get bogged down.

We want to improve but we just keep choosing to do the same old things over and over again, getting the same old, less than desired results.

Raising your TQ is a simple process of doing more of the right things and doing less of the wrong things… which puts more positives into your performance… by eliminating residual negatives dragging you down — keeping you running in place.

So, why can’t it be just this simple: Choose to amplify your positives and eliminate your negatives?

It can!


Simply eliminate your old habits that inadvertently get in your way.

It is those same habits that keep us lost in the swamp and feeling like we have been “swamped”…again… and again… and again!

What are these old habits that hold us up? Here are just a few:

  • Self-limiting beliefs.
  • Our thoughts.
  • Our self-talk.
  • Our use of our time.
  • Our actions.
  • Our procrastination.
  • Our neglect of ourselves.
  • Our interactions with others.
  • Our limited ability to see ourselves objectively.
  • Our limited ability to see others objectively.
  • Our limited knowledge.
  • Our limited skills.
  • Our inability to hold ourselves accountable.

All of which are our old self-limiting habits.

You see, it all comes down to our habits — that which we do automatically without thinking — which keeps us trapped in our self-limiting results. In other words, lost in the swamp.

Frustrating? You bet it is!

If you knew how to change it you would. Already.

Telling yourself you’re going to get around to that change one of these days but not really doing anything about it is one of those old self-limiting beliefs that keeps you stuck in the rut. We just can’t seem to connect the dots from the TQ factors and our thinking about them to our consistent, everyday behavior.

We keep telling ourselves we will but we don’t. We just seem to get swamped, right? 

Truth is, if you knew how to do it you already would have done it and you’d have moved on.

We will get you out of those self-limiting beliefs and habits you have been “swamped” in for years if not decades. That is what TQ coaching is all about – building a road of new habits for your life out of the swamp and getting you moving down that road to your dreams and goals.

The fact is you can ”want what you want all you want” but until you choose to live what you want it won’t make any difference.

“As an accountant and business coach I believe in the system. Coaching with the RIGHT coach is an investment and Maikel is the right coach for me. Maikel has helped me identify areas of weakness and pushed me beyond my comfort zone in order for me to achieve what I want for myself and my business.”

“He holds me accountable to my actions and helps me reflect on my journey not only with my business but with my life. He has helped me identify what it is I exactly want rather than what I think I should be and because of this my ROI is priceless. I will be around for a long time and not fade away like so many businesses that can’t target what their true goals, missions, or values are.”  – S. Sherman of Florida

This wonderfully talented woman was stuck in her swamp trying to expand her new business.

She was overcommitted and a People Pleaser besides.

That may or may not be your problem.

  • Maybe you are a Procrastinator…
  • Or Doomsdayer…
  • Or an “I have to do it all myself person”…
  • Or a Perfectionist…
  • Or someone who feels inadequate or incompetent…
  • Or you have ADD or ADHD…
  • Or a person who keeps crashing and burning…
  • Or have any number of other self-defeating habits that keep getting in your way…

The big questions are, what are these bad habits costing you — and have you had enough?

Can you afford to maintain the status quo?

Where could you go if you got out of your self-imposed personal swamp… hitched a ride on a high speed swamp buggy… and got your feet back on solid dry land?!

If you are stuck or lost in your own swamp, now is the time to get the assistance you need.

Click on this link, TQ Coaching Request, and fill out the TQ Coaching request form to receive a free coaching session. If you are serious about raising your performance to get the results you truly want make the request now and let’s get you out of the swamp.

Don’t miss out on any more of all the great successes and relationships that can be yours. Now is the time to take action. Do it – you won’t regret it!

All the best to you!

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