TQ Coaching Testimonials

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TQ Coaching Testimonials

Kent Madson, TQ Founder and Owner

“I am thrilled to recommend Maikel Bailey, I only wish I could include in this limited space all of the raving thank you’s I have received from people I have referred Maikel to. Many times when someone has a gift, it is hard to put your finger on just what that is. Did you ever have a favorite teacher, basketball coach or maybe a grandmother that just got you? That knew you better than you knew yourself. Someone who cared deeply for you and who would do whatever they could to pull the best out of you? Someone who would see the “bigger, better you” and gently but firmly guide you to live up to that higher potential. That’s Maikel. We all spend tens of thousands of dollars improving our homes, our cars, our wardrobes and indeed, we get some delight in all of that. For a while. Then we feel that it just isn’t enough, soon thereafter. The time you spend with Maikel will give you a “personal-improvement” that will stay with you and pay you back in true happiness and satisfaction the rest of your life. Just to be clear, Maikel’s work is not the touchy-feely type. You will know instantly that inside, Maikel’s cares deeply for who you are. But the way that he judges if his work is useful or not is by the new and improved results you produce in the outside world. So if you are ready to be a lot more productive in your world than you are right now, I strongly recommend you give Maikel a try.”


“I hired Maikel as a personal coach. His honest, straight forward approach helped my refocus my career as well as my priorities. The results were great, as I made lasting changes to my life, balancing work, family and personal time. Since then, I have not only reached my goals, I have exceeded them.”  – Danielle Lavallee Wasson


“As an accountant and business coach I believe in the system. Coaching with the RIGHT coach is an investment and Maikel is the right coach for me. Maikel has helped me identify areas of weakness and pushed me beyond my comfort zone in order for me to achieve what I want for myself and my business. He holds me accountable to my actions and helps me reflect on my journey not only with my business but with my life. He has helped me identify what it is I exactly want rather than what I think I should be and because of this my ROI is priceless. I will be around for a long time and not fade away like so many businesses that can’t target what their true goals, missions, or values are. Thank you.” – Shannon Sheridan


“I hired Maikel while I was in the process of reading the book Success on Purpose. Over the past 8 months he has been able to help me reach new levels in my business and on a personal level. I would recommend Maikel to anyone and will continue to use his services in the future.” – Kirk Chester


“Maikel provided leadership coaching in Fall 2008- Summer 2009. I was considering retiring from the City of Austin but I knew that I did not want to sit at home. Through his coaching, I moved forward with my idea of creating a product to aid in the treatment of children who have been abused or suffered trauma. I now have a patent pending for this idea. As I was creating and developing my business, Maikel provided coaching and mentorship. He also was a resource for me in seeking individuals with unique talents to assist me in the set up of my business. He challenges you to look at every aspect of your life, which is critical to being successful and happy. I am so grateful that Maikel has been my coach, my mentor and friend.” – Elaine Carroll

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