What is Your Excellence Factor?

| April 17, 2017


“Happy the man/woman who early learns the wide chasm that lies between his wishes and his powers.” ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Over the last few weeks we have been focusing on rapidly expanding your Career Power.

The message: You can have a career that is both, emotionally and financially rewarding… you can thrive, not merely survive in this perform-or-perish global economy.

Simply become more VAFSCP 3DShadCD_LgLUABLE… not just more PRODUCTIVE.

This week we will be focusing on the “mechanics” of success. What causes it, and how to put more of it into your life.

Since Kent and I finished writing the full version of Full Spectrum Career Power, we have been inundated with questions.

So, we are going to be hitting the subject of success, and the “secret” to achieving it, very hard over the next few months.

To get started, I’d like to ask you a series of questions that will bracket this week’s discussion quite nicely.

Have You Ever Wondered Why…

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve success beyond their wildest hopes, dreams and expectations… while others struggle just to make it from payday to payday?

Have you ever wondered why some people make a fortune in their businesses—truly capitalizing on their talents, strengths and interests—while others go through their life savings, staying just one step ahead of the bankruptcy courts—strung-out and leveraged to the max—always just one or two quarters away from total disaster?

Could it be that successful business people have found a way to marry their expected results with their actual results—riding wave after wave of increasing profits? Maybe they just have the power to perform better than their competitors… or people who are always at the doorstep of failure.

Have you ever wondered why some people start an “at-home” business, get involved with network marketing companies, fix and flip real estate, start bread and breakfasts, build their own little grass-roots business or successfully move from one career opportunity to another—seemingly effortlessly—while others try the same thing… and all they have to show for it is a bigger pile of bills… and less cash than when they started?

Could it be that successful people know the secret to true and lasting success, and failures don’t?

Maybe successful people not only KNOW the secret, but employ it far better than those who may have heard the secret, but failed to work it.

Have you ever wondered what the most successful people in the world—men and women alike… in every walk of life—ALL have in common?

People like Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Richard Branson, John Elway, eBay’s Meg Whitman, Rev. Robert Schuller, Kathy Ireland, Paul McCartney, Jack Welch, Bono, Sam Walton, Scott Cook, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Martha Stewart, Colin Powell, Rick Warren & Joel Osteen, Condoleezza Rice, Michael Jordan, Nancy Pelosi, Richard Petty, Will Smith, Senators Elizabeth Dole & Barbra Boxer, Tom Clancey & Stephen King, Google founders Larry Page & Sergey Brin… and any self-made man or woman on the Forbes 400?

After millions of dollars, and 10 years of serious research, we can now answer this question once and for all—empirically and emphatically.

We have the data to definitively prove it. The “secret” to success—whatever your calling in life, business, sports, sales, the arts or professions—is High TQ Performance: The power to produce exceptional Results over Time.

High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution…

Put simply, the “secret” to success is only 4 words long: High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution. By the end of this week, we will PROVE that this is not only absolutely, unconditionally TRUE, we show you how to increase your RIGHT to Expect and POWER to Execute. Instantly.

If you are interested in becoming a great deal more successful, we will tell you exactly how to DO it… step-by-step!

So that we are all on the same page, let’s agree on an initial definition of success.

According to American Heritage, success is:

“The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted; attaining the results expected.”

Thus, becoming the success you desire is a simple two-step process:

  • Create crystal-clear EXPECTATIONS for what you want to ACHIEVE…
  • Then EXECUTE well beyond expectation… so that you meet or exceed your EXPECTATIONS.

When you do, you will ACHIEVE what was planned or attempted.

You will succeed.

Don’t, and you won’t.

No question, it is your ratio of Expectations to Execution that determines if you will actually become the success you desire.

This ratio is what we call your Excellence Factor: X (factor).

What is Your Excellence Factor? In The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence, we cover your personal X (factor) at great length.

If you have a copy, you might want to review Chapter 5 and look at your Excellence Factor Chart.

If you don’t have The Power of TQ, right now would be a great time to get with the program!

Today, I want to give you the “Quick Big Picture” of this tremendously important concept.

This will help to “demystify” the process of success… leading you down the path to a clear understanding of the “mechanics” involved.

There are 4 combinations that drive your X (factor):

1-High Expectations/High Execution: The path to WEALTH…

2-High Expectations/Low Execution: The path to FAILURE…

3-Low Expectations/High Execution: The path to FRUSTRATION…

4-Low Expectations/Low Execution: the path to REGRETS…

Please take a moment to think about the relationship between YOUR Expectations and YOUR ability to Execute. Think of your recent successes and failures. Circle where you think you stand (1-4). This will be a good starting point for change.

If you want to achieve success beyond expectations, the key lies in the BALANCE between what you have given yourself the right to EXPECT… with respect to your ability to EXECUTE.

This week we will discuss the importance of your X (factor) and what it will take for you to quickly improve it.

The Bottom Line…

Improve your success potential now. Simply…

Expect More.

What is Your Excellence Factor?
What is Your Excellence Factor?

Execute Better.

You CAN do better.

You CAN achieve more.

You CAN attain your highest goals.


Create HIGH Expectations for yourself.

Then, power up your performance: Execute… Execute… EXECUTE!

This is the “secret” to the success you desire.

Believe it. You CAN succeed at whatever you do, as long as you simply take the right ACTIONS. The key is High TQ Performance: High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution. — E.R. Haas, CEO


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