The Imagination Connection

| June 26, 2017


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~ Albert Einstein

The Sequence of Success…

When we were creating The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence, we asked a simple question, “Why do some people succeed brilliantly, where others fail dismally?”

The correct answer — supported by millions of data points — is that people who succeed EXPECT to succeed, where failures fail, simply because they do not EXPECT to succeed in the first place.

Some would say this is an ATTITUDE issue. It’s not.

It is a SEQUENCE issue.

Success is grounded in the way we arrive at the expectancy of success itself.

There are 8 steps that are broken into 2 halves of a constantly expanding and contracting spiral that expands to drive you up towards success… or contracts and drives you down towards failure. (TQ members will find this poster in the Download Center.)

High Expectations…

SequenceOfSuccessPoster1. Imagination — where you move from ephemeral dreams and  fleeting thoughts of what might be possible to a coherent thought of the potential within the dream.

2. Clarification — where you fill in all the details surrounding what you imagine to be possible.

3. Evaluation — where you look at the features and benefits in light of the costs and barriers and create a measurable assessment of power to make it happen.

4. Determination — where you say, YES, you are the person to make it happen… or NO for now.

Brilliant Execution…

5. Execution — where you get after it by Setting crystal-clear GOALS and making rock-solid PLANS… then amping up each of your other Colors: Energy, Mission, Attitude, Goals, Plans, Prioritize, Synergize, Organize, Optimize and Act Now.

6. Observation — where you monitor each of your 10 Colors for maximum effectiveness.

7. Correction — where you take immediate action to amplify your STRENGTHS and eliminate your WEAKNESSES.

8. Expansion — where you build on your successes and expand your POWER to produce the RESULTS you desire.

The “Real” of It…

The reason there is such disparity between people who are wildly successful (the top 20%) and those who struggle (the bottom 80%) is that those who fail get these steps out of sequence.

They get a half-baked idea (might even be a great idea) but they fail to reduce it to any level of coherency… fail to clarify the details… then start spending time and effort on it.

Because they are clueless as to the power needed to make it real, they burn up their precious resources in effort — producing few results.

PoTQ_REV3_3DwCD_MedThey go from dream to action and start spinning their wheels, never gaining any real traction.

Successful people are dreamers with a fully developed imagination.

But they carefully follow the sequence — taking time to actually clarify all the exciting details, building the dream one brilliant step at a time.

Success takes highly focused POWER over TIME.

As Einstein so aptly pointed out, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

It drives ALL future endeavor and directs humanity to its ultimate destiny. We become what we dream, because our imagination drives what we have the right to expect.

Start with your imagination, but remember to power up your performance and you will become the success you desire.


PS If you find that your imagination is not what it used to be, you have a choice: Let your dreams die, or increase your Power of TQ. Advice, get with the program…


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