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| June 21, 2017


“All men/women who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.” ~ Orison Swett Marden

The Two Keys to Wealth…

Theodore Levitt, Publisher of the Harvard Business Review and numerous books on marketing and business management, observed that there are 2 key ingredients to world changing success: Innovation and Marketing.

Both are driven by your imagination and an unshakeable belief in what is possible.

Possible to create.

Possible to communicate to prospects.

Possible to produce at a profit.

So often, small business struggle to find real differentiation between what they offer, and what their competition is selling.

The simple truth of the matter is, if you do not have crystal-clear differentiation between what you are selling and what your competition offers, you are not just walking among the wounded — you are dead and don’t know it!

I have often said that the number one reason business fail is that their company is built on a BAD IDEA. Management has simply backed the wrong horse in the race, and refuses to give up on the old nag. (Even a young nag is still a nag!)

They THINK they have a winner, but have not drilled down into the imagination of the customer to the point where they see how the customer sees them and their products and services.

This is all really basic stuff, right? But if it is so obvious, why do so many business fail to connect with the consumer so that they are constantly raising the bar to…

  1. GET more new customers a great deal faster than their competitors…
  2. KEEP their existing customers returning with an increasingly insatiable appetite for what they are selling…
  3. MAKE a ton of money from all that GETTING & KEEPING!

If you are having problems in the area of getting new customers, you will not be in business long.

If you have problems retaining your existing customers, the mean time to failure just got shorter.

And if you do not have the financial reserves to pay for customer acquisition at a profit, you need to seriously consider your options — and develop a strategic plan that fixes these issues… or cuts your losses on your exit plan.

Imagination in Action…

GoldenGameBusSucc_RD5_Planning_3D_FRONTThe key to becoming the next Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Merck or a Subway is to change your point of view by putting your imagination in action.

This means embracing change.

It means looking at who you are, what you do and how you do things through a completely lens.

It means taking a GOOD idea and transforming it into a GREAT idea by drilling down into your potential market’s needs, dispositions, habits, routines and a million other variables that are hard for your competitors to see.

If THEY see them before you do, you do not have a gold mine. You’re going to get the shaft!

If YOU find the need and fill it before they do, you win!

Yes, this is another case of “to the swift goes the race,” so do not underestimate your need for speed!

When we created The Golden Game of Business Success: Planning to WIN, we thoroughly researched this area of wealth creation and identified and isolated every key action that must be taken to guarantee that you remain on the leading edge of marketing and innovation.

If you want to grow your business faster, you can.

Simply improve your power to innovate and communicate by turbocharging your imagination.

Execute brilliantly, and you will turn your business into gold mine.

Don’t, you won’t.


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