Become an Opportunity Magnet

| October 2, 2018

“Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it.
The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Opportunity Simplified…

Become an Opportunity Magnet

When we wrote the Golden Game of Business we started with the basics.

To build a fast-growing, highly successful business requires you to become great at many different, success-critical functions.

Functions like excellent product development and innovation.

Or how about talent, marketing, and sales management?

Or the need for incredibly efficient systems, operations, admin and financial management?

Not one, but all are vital if you expect to achieve Stage 4 business growth.

No question, building a business on its core strengths is essential if you want to outpace your competition and turn your business into a true gold mine.

So, where does business success actually START?

What is the catalyst that brings ideas together with people who can develop them into a profitable enterprise?

In a word, your ability to see and seize OPPORTUNITY!

Or in more descriptive language, an opportunity magnet.

To become a leader that actually attracts opportunity mystically and mysteriously.

Of course, that’s pure rubbish. There is nothing metaphysical or mystical about opportunity.

You either see it or you don’t.

Which leads me to the big take away from this post.

In truth, there are 3 entirely different kinds of opportunity, each unique, and each requires something like “second sight” or intuition to see them.

Here they are, as my dear mentor, Dr. Barker taught them to me 50 years ago:

 Opportunity that you go CREATE.  This is what most people look for… a problem in search of a solution, that with hard work, can be developed into a want-satisfying product or service. This is called the hard work opportunity for a reason. It is also highly rewarding when the creation comes to fruition.

Opportunity that you FIND. You are free and open to change. You look to do something different. You start looking for that something different to do. If you look hard enough you might find something of interest and turn it into a business opportunity. This is usually fraught with lots of looking and little finding. It also presupposes you know what you are looking for, and in the vast majority of the cases, this simply isn’t true.

√ Opportunity that FINDS YOU. Clearly, this is the best of the best! You’re doing something, somewhere, with somebody and suddenly a fresh new opportunity shines a glaring light on your life… and BOOM… you see it and you then seize it. You weren’t even looking and there it is. You are magnetically attracted to it, you take action, and you live happily-ever-after.

In a perfect world, maybe!

I have had the good fortune to be blessed with all 3 over my career.

If you want to know how to do it for yourself, order the Golden Game of Business now. I guarantee you will become opportunity-driven. This is exactly what the 4-book compendium is all about. Couple this with your MasterMind sessions and you will start moving faster in the direction of your aspirations.

But for those who are intent on doing things the hard way, here’s a pointer to get you thinking.


More specifically, Stop… Look… Listen.

Stop messing around with things that have no value — find out what people are looking for — that’s the start of your value proposition. Stop and see.

Stop looking for the easy way out — becoming magnetically attractive is a ton of WORK. Networking, speaking gigs, conferences, late night chat sessions, tinkering endlessly in your garage or workshop.

Stop and smell the roses —literally. Get so far away from your comfort zone that you even forget what your comfort zone was. Remember the 3 B’s of creativity: The Bed… Bus… Bath. Unwind, relax and become an appealing target.

If you don’t savor the moments in each day, you will never see through the haze to see all the opportunities right at your feet.

And of course our most basic advice is always this:

Plan to WIN…

Play to WIN!

Start with your MISSION >>> INVENT a killer product or service >>> build a TALENTED TEAM >>> discover your ISP >> reach across the divide and extract $$$ from all those wonderful people who need what you SELL!

Do this and you will turn your business into a veritable gold mine.

If you need help, join our next MasterMind Session.

E. R. Haas, CEO The TQ Smart Family of Companies

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Become an Opportunity Magnet



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