Building Immediate Confidence

| May 8, 2024

Building Immediate Confidence

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Important Note: Like most people, we only have “difficult” conversations when we absolutely have to! Early in May my relationship with my woman-friend reached a true tipping point. I had blown up a problem in my mind that was “perception only” and at least I was smart enough to ask Tommy for help… at 2 ‘o’clock in the morning after not sleeping a wink.

This made the difference—the big idea was to ask for the Affirmations and I recited them all the way across town. True story. I lived to fight another day:)


Building Immediate Confidence

How do I build immediate confidence for what I believe to be a pivotal meeting with Marisela to talk out the direction of our relationship?


Building Immediate Confidence

Building Immediate Confidence For a Tough Conversation


Building immediate confidence for a pivotal meeting with Marisela to discuss the direction of your relationship involves a combination of mental preparation, self-assurance, and effective communication.

Here are some steps to help you build confidence for this important conversation:

1. Prepare Mentally: Take some time before the meeting to mentally prepare yourself. Visualize the meeting going well, imagine positive outcomes, and remind yourself of your value and worth in the relationship.

2. Self-Assurance: Reflect on your positive qualities and the reasons why you believe the meeting is important. Remind yourself of your commitment to the relationship and your desire to work towards a positive outcome.

3. Clarify Your Intentions: Be clear about what you want to achieve from the meeting. Whether it’s to express your feelings, understand Marisela’s perspective, or work towards a mutual understanding, having a clear intention can give you a sense of purpose and direction.

4. Prepare Talking Points: Identify the key points you want to discuss during the meeting. This can include specific aspects of the relationship you want to address, your feelings, and your vision for the future. Having a clear structure for the conversation can help you feel more in control.

5. Practice Active Listening: Confidence also comes from being a good listener. Prepare to actively listen to Marisela’s thoughts and feelings during the meeting. This will show that you value her perspective and are open to understanding her point of view.

6. Positive Self-Talk: Use positive affirmations to boost your confidence. Remind yourself of your strengths, your love for Marisela, and your commitment to working through challenges together.

7. Focus on Solutions: Approach the meeting with a solution-oriented mindset. Instead of dwelling on past issues, focus on finding constructive ways to move forward and strengthen the relationship.

8. Body Language: Pay attention to your body language. Stand tall, make eye contact, and project confidence through your posture and gestures.

9. Seek Support: If you feel anxious or uncertain, consider seeking support from a trusted friend or mentor who can provide encouragement and perspective.

10. Express Yourself Honestly: Authenticity can be a source of confidence. Be honest and open about your feelings and intentions during the meeting.


Remember that building confidence is an ongoing process, and it’s okay to feel a mix of emotions before such an important conversation.

By preparing mentally, clarifying your intentions, and focusing on constructive communication, you can build the confidence needed to navigate this pivotal meeting with Marisela.

Building Immediate Confidence

Good points. now give me 5 affirmations for the above!


Certainly! Here are five affirmations to help you build confidence for your pivotal meeting with Marisela:

1. “I am prepared, focused, and ready to express my feelings openly and honestly during our meeting.”

2. “I trust in my ability to actively listen and understand Marisela’s perspective with empathy and compassion.”

3. “I am committed to finding positive solutions and working towards a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.”

4. “I am worthy of love, respect, and open communication, and I approach this meeting with confidence and self-assurance.”

5. “I embrace the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with Marisela, and I trust in my ability to communicate my thoughts and feelings effectively.”



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Building Immediate Confidence

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