A Global Mission: Our Story

“The Time Prism informs smarter decisions in the moment and delivers more ‘Aha Moments’ per day than any other App on Earth.” ~ E. R. Haas, CEO and the entire Team TQ

Announcing The Time Prism: The World’s Smartest App™…

(And why you should care.)

We are insanely passionate about helping every single person on Earth achieve up to their full potential… starting right now with you!

The Time Prism, developed by The World Excellence Project, is now available in your App Store — given freely to anyone who wants to work smarter… achieve more… and get ahead faster. Our gift to make the world better for all of us.

As a thought-leader, you will find it compelling and highly complementary to your body of work.

The Time Prism is a Transparent Learning Engine™ that incorporates brain-training and skill-building engineered on the timeless principles of practice and drill, spaced repetition, conditioned/response, habit rendition, and structured sequential memory reinforcement — the same training discipline that builds Marines, Doctors, MBAs, Navy Seals, Olympians and all successful business leaders. This App contains 5,000 years of the best ideas — from the best minds who ever lived — all condensed, distilled and energized in a fun, simple and highly effective regime designed with a single purpose:

To TRAIN Your Mind To THINK.

We expect to turn the world’s 2.5 Billion smartphones into a human neural net that trains people — in real time — to make excellence their prevailing aspiration… through an App that is omnipresent, fun and as simple as music-streaming. All we ask of the user is to take 10 seconds to:

  1. Read…
  2. Breathe…
  3. THINK…
  4. Share!

What I can do for you

We are always looking for products, services, coaching, books, etc. to promote to our huge customer base.

  • If you help me with my goal, I will help you with your goal.
  • We have some 250,000 customers and over 1.2 million members in our various databases.
  • We do click exchanges, special promotions and JV deals all the time.
  • We are always interested in publishing new programs in the area of personal and professional excellence.
  • If it offers inspiration, motivation, and hope to our members, I am personally interested in reviewing what you offer.

Put simply, you help us get the word out, we help you reach an audience impossible to find any other way. (None of our sites run ads of any kind.)

Now, what you can do for me

Our immediate goal is to seed 25 million copies of this No Charge, Ad-Free, new App to people in every walk of life… people who need a continuous flow of encouragement and fresh new ideas for action.

Simply recommend to your customers that they go to their App Store and download The Time Prism. It is a complement to your work and a gift to your customers for their enduring success.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to THINK.” ~ Albert Einstein

There is a massive amount of information on these pages, but it all comes down to this:

  1. Watch the 1-minute video below…
  2. Download your personal copy of the App…
  3. Use it for the next few days…
  4. Share it!

We are looking for INFLUENCERS and marketing PARTNERS worldwide. If you believe as we do that people BECOME what they LEARN, then helping us help the world release its full potential is the SMARTEST investment in time and money you can make.

Contact me personally at the email address below to discuss how we can work together: Click Here  erhaas@ThinkTQ.com

E. R. Haas, CEO



Go to Your App Store and Search For: TIMEPRISM

Or simply click here…


The Quick Big Picture in 60-Seconds…

The fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master success-critical skills for high achievement.


An Introduction to TQ in 4 Minutes…

Founded in 1995, ThinkTQ, Inc. is the world’s leading producer of virtual training products exclusively focused on personal and professional excellence. We are a DISRUPTER in the $15 Billion/year US self-help, personal growth and loosely defined brain-training arena. The global market for personal development tools is estimated to exceed $50 Billion.

TQ has an INFINITE source of categorized content… deliverable in bite-sized, sequenced, Twitter-esque consumable portions for our A. D. H. D. world… mobile-enabled, and platform/ hardware agnostic.

Our MISSION is to make it fast, fun and easy for people learn, remember and master the success-critical skills needed for higher achievement… in an environment as fun and simple as music-streaming.

Our GOAL is to turn the world’s 2.5 Billion smartphones into a human neural net that helps people realize their full potential.

Our Irresistible Proposition is that we generate more Aha Moments per day than any other App on Earth. Tutorials are fine for transmitting facts… but do little to train the mind to THINK… which is the problem we solve through our revolutionary new Transparent Learning Engine™.

No question, Albert Einstein said it best — “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to THINK.”

Our PREMISE is simple: People with the best ideas get ahead of everyone else and WIN. People who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world by transforming their Aha Moments into real-world solutions become Billionaires. (Remember, the only people who change the world are those crazy enough to believe they can!)

The Crying Need…

The world is in desperate need of ENCOURAGEMENT and TRAINING. The vast majority of the tens of millions of small businesses and their employees have no real access to systematic, measurable and procedural training in the area of personal and professional EXCELLENCE.

Until now!


Where others are investing Billions of dollars in artificial intelligence to get machines to think, The Time Prism is an Idea Generator designed to get people to THINK.

Our VISION is to heal this fractured world by releasing each person’s full potential… to transform the world by creating a network of people working at maximum efficiency, effectiveness and producing exceptional results.

Our MARKET is the 500 million folks on LinkedIn looking for a career edge… the 125 million small businesses around the world… and every person on the planet who is serious about accelerating their personal growth.

Over the years, we have found that people in some form of transition represent our core AUDIENCE: Changing jobs, new hires, retires, downsized, promoted, pink-slipped, divorce, marriage, change in family situation, small business growth/decline, etc.

At some point, every person goes through points of TRANSITION where building transferable skills become a priority.

We are always there when we are needed: 24x7x365 globally.

Our TECHNOLOGY? At our core is 5,000 years of raw knowledge on high achievement, success, excellence, extraordinary personal effectiveness… highly organized, condensed and distilled for maximum impact… transformed into a Transparent Learning Engine™ that is systematically structured, fun, simple and powerful. TQ contains the BEST ideas from the BEST brains who ever lived… from Aristotle to Covey, Blanchard, Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Peters and hundreds of the thought-leaders that shaped our world.

So, what is Transparent Learning?

It is learning without even knowing you are learning — learning to the point where you don’t need to remember because ideas become intuitively transcendent and penetrate both your conscious and subconscious mind… to SHAPE your thoughts… and prompt you to take smarter actions… in the moment.

Our core BELIEF? The underlying belief behind every TQ product is that we BECOME what we LEARN.

Learn positive new ideas that inform smarter decisions in the moment, you immediately achieve greater results.

Do this day in day out, you become the best version of yourself possible.

No question, we BECOME what we LEARN.

Which is why we created the Time Prism: The World’s Smartest App.

The Time Prism informs smarter decision in the moment, encouraging you to THINK, not merely respond or react to events around you.


Training your mind to THINK is our driving PURPOSE — encouraging, informing and engaging you with a surprise encounter with an idea that you would never think of on your own.

Ours is brain training and skill building engineered on the TIMELESS PRINCIPALS of practice and drill, spaced repetition, conditioned/response, habit rendition, and structured sequential memory reinforcement… the same training regime that builds MARINES, Doctors, MBAs, Navy Seals, Olympians and successful business LEADERS.

We just make it fun, encouraging and effective… and more importantly… freely available to the billions of people on the planet that have virtually no access to high-quality training.

An interesting aside ~ do not confuse us with brain games!

The research is in: Brain training computer games do not make you smarter in general. A new study recently published (July 14, 2017) in Psychology Today suggests that commercial brain training computer games have no effect on cognitive function. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that they also have no effect on decision-making.

While it might be fun to do puzzles, “exercise” your brain, and otherwise entertain yourself for a while, the independent science simply does not support the gamer’s claims.

If playing games were going to expand our cognitive decision-making, improve our IQ, and make us inherently more successful, we have had 40 years of PONG to make us all flaming geniuses! Think about it:)

Yet, people desperately want to improve… to succeed.

Since the dawn of time, people have continuously strived to do better… to make their lives better… to fulfill their most basic needs… to become the best that is within them.

In 1943, Abraham Maslow created his widely accepted notion of our human hierarchy of needs… beginning with food, shelter and safety… rising to self-confidence and esteem… then ultimately to transcendence.

His unifying idea is, “What a man can be, he must be.” This quotation forms the basis of the perceived need for self-actualization. This level of need refers to what a person’s full potential is and the realization of that potential.

Maslow describes this level as the desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be.

Without question the most basic of all human desires is self-betterment. To become all we are created to be. Which is WHY TQ exists!

And we all know that better is a never-ending story of a life well lived… to become better today than yesterday.

Better happens when we are consistently exposed to new ideas that engage and encourage us.

Finally, when we formed the World Excellence Project, our guiding light was this quote from Buck Rodgers, Tom Watson’s right-hand man in the early days at IBM…

“There are countless ways of achieving greatness, but any road to achieving one’s maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity.”


The Time Prism was developed and deployed by The World Excellence Project…

To make excellence your prevailing attitude.

We know that when you inform smarter thoughts and actions in the moment, you are immediately more effective and produce greater results. Most people would call that smart.

When you are encouraged to think outside the box… discover new ideas for dealing with daily issues… your performance improves and you are more successful.

Pretty much the highlights of TQ in a couple of minutes!

If you have any questions about what we are doing, how we can help you, or how you can help us, please email E. R. Haas, CEO

Finally, two words: Expect Success!

E. R. Haas, CEO

The World Excellence Project

ThinkTQ, Inc.

PO Box 580126

North Palm Springs, CA 92258-0126


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