A Single Habit Is The Key To Wealth ~ Develop It In Just 15 Minutes A Day

“The economy is hot. More Millionaires and Billionaires will be minted this year than at any other time in history. Why not you? Why not now?”

“No question, greatness is possible but requires a sustained commitment to excellence and a complete rejection of mediocrity. The Excellence Habit — a single habit that controls everything you will ever be, do, or have in life — is surprisingly easy to develop with the right tools, technology, and coaching.”

“There is a tremendous amount of information on this page, but it all comes down to this… give us the next 100 days and you will be educated, trained, coached, motivated, coaxed, cajoled and inspired to break free from your status quo limitations and truly accelerate your climb to the top.” ~ E. R. Haas, CEO & Author The Invisible Billionaire: Second Chances

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What If…

What if just a small shift in thinking is standing between you and the lifestyle of your dreams: Travel adventures… beautiful homes…  financial freedom… wonderful toys… exciting new business?

Fact: A single habit holds the key to everything you hold dear. In just 100 days you will master this habit…


Take The Excellence Habit Challenge!

Includes 10 MasterMind live coaching sessions and full access to the deep-level tools within TQ. It is easy to follow, and is unconditionally guaranteed to train, prompt, cajole, and just plain excite you to the possibilities and potentialities available everywhere… better known as The Wealth Mindset.
On Sale Today: $149.95 USD

There will be more billionaires and millionaires minted this year than at any time in history. Sign up now to prepare yourself for the world of opportunity that lingers behind every dark cloud on the horizon… and a shot at true wealth.

You’ve read In Search of Excellence and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This is better.

A single habit is in control of your destiny. It is easy to learn and will serve you for the rest of your life. All it takes is desire, 15 minutes a day, and a willingness to make a small, but powerful, shift in your thinking.

As a successful serial entrepreneur, investor and author, I have found that the key to EVERYTHING… your happiness… your sense of wellbeing and meaning… career growth… financial success… everything… is based on habitually, instinctively, intuitively and automatically doing your 4 R’s: more of the RIGHT THINGS… For the RIGHT REASONS… in The RIGHT WAY… At the RIGHT TIME.

By definition, achieving this level of performance excellence requires the coaching, tools, and technology to abort old, unproductive habits, and replace them with a new way of thinking.

Take the Challenge and you will learn what the most successful people in the world already know — that the future is a blank slate just waiting for men and women with vision, passion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence to make their mark and leave their legacy.

This exciting live coaching package is on sale today for just $149.95 and includes 10 small-group MasterMind sessions where your every question is addressed. It unconditionally guaranteed or 100% of your money back. It is risk-free and you cannot fail.

You will pay $1,000 to $3,000 for a program like this from other coaches. We too have executive level coaching but have found that being mentored by The Invisible Billionaire produces far better results, in far less time, at far less cost.

If after taking this course you feel you need a true coaching relationship, we can help you there too!

Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity. The lessons of the ordinary are everywhere. Truly profound and original insights are to be found only in studying the exemplary.” ~ Warren Bennis


Key Benefits…

Excellence is the deep, driving, constant pursuit of greatness in business, your personal life, and family. It is an aspirational state of being — always slightly beyond your current level of success which provides fuel for learning, adaptation, and growth.

This Challenge is about doing your best… having the best… and becoming the best YOU possible. Core strengths learned:

√ A sharp focus on results, not effort. You will find that you are now mentally tough, more perceptive, and action-oriented.

√ An uncanny, almost intuitive ability to prioritize and focus on the important… without becoming distracted by any “shiny blue objects”.

√  The instinctive ability to communicate a crystal clear vision of the future  — you will become a true visionary even for the small things in your life.

√ True, value-based decision making that holds your focus on your personal North Star.

What do you get?

√ You will start to see that you can live your life without self-imposed limits.

√ You will be trained to think WIN WIN: What’s Important Now… What’s Important Next?

√ You will learn to keep your eyes on the prize… the big goals in your life that you want more than anything else.

√ You will change your belief system by constantly answering the “wealth riddle”: Why Not Me… Why Not Now?

√ You will be trained to encourage a powerful sense of team building — learn the power of relying on your support system

√ You will gain powerful leverage from changing your self-talk from just OK to WOW.

√ You will be taught 3 secrets to success: How to enthusiastically meet, greet, and embrace new challenges.

√ You will develop an uncanny level of self-awareness and perspective.

√ You will have dramatically improved problem-solving/critical thinking — you learn to resolve every challenge based on the excellence mindset.

√ You will develop a passion for consistency and reliability — and an obsession for quality.

√ You will create the environment for faster and far better decision making.

√ You will reflect and learn about yourself — through self-assessment, skill practice, group discussion, and application to your day-to-day work.

√ You will maintain a goals-centric attitude and the focus on important priorities.

√  You will foster a climate of heroic leadership within every member of your team (especially friends and family) leading to an inspiring legacy where you lead by example each day.

Any one of these benefits will make you more successful. Learn all of them and you become a power-player.



In just 100 days you will be a powerful new you… a person with a Wealth Mindset… and a Philanthropic Heart.

Most coaches and consultants dance around this issue.

Their brand of help is more philosophy and yarn-spinning than structured strategy driven by purpose.

Ours is “edgy” — more like “let’s get to the point, and leverage your resources for tremendous success.”

√ Resources like your time…

√ Like your money…

√ Like your skills and talents…

√ Like mental toughness with a highly developed level of personal, physical, and mental energy.

Let’s get it together and get it on!

Your Mentor is our Invisible Billionaire, Tommy TQ Quinn.

Each day you will receive a short story and mandate for action from him.

Follow the crystal-clear instructions and you will quickly catch on to the simplicity of this system.

Then, simply SHOW UP every couple of weeks for personal Q & A.

Ask every question in the book and you will get real answers. (Every question you might have has already been handled before… so we will get your questions answered and you moving in the right direction.)

100 days… 15 minutes a day… 10 Master Mind calls…

Right now is the perfect time to do this for YOU!

√ To sharpen your career edge…

√ To open your mind to bigger opportunities…

√ To get control of the habits now controlling you… and start moving your success up to the next level and beyond.

No question, your success comes down to a single habit…

The Excellence Habit: the desire for an exceptional life.

√ You don’t have to crave a yacht…

√ You probably do not want to drive a Lamborghini…

√ You may not want a home in the mountains… on the beach… or in the city…

After all, these are just symbols.

But you do want the freedom that only comes from the Excellence Mindset.

And I sure know you do not want to live paycheck to paycheck like 78% of all Americans right now.

With guidance, direction, and skill you can achieve all that is within you.

Expect Success,

E. R. Haas, Author Invisible Billionaire: Second Chances




Habits are the invisible force that either moves you forward or holds you back from the life you want. Read the book, follow the short stories each morning and you will earn the success you so richly deserve.


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How does the system work?

1) You read a short story…

2) You watch a Smarter in a
Minute Inspirational Video…

3) You check in and journal your thoughts…



Expect Success




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