Invisible Billionaire: Second Chances First Edition


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“We are all in constant search of Second Chances and New Beginnings. Sometimes we need a miracle to move us from a life of desperation back to a life worth living.

This is the failure to fearless story of Tommy Quinn… a true rags to riches… riches to rags… then back to the top again story.

It is full of hope, redemption, and promise. His story is our story.

Maybe even YOUR story.

We all have the power to become someone’s Second Chance. We all have the power to give someone a New Beginning.

This is a fast-easy read with a powerful message. We are giving the First Edition to you as our Christmas gift this holiday season.

Please feel free to pass it along to your friends, family, and coworkers.

E. R. Haas & Kent C. Madsen, Authors, Founders of the TQ family of companies.


Dedication By Tommy Quinn, Invisible Billionaire…

To succeed in today’s relentless world, you must find the inspiration, motivation, and resolution to face your deepest fears and rise above your challenges and circumstances.

You must find those who will encourage you to live up to your full potential… excite you… and guide your path with wisdom and enlightenment.

To give you a Second Chance at the life you will love.

I found such a being — a Dark Angel on a mission with a message.

So it is my honor to share this message with you and set you on a mission towards your destiny.

This is my story. A Christmas Miracle Hollywood Style.

It is a timeless story of the challenges and struggles to achieve our dreams and goals, and our desperate need for Second Chances and new beginnings.

The reason I write this today is to give you HOPE for a better future…

Hope for a life of meaning and purpose…

Hope for a life of untold enrichment…

This book is dedicated to you and your dreams.

Through my story, you will find your story.

The moral of my story is simple: We are all worthy of a second chance and must pay it forward by being each other’s second chance.

I am yours, you are mine, and together we can become the light we must create in the world.

Christmas Eve is not a date or day on the calendar.

It is the reflection of true love and the promise of hope and light.

We are called to be each other’s Second Chance. Believe it.

God Bless,
Tommy TQ Quinn, The Invisible Billionaire



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