Meditations: The Answer to WHAT Question?

A Personal Observation on Brain Training

“My team and I invested a lot of time in the past year trying to understand the various theories and tools available to train our brains to work FOR us rather than AGAINST us.

While maybe oversimplified, the experts advise us to MEDITATE on positive AFFIRMATIONS more often… be more MINDFUL & AWARE… live in the INTUITIVE MOMENT, and take 20-30 second MIND-BREAKS 3 or 4 times an hour to just STOP, BREATHE, and unleash the CHILLAX!

Force more oxygen into our brains, reduce stress, and become a bit more emotionally balanced and we are far more likely to actually TAKE the TQ Factor Actions that drive enduring success.” ~E. R. Haas, CEO, Serial Entrepreneur x22, Author x27 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire)


(This Page is The Answer to The
Elusive HOW Question!)


Meditations: The Answer to WHAT Question?We all want to live a life of Happiness, Satisfaction, and Significance.

To be truly successful, personally, and professionally.

We wrote Success On Purpose for this very reason!

We also created the world’s best system for not just improving your Practical Working Intelligence, but more importantly, to give you the power to actually ACHIEVE all your hopes and dreams.

Not just THINK about them and keep them up on the shelf but to realize them with High TQ Performance.

Which gets us to this big point… a question I asked several Neuro Gurus… and received some sage advice.

Q: Why do some people find it so hard to take smarter actions than others?

If, for example, you look at the 10 TQ Factors for Setting Goals you will see that each of the Affirmations is easily understood, and easily acted upon. (When you click the Signs for Success in the TQ Download Center you will see them all… or simply click the image to get the Set Goals PDF.)

So, WHY is this even an issue?

A: Our brains are LAZY LIARS seems to be the prevailing line of thinking!

It appears that our brains are so centered on survival — avoiding risk, pain, and danger — that they have little time to promote a sense of wellbeing, happiness, and success.

It tells us 3 great lies each day:

  1. You are not smart enough to do anything different so DON’T DO IT… we will die!
  2. It is WAY TOO RISKY so DON’T DO IT… we will die!
  3. It’s simply NOT WORTH THE EFFORT so DON’T DO IT… we will die!

Worse, our brains are so busy keeping the blood flowing, the heart pumping, the lungs sucking in the oxygen that it has little time or inclination to focus on abstract concepts like success and happiness.

So, it is up to us to break out of the grind and give our brains some down-time on their own.

You will continue doing what you have always done until you BELIEVE you are destined to succeed… the risk is acceptable… and the reward worth it.

You can call it deep relaxation, a meditative state, or self-hypnosis, the result is always the same.

Relaxing reduces the bad stress chemicals being generated and replaces them with the good stress chemicals.

(While you may be interested in all this, I am not, so you will not get the patent drill on which chemical affects a central part of the brain, and why it is good or bad.)

Meditations: The Answer to WHAT Question?All you need to do is believe this is going on, and if you intervene a bit, you will feel better, have better mental fitness, and will have a much higher propensity for taking smarter actions!

No, you do not need to know more ABOUT this engrossing science. What you must do is embrace the solution… not get dragged further into the problem (TQ Factor 3f states this perfectly!)

By the way, this one TQ Factor is where ALL wealth is created.

Think about it.

If you only see problems and never get to solutions, how much are you really worth? BOOM! 😎


There is a simple process you can begin RIGHT NOW!

Find a safe place to unplug, stretch out, and meditate (focus your thoughts) on a theme. Pretty much the universal conclusion once you strip away all the detail.

Below, we offer the first in an entire series of monthly audio/videos that are all designed to get your brain to stop the chatter, unplug, and just let go of the negatives driving you down, and promote the positives that will move you up.

(You Will Find The Actual Videos At The Bottom of This Article)

Meditations: For Beginners

Meditations: Building Confidence

Meditations: The Confidence That Lies Within You

Meditations: Deep Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Meditations: Ease Depression

Meditations: Easing Into Mindfulness

Meditations: Loving Kindness

Meditations: Healthy Weight Loss

Meditations: Cultivating Intuition

Meditations: Work-Related Stress Relief

Meditations: Just Let Go and Be Grateful

Meditations: Financial Freedom & Abundance

Meditations: Be Present In The Moment

Meditations: Meet Your Future Self

Meditations: Stress Relief ~ The Sea of Tranquility

All these are now in the new ME/CHILLAX area of The Time Prism but I wanted to get you started right away.


You will open the door to a positive new you. A BETTER you… more AWARE… more INTUITIVE… more RESPONSIVE.

Or, in TQ-speak, you will be far more likely to take the actions you know you should, but for some reason haven’t.

Each of these only take a few minutes to do, and when done, you WILL IMMEDIATELY FEEL BETTER… relaxed, more focused on your inner-winner trying to break free from that lying, lazy, overtaxed chemical cauldren located inside your skull!

The experts tell me you should choose one to experience for 4-5 days in a row — get used to unhooking and unplugging from the grind.

Make them a consistent part of your daily habits and you will discover that you are not only thinking differently… you ARE different.

As always, just 2 words…

Expect Success,

E. R. Haas, CEO & Serial Entrepreneur


Chillax… Unwind… Destress… Enjoy!

















Meditations: The Answer to WHAT Question?

Expect Success


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