Syllabus: 30 Day Goals Challenge


“Our mission is to give you the power to set Achievable Goals for the rest of your life… in just 30 days flat. There is simply no reason to remain confused, conflicted or overwhelmed with this vital area of your life. To get started, click to play the Goals intro video above. Allow the words to seep into your subconscious mind where they will guide your thoughts and actions. Then, with the big view out of the way, let’s get deep into the weeds:)” ~ E. R. Haas


This page will be your Command Post for the next 30 days.

Please BOOKMARK this page so you can instantly get to it.

These sessions will be a lot of fun… highly rewarding… and for most clients, a lot of WORK!

The work, for the most part, is fun and easy, but, at the same time, demanding.

In the end, we want you to not only understand, but to DO.

If you have a question, please ASK it! As they say, “The only stupid question is the question you don’t ask!”

Our objective is to help you not just grasp the huge concepts behind Setting Achievable Goals, but incorporate these words into your daily ACTIONS: Important, focus, commitment, priorities, mission, values, vision, roles, time, dates, deadlines, milestones, luck, fortune, schedule, calendar, resources, visualizing, positive habits and more! You will become quite TIME-conscious and learn how to design the future you will truly love.

This page has a LOT of integrated and interactive links on it. Do not get overwhelmed.

If you tried to do all this work over a long weekend, you would burn out in about 4 hours!

But, with a 30 day gaited pace, it’s simply remarkable what you will learn and do.

Baby steps turn into great leaps forward!

1-Preliminary Instructions/Resources…

Syllabus: 30 Day Goals ChallengeWe have numerous Time Management Tools in the TQ Download Center. Click Here to Learn More…

Prior to your Kick Off Session, please download the Time Line PDF… Right Click and save linked file to your PC/Mac. You will notice that this is a form that you may enter your responses into directly, save and print. Think of the boxes as stepping stones you must place out into the future so you can confidently walk in the direction of your dreams. Poetic but true!

Also download and skim The Anatomy of The Achievable Goal… This is a very short primer on the process of setting goals that are both, highly DESIRABLE and highly BELIEVABLE.

You will see that there is a simple formula for success and how to work that formula. Essentially, ACHIEVABLE Goals are those goals that you are willing to COMMIT your heart and soul to… and engage your head and hands to do the work necessary to make them real. This is a 10 Color turned ON and UP at every point in time issue.

No question, a GOAL is a DREAM with a DEADLINE.

To be a goal requires BOTH… the dream and a committed date (DEADLINE.) We will help you not just understand this, but give you the tools to breakthrough to achieving your dreams… sooner, rather than later, or maybe never.

2-Your Vision Exercise…

To help you start dreaming BIG Someday Dreams, we have extracted the Vision Exercise from the Success On Purpose Workbook. Download it to your computer, iPad or tablet and follow along.

Syllabus: 30 Day Goals Challenge
Click Here to Download Your Vision Exercise Now…


What we want you to do is enter what you THINK your top 10 personal VALUES are… what you deem to be MOST important to you. If you have completed the exercises in Success On Purpose, great. If not, consider this a work in progress.

This ebook is an extraction from the full 524-page edition of Success On Purpose. Do not worry about any directions that tell you to go back to a previous chapter or form, as they are not there… nor are they needed for our purposes now!

Definitely answer the short questions on page 59. This will get your juices flowing and put your brain into gear! They represent the big WHY you will be condensing all your hopes and aspirations down to hard-target goals this month.

The principle work we want you to do is to fill in the 10 Values form on page 65-66 and free-flow by entering as many Someday Dreams as you can from page 72 on.

See the examples on page 63-64 where we ask you to enter the value, tell yourself what you believe it means, and what emotions it evokes?

Then, fill in the blanks on page 65-66. This is easy for some folks, and difficult for others. Do not get consumed by this exercise at this time. What we want you to realize is the connection between what you currently BELIEVE you value and the goals you want to achieve. If nothing else, this will get you to think about the wisdom of spending your precious time on things that have limited or no value to you!

Then, start filling in your Someday Dreams right into the PDF. We set it up as form fields so all you have to do is enter and save as you go.

In this step, you will create an all-encompassing list of dreams (not goals) that you would love to see happen… Someday.

Once you get to the end where you carry forward your Top dreams, slap any date you think might be realistic on each of them and enter them into our Dreams and Goals Center…

Finally, just to set the principle and process in concrete, go to your schedule or calendar software and post the dreams as reminders out into the future. If, for example, you want to be debt free by 6/30/2021, go to that day in your schedule and declare, “I AM NOW DEBT FREE — I HAVE REAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!”

We use Google Calendar — a fabulous online Time Management tool. It’s FREE. Better, it is simply the best-integrated scheduling system you can find… at any price.

Do not over-think this step or get that deer in the headlights look! This is what DREAMING IN PRINT IS ALL ABOUT!

Living a Goal-Centric life is about principles and processes. It is fun. Liberating. Demanding. Heartbreaking. Joyful. It is living YOUR best life at every point in time.

“Goals are the stepping stones you place in the river of time leading you to your destiny.” ~ E.R. Haas

4-Session Lessons…

Watch your eMail for information on the Quick Start TeleSeminar. These conference calls will be recorded and a link to the audio track sent to you.

You need to be at your computer during this session as I will be giving you express training on using our advanced Site Tools.

To get a jump-start, enter a few of the items on your Bucket List as TQ Goals. See how this integrated goal setting and light planning system leads you through the process. Play Around. Go Here…

Then, hit the IQ’s in the Factor Lesson Plans. Go ahead and enter a few “throw away” answers here to see how it works. Goals Factor A…

These two links are where you are going to live for the next 30 days. Do not dismiss the importance of this, or put it off for “later.” You want to become Goal-centric. This is the path!

This is our simplified “wax on… wax off” approach to building your Setting Goals muscle… much like the approach used to train The Karate Kid!

You will hear this over and over…

Goals are derived from what you value most. They are the expression of your deepest values made real here on Earth.

I want you to have a list of your top 10 personal VALUES at hand when you dial in. They don’t need to be the “perfect” values. You’ll ultimately sort this out, but that is not what I want you to do now.

Just a list of 10 words. Not sentences or some kind of vague mission statement — just 10 words that you claim you want to put into your life each and every day you are alive.

Ultimately, you will get this right for you. Again, that’s not what I want you to do now. Just a simple 10-word list.

Write it out in your own hand on the Time Line, an envelope, on your scratch pad — anything to have them physically before you.

In fact, you might want to print out these instructions and write your Value List at the top of EACH page. (Again, think wax on, wax off!)

Here’s MY list that I put into my life each day: 1) Freedom… 2) Beauty… 3) Curiosity… 4) Loyalty… 5) Giving… 6) Wealth… 7) Power… 8) Love… 9) Spirituality… 10) Complexity.

To achieve Goals that will produce meaning and significance in your life is a simple matter of injecting this list into your life in each of your actions, activities, and thoughts.

Yes, this is very simple… IF YOU HAVE THIS LIST. If you don’t, then you will need to set some very specific goals around this issue, one of which might be, “Have my true list of what I value most nailed by 1/31/2018.”

Achievable Goals are those that have high ranking DESIRE over high-ranking BELIEF. Desire is built in a straight-line from Value 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… (are you picking up the theme here?!)

To be absolutely clear, DESIRE is built from PASSION — which is decidedly a MISSION Color issue.

BELIEF is built on your Self-Efficacy or your belief in your power to produce the intended RESULTS — which is fundamentally an ATTITUDE Color issue.

Thus, any conversation about Setting Achievable Goals is always set against the backstory of Mission and Attitude.

Do you have a true PASSION driving your wants?

Do you have a positive, proactive, optimistic ATTITUDE that fuels your passion, egging you on when you know you should quit.

The hallmark of every success ever written about… every success I have personally ever known… should have quit well before reaching their goal. They had doubts. Setbacks. (Think Steve Jobs getting fired from his baby.) Moments of true depression because everything they tried did not work. Worse, the world told them it could not work.


So, was it impossible for Google to index all the knowledge in the known universe and make it instantly available at the touch of a button?

Was it impossible to deconstruct the DNA of a human being and start crafting custom-made cures for cancer?

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ~Thomas A. Edison

Was it impossible to harness the power of the atom?

In all cases, it was very difficult and caused entire teams of people lots of angst, sleepless nights and just plain tears when their goals started to appear as impossible hopes and wishes.

BUT… Passion drives Desire which has a shadow named Believability.

Transform your WANTS into passion-driven DESIRE and do everything in your power to daily CREATE Believability… the PROOF of the possible… and you win! This is the most basic element of pure creation… the creation of the belief in what is and what is not possible.

Fail to engage in creative believability and your dreams and goals become nothing more than smoke on a distant horizon, the remnant of a passing ship in the night. A wisp… a figment of your imagination.

5-Specific Instructions.

As principal author of TQ, I understand the importance of each Color and Factor to your ultimate success.

My job is to reduce the inherent complexity of the 100 TQ Factors into 30 that I personally believe has the MOST dramatic impact on your ability to set and achieve goals that are important to you.

For this 30 day period, we will assume that your ENERGY is adequate “enough” for the hunt. We will also assume you will be drawn to master the other 70 TQ Factors over time that are not part of this 30-day Crash Course.

Thus, I am providing the direct links to the online course, day by day.

Follow this training sequence and you will be bold and gold!

You will notice that I selected 6 Factors from Mission 6 from Attitude, the 10 from Set Goals, 4 from Make Plans and 4 from the Prioritize Color. We have found that setting goals is EASY when you have your ducks in order, and in this case, the ducks are these empowering TQ Factors.


Because, contrary to popular opinion, you do not set real goals in a vacuum! Sure, it is a simple matter to crank out a Wish List or Bucket List and slap on some random dates and call them good to go. But, and this is the big BUT, those are not really GOALS but rather, WISHES with dates.
Sort of like asking the wish fairy to drop by with a bag of cash on January 2nd or, at the latest, the 5th or 6th!

Pure fantasy!

The good news is that you can convert all your hopes, dreams, wishes and aspirations by thinning the pack, committing to real dates and real action and selectively getting exactly what you want… pretty much when you say you want it.

Because the word COMMITMENT is the deciding factor for setting a real goal that is achievable, we must control the events leading up to that commitment and thereafter. Thus, why I decided to extend the Goals Crash Course from a simple discussion of the 10 Goals Factors to a Factor a day regime that covers Mission, Attitude, Goals, Plans and Priorities — as they, directly and indirectly, influence either your DESIRE or your BELIEF.

DESIRE and BELIEF are the watchwords for achieving really big goals that span years in their making. 30 days from now, you will agree with this statement completely as you will have, maybe for the first time ever, real goals, not just a rag-tag bunch of wishes on a list!

A BIG point before concluding. There are just 2 kinds of goals:

1. Simple goals. These are goals that can be achieved by yourself, and only you. Goal is to get a haircut today. Goal is to read 3 books a week. Goal is to meditate for 20 minutes each day. These are all singular and can be achieved by you, alone.

2. Complex/Strategic Goals. These are goals that can only be achieved with a team of people, all focused on the same vision. Get an MBA at 45, with 3 kids and a dog. Groom company for a merger. Become VP or Whatever in the next 2 years. Retire with $2 million in liquid assets. Goals that take a long period of time, enduring setbacks, and heartbreaks, can only be achieved in the context of a team effort.

It is vital that you realize that all goals are paid for in cash. You earn the money/resources/power to command the team to go out and achieve the goal. This is true for every travel goal, every philanthropic goal, the desire to go to Africa and convert entire tribes to Christianity! Takes money to buy the ticket, pay for the food and freight, and put a tent over your head.

Please take a moment to think about the real COST of buying your dreams. Put a number on them. Payoff the mortgage: $405,616. Put 2 kids through college where each work while learning: $74,500. Trip to Florida to get away from Ohio’s brutal winter: Priceless!

6-Prior to your First Call In Session…

1. Update your complete TQ Scores, paying very close attention to the 10 Factors for Setting Goals. Answer honestly. Click Here… We have included a Certificate in your package so you can get an updated copy of your personal Power of TQ book whenever you wish to reset your benchmark.

2. Listen to the Set Goals CD tracks at least 4-5 times. Weekly is great. We want to burn this information into your subconscious so you “get it” once and for all. All tracks are available online here! You will also find each track on your Lesson Plan pages.

Syllabus: 30 Day Goals Challenge

Right Click Image to Download All 12 MP3 Tracks in a Zip Folder…

Note: These are the same tracks as found on the Set Goals CD. Each Factor page contains the audio track as well, but you may download the full MP3 to play on the go!

Your Next 30 Days — Day by Day…

Each morning you will receive a reminder email with the proper links. During this 30-day Crash Course, you will not receive your normal Today’s TQ daily lessons as they will put you into overload.

Each day’s work is timed out at about 15-20 minutes and averages 7 TQ Key Ideas and 20 IQ’s.

Over the 30-day span, this means you will absorb about 210 highly condensed ideas for action… and will have responded to about 600 Integrating Questions… about 20 each morning. Do not become consumed with your answers and keep them short. Some people try to write their life story in each field. Keep it short and simple!

Add to that the experience of using our advanced tools, you will become a MASTER in setting crystal-clear goals… in 30 seconds flat… what we call creating Goals On Demand!

Your First eMail Challenge Will Be Tomorrow…

Day 1 Review the Set Goals Color page and TQ Set Goals Factor A.

Then, follow the steps in DNA 4a. Click Here…

Day 2: Review the Mission Color page and TQ Mission Factor 2B.

Then, follow the steps in DNA 2b. Click Here…

Day 3

Follow the steps in DNA 4b. Click Here…

Day 4:

Follow the steps in DNA 4c. Click Here…

Day 5:

Follow the steps in DNA 2b. Click Here…

Add 3 Goals for later sometime out into 2020-21. Update your online Goals Here…

Day 6:

Follow the steps in DNA 4d. Click Here…

Day 7:

Follow the steps in DNA 2d. Click Here…

Day 8

Follow the steps in DNA 4e. Click Here…

Day 9: Review the Attitude Color page and TQ Attitude Factor 3C.

Then, follow the steps in DNA 3c. Click Here…

Day 10:

Follow the steps in DNA 2e. Click Here…

Day 11:

Follow the steps in DNA 4f. Click Here…

Add 3 Goals for winter 2020. Update your online Goals Here…

Day 12:

Follow the steps in DNA 4g. Click Here…

Day 13:

Follow the steps in DNA 2f. Click Here…

Day 14:

Follow the steps in DNA 3e. Click Here…

Day 15:

Follow the steps in DNA 4h. Click Here…

Add 3 Goals for 2020-2021. Update your online Goals Here…

Day 16:

Follow the steps in DNA 2h. Click Here…

Day 17:

Follow the steps in DNA 3f. Click Here…

Day 18:

Follow the steps in DNA 3h. Click Here…

Day 19:

Follow the steps in DNA 2i. Click Here…

Day 20:

Follow the steps in DNA 3i. Click Here…

Add 3 Goals for fall 2021. Update your online Goals Here…

Day 21:

Follow the steps in DNA 3j. Click Here…

Day 22:

Follow the steps in DNA 4i. Click Here…

Day 23:

Follow the steps in DNA 4j. Click Here…

Day 24: Review the Make Plans Color page and TQ Make Plans Factor 5A.

Then, follow the steps in DNA 5a. Click Here…

Day 25:

Follow the steps in DNA 5b. Click Here…

Day 26:

Follow the steps in DNA 5d. Click Here…

Add 3 Goals for spring 2021. Update your online Goals Here…

Day 27:

Follow the steps in DNA 5i. Click Here…

Day 28: Review the Prioritize Color page and Prioritize Factor 6B.

Then, follow the steps in DNA 6b. Click Here…

Day 29:

Follow the steps in DNA 6e. Click Here…

Day 30:

Follow the steps in DNA 6g. Click Here…

Update your 2020-2021 Time Horizon (in the TQ Download Center) and print it out. Circle your birthday and write in your age.

To better understand your mortality, multiply your age by 365 and subtract it from 30,000. Write the answer in the bottom left of the page. This, statistically, is how many days you have remaining before the Grim Reaper comes for you!

I am 70, having lived 69×365=25,500 days thus far. I have roughly 4,450 days (30,000 – 25,500) remaining to make all my dreams real.

Women, you have a slight statistical edge. You are given about 33,500 days!

When you think that you have all the TIME in the world to make things happen… this is the number.

Anything beyond that is a gift.

“First, have a definite, clear practical ideal; a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends; wisdom, money, materials, and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end.” ~ Aristotle

7-Prior to Your Final Call…

1. Update your complete TQ Scores again, paying very close attention to the 10 Factors for Setting Goals. Answer honestly. Click Here… How much did your numbers CHANGE?

It is completely natural for you now to score a bit LESS than when you started. You now understand exactly what is required, Factor by Factor, to set goals that are meaningful to you — not just a random collection of stuff. We call this your “fully informed” TQ.

Now that you know what you know, you can go deeper and starting improving your entire array of Colors.

2. Review your responses to the 30 Factors above. You are now WAY ahead of where you were when you started! You now know the principle drivers of your goals, at both the forefront level as well as the behind the scenes action.

Many of the TQ IQ’s will be much more relevant to you now, so replace old answers with new. Remember, this is a strange process until you begin to connect the dots between YOU today and your FUTURE SELF.

Add 3 Goals for winter 2021. Update your online Goals Here…

Actively engaging in this process of self-discovery will lead to an amazing revelation about your Authentic Self. Is what you SAY you want what you TRULY want? If so great.

If not, go back again and again and delete goals from your Goals Page until you get to the pure heart of the matter: Visions of the future that you fully expect to realize.

I personally do this several times a year. This year, due to the ongoing tick of the clock, I have removed 10-15 goals that I really have no interest in pursuing. Even if the wish-fairy came and left them on my doorstep, I would give them to charity!

The net result is that I have about 8-10 really significant goals that will challenge me right up to the bloody end, so to speak.

Take some time to review your list. If any single item doesn’t cause you to go WOW or get you really pumped about the chase, then hit the delete key!

What you have remaining is your destiny.

Finally two words…

Expect Success

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