New Ideas Matter — Even MORE Than You Think…

| March 5, 2018

New Ideas Matter — Even MORE Than You Think...

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“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” ~ Napoleon Hill

New Ideas Matter — Even MORE Than You Think…

New Ideas Matter — Even MORE Than You Think...Ultimately, the Excellence Habit is all about the inculcation of great ideas… POSITIVE IDEAS that shape your performance.

To succeed, you MUST have a constant flow of great ideas… a reservoir to depend on for true innovation. For inspiration. To motivate you to take bold action.

When we run out of ideas, we run out of hope.

Few options…

Tough choices…

Impossible decisions.

Essentially, our continued exposure to highly productive, results-producing ideas drives our very success.

Which is why we created The Excellence Habit Challenge…

To give you thousands of ideas — from the best minds on Earth — over the span of just 100 days that will help you in ways you cannot begin to imagine.

With more and better ideas you simply have the power to reprogram your subconscious mind — automatically.

You move further away from crippling survival-mode thinking to the sweet side of the street where ANYTHING seems possible. And is!

Join us on this 100 day adventure to a wonderful new you! Sign up, do the work and you will see immediate results. If not, cancel anytime for a complete refund.

You have everything to gain, but you also have something to lose: Your excuses and self-doubts.

Experience Excellence,
E. R. Haas, CEO

P.S. Millions of people are on the same journey as you are. Some will grow weak and fall by the wayside. Some will grow stronger each day, and learn to turn ever bigger challenges into incredible new opportunities. It all starts with just ONE great idea and blossoms from there.

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