More of What You Want…

| May 29, 2018

More of What You Want...

So, You Want it All!

More of What You Want...When we go into business for the first time, everything seems so easy.

Put out the sign, wait for customers, offer great products and services… retire rich!

If only!

Having built over 20 businesses and counting, I can attest to the fact that being in business has substantial rewards… but real risks and costs… personally and to your family.

Today I want to address a single word: MORE!

More money…

More sales…

More free time…

More qualified employees…

More and better-qualified customers…

Your list is probably endless!

Here’s a thought you might consider — especially if you know everything about everything — especially running your business.


It will kill your hopes and dreams…

It will kill your ambition…

It will kill the people around you…

The simple fact is that until you take a real-world baseline view of your business — what I call a Small Business Stress Test — you will never know what you don’t know.

And will join the ranks of the business failures of every size from the shop down the street that closed a year or so after opening… or giants like Toys R Us and The Gap.

I keep harping on this. Because 50% of all businesses started today will never see their 4th anniversary… over 75% will be gone in 10 years.

Sad, since what killed them is rarely how hard the managers worked… they just worked hard at the wrong stuff.

In my world, we simply say they did not PLAN to WIN, so they didn’t PLAY to WIN.

They didn’t really have a workable STRATEGY, so they threw a bunch of TACTICS together that amounted to nothing more than a WISH and a PRAYER.

A prayer for more sales…

A prayer for more customers…

A prayer for greater profitability.

Stop praying for business success and click this LINK!

Prayer works, but even the Amish believe that “working prayers have a better chance of being answered than waiting prayers!”

It doesn’t cost you a dime and you will learn what it took me 10 businesses PLUS an MBA to master! The great news is that it takes less than 20 minutes and will give you ANSWERS you have been searching for for years.

E. R Haas (Your friend in the CEO chair)

PS Once you register at and complete your Stress Test, you will receive a 25 + page top-level assessment. This will be a truly eye-opening experience!

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