Fairness Is Your Super-Power

| November 27, 2018

“The supreme need of the world is peace and good will among men. It must be peace founded upon justice and fairness, the righting of past wrong, and the securing of the future as far as possible against the evils of the past.” ~ Charles M. Schwab


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Fairness Is Your Super-Power

We all  want to get ahead.

That is a given.

We also want to get ahead on a playing field that is inherently just and fair.

Hence our continued struggle to field our dreams against the backdrop of an inherently unjust and unfair world.

Which is why we wrote Success On Purpose — to give you a guide for actually living your 4 R’s…

  • Doing the RIGHT things…
  • Doing things the RIGHT way…
  • At the RIGHT time…
  • For the RIGHT reasons.

Often times it is difficult to know what the RIGHT thing to be doing is, so the only standard for determining what’s right is looking to our values.

Which immediately turns from a conversation about our personal values, to values within society at large.

There is no question in my mind that to be a true success, we must master the art of FAIRNESS — being RIGHT but with equality, justice, and consideration for all.

To underscore this, I found a wonderful article in Psychology Today written by Dr. Melaine Greenburg, Ph.d.

Humans are inherently social beings. We care not only about material and financial rewards, but also about social status, belonging, and respect.

Research studies show that our brains automatically evaluate the fairness of how financial rewards are distributed. We seem to have a happiness response to fair treatment and a disgust or protest response to unfairness.

This brain wiring has implications for life happiness, relationship satisfaction, raising kids, and organizational leadership.

What Is Fairness? 

Your perception of fairness may differ, depending on your culture, the situation, or your personal values and preferences.  You may define fairness as one or more of the following:

Equity: Everyone is treated the same and has to play by the same rules.  Or, everyone gets an equal share of the pie.

Fair Compensation For Effort: Those who work harder or make a more substantial contribution are entitled to a greater share of the proceeds.

Social Good: Those who are at a disadvantage because of poverty, discrimination, or disability are allowed to have some extra help or compensation so as to level the playing field.

Consequences for Acting Unfairly: Those who don’t play by the rules – lie, cheat, or take unfair advantage are punished or banned from the group.

“Which definition you choose will depend on your basic values and worldview. Do we have an obligation to look after those who can’t look after themselves?  If everyone is given the same reward, is this unfair to those who contributed more?  Who gets to decide how resources and responsibilities are delegated?  Regardless of how you view fairness, if you are human, you will inevitably be subjected to some behavior or event that you perceive as unfair.”

Perfectly said! Perfectly defined…

Now, please take 90 seconds to click the play button above and get an exciting, encouraging, and engaging take on fairness as a success strategy.

Simply declutter your brain… take a deep breath… and focus your mind for 90 seconds on the big picture view of Fairness.

Some believe this will reprogram your subconscious to be more receptive to future opportunity.

I know for a fact that reminding us all that our success depends almost exclusively on this single word is reason enough to click play and pay attention!

Like all other performance issues, fairness is a choice.

You choose to be fair or you choose to be seen as unkind, inconsiderate, unreasonable, unjust, one-sided… and a whole host of negatives that will ultimately ruin your chances for enduring success.

Choose wisely!



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Fairness Is Your Super-Power

Fairness Is Your Super-Power

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