Quick Hit: Mission & Purpose

| December 10, 2019

“TRUTH: The Starting Point for all happiness, satisfaction, and significance in your life comes down to just 3 variables. Unite these 3 variables and you grow old and successful. Fail to triangulate your position in time and you live in the shadows of what is possible for your life. Doing this is a SKILL, and like any skill, once you have mastered it you have the power to change your destiny. (Yes, it is THAT important!)” ~ E. R. Haas, CEO, Author, Serial Entrepreneur

The 411…

No long speech, just the fastest approach to arriving at the Starting Point for a life that matters!

First, invest 3 minutes to watch the above motivational, inspirational and thought-provoking video. Let your subconscious visually take in the words while you listen and learn.

Next, answer these 3 questions…

What do you truly VALUE in life… what gives you that emotional Big Bang: _______________________________

What is your VISION for how you intend to experience these values… what do you SEE: _______________________________

What is the biggest ROLE you can play to LIVE those values and ACHIEVE those visions… WHO do you have to become: _______________________________

Take out a sheet of paper and draw a large triangle on it. Mark the base Values, the left leg Vision, and the right leg Roles. In the center is your Natural Mission and Authentic Direction. Learn to correctly fill in this triangle and you will make the rest of your life the best of your life. If you are drawing a blank, join our 30-Day Purpose Challenge

Now, let’s ask the hard questions that must be answered…

Is your VISION crystal-clear or a bit foggy: _______________________________

Who’s VALUES are you living… yours completely or values you have been TOLD you must adopt: _______________________________

Are you in the right ROLE all the time… or are you constantly being tugged off center: _______________________________

The answer to these questions must be answered personally and with total conviction. When you do, you live the life you love. You become a Purpose-Driven Success.

Moment of Truth…

Look at your life as it is right now.

Are you in the right ROLES, for the right reasons? Or have you become so conflicted that you no longer have clarity for your future?

Are you happy… completely satisfied with the results you are achieving?

Do you live most days out of legacy and significance… feeling great about your MISSION, passions and sense of purpose?

These are not trick questions…

Every person who has found the success they desire has asked them, and more importantly, worked out the answers.

Given our vast experience, I can tell you that this is surprisingly difficult to do on your own. Without challenge, accountability, and structure you will do what the vast majority do… just give up and muddle through life.

You CAN live your best life now… you can live out of PASSION & PURPOSE… making every day better than the last. If you are ready for meaningful change become a Success On Purpose!

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Quick Hit: Mission & Purpose

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E. R. Haas is CEO of the TQ Smart family of web sites including ThinkTQ.com, IntentionalExcellence.com, MyBizIQ.com, MyBelieversGuide.com, MarriageWithPurpose.com and hundreds of others.E. R. is a "serial entrepreneur" and has created over 20 different businesses in software, manufacturing, finance, publishing and many other areas.He is married to Jan Haas who shares his interest in model railroading, gardening, and traveling by train. Together, they have 5 grown children, 9 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren.

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