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| March 24, 2020

 “You are highly skilled on the job, but do you feel as competent off duty as you do on? We challenge you to step out of your uniform – your First Responder role – and reflect on your whole life through a different prism. How sustainable is your current environment? Momentum? How weary are you? We believe that it is high time we focus on the person living inside the uniform. ” ~ E. R. Haas & Faith Wood


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We Are Doing a Series of Virtual & Live Workshops for
People in Uniform Ready to Reinvent, Renew, and Restore Life
Balance by Adapting to the Challenges Immediately Ahead.




Because it’s now an Adapt or Die new world, we are
reaching out to Associations, Unions, Meeting Planners, Event Hosts, and all Departments to begin the dialog for what comes NEXT as we move from COVID-Crisis to a New Living Challenge. 



First Responders are a proud team of highly trained individuals. They are a profession of courageous men and women who are committed to serving their communities at the highest level and want to be great at what they do.



To be proficient on and off the job takes more than a commitment to physical training and mental toughness. It means creating a VISION of the future that aligns with our deepest VALUES and our most important ROLES.

It is only through this alignment that we can achieve the BALANCE needed to succeed in all aspects of life… to become a true Success… and do it On Purpose.



Our Tools & Tech…
Where others offer just Motivation and Inspiration, w
e provide A proven METHODOLOGY + MOMENTUM for higher achievement. Over the past 25-years we have invested millions of dollars in tools and tech to give your people a true edge in balancing their personal aspirations with their professional obligations.



What is the cost of burned-out first responders?
What is the risk – to them, those they serve, and their families?
We have a solution.



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Click Button to Connect — We Make it EASY to Collaborate!

We are also happy to provide you with this exciting new program to review — Free!
Simply honor me with an exciting 15-minute walk-through and you will clearly see the benefits
of introducing your entire group to the Living Challenge.



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unleash their full potential, personally and professionally.


The Living Challenge: It’s A Matter of Priorities…

There are many issues facing today’s network of first responders: Unusually high turnover, lower retention rates, a workforce afflicted by PTSD and clinical depression to name just a few. Mistakes get made and they can cost lives. There is no magic potion to cure these growing concerns but there is a positive and intentional strategy for addressing the underlying causes.

The solution is to augment current training protocols with a focus on the whole person – the one inside and outside of the uniform. To focus on the elements that maintain a healthy, vibrant and agile Responder who has the capacity to pivot quickly to changing circumstances and priorities.

When we make our personal lives as important as our work lives — focusing more on the person instead of the badge — we develop the inner-strength necessary to be agile and balanced in our performance.

Tremendous resources are invested to make our first responders highly skilled on the job, but little is invested in tools and tech to help them lead more rewarding lives.

So, we are proposing a Living Challenge to empower the courageous men and women on the front line to invest in their lives from a 360-degree perspective.

For some, this will be easy as they have already achieved an excellent work/life balance.

But for others, this may well be their biggest challenge ever!

Charles Darwin said it best, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Put another way, you either quickly adapt or die.

First responders not only know this, but they also live it each day.

They have developed incredible job skills and perform with honor and dedication. But what happens at the end of the shift when they try to turn off the things they have seen and the people they have contacted? When it is time to embrace the rest of their life? Do they feel like that transition is an easy one?

So, the real question is, “Are you a Purpose-Driven Success… with a strong work/life balance?”

When TQ was created some 25 years ago we approached the success/fail question as a matter of personal productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our desire was to train people to work smarter and produce far greater results… and do it in much less time. The mandate was to create a systematic approach to personal performance that would permit people to achieve all their dreams and goals in less time and with less hassle.

The result of years of research is a simple TQ Test that breaks your performance into 10 broad color-coded areas, and within each area, the 10 factors that drive the intensity of that color. In a few minutes, you can see exactly which areas of your performance are strong and vibrant and which is weak and faded. You may take this test free of charge at ThinkTQ.com/Quick. (You will find it to be a truly eye-opening experience!)

Cutting to the chase, this is what the median TQ scores reveal from around 100 Million data points…



Is it any wonder that people are stressed-out… burned-out… and running on empty? They are living at 30-40% or less of full potential!

While everyone is completely different, this chart gives you the gist. People, by and large, have a good Attitude (7), a solid ability to create interpersonal Synergy (7), are well Organized (6), and do OK in the Time Management color: Optimize (5).

However, a Mission score of 3 (should be 9 or 10) holds them back from Setting Goals (4), Making Plans (2), and Prioritizing their actions (4), which translates into a poor Act Now score, just 4 out of 10.

This is the typical profile of a person who has generally good skills but is wasting them on things that simply do not matter. At best they perform at 30-40% of their full potential.

Yes, this might seem like a clinical view of performance excellence but it represents a wonderful benchmark for effective improvement. Think of your TQ score as a forward indicator of success in the same way you see your blood pressure as a benchmark of heart health.

Even worse are the folks who rarely take their blood pressure — they could be at catastrophic risk and are clueless.

They lose their edge.

Without a burning sense of MISSION, especially in your personal life, you will work harder and harder and yet satisfaction will still move further and further away from you. Which explains why most people are more successful at work because they have been given a crystal-clear MISSION — in the case of a Police Officer — To Protect and Serve.

The key to success off the job is to create an equally compelling Mission that unites who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Again, this is an INTENTIONAL Pursuit of Excellence issue.

Without intentionality, mediocrity just takes over and your home life suffers at the expense of your work life. (We see this as the constant struggle of your shifting BALANCE line.)

Which now leads us to the heart of the matter!

And a much bigger question, “What’s the Starting Point for a life of happiness, satisfaction, and significance?”

This, as it turns out, is a life and death question.

Since none of us are getting out of this life alive, the real question is, “what are we willing to die for each day?”

In looking at millions of color scores we saw an amazing connection between overall success in life (money, power, freedom, career growth, etc.) and the intensity of a person’s Mission color.

The truth is that there are just 3 variables that control everything you will ever be, do, or have in life.

These 3 variables are responsible for setting the Authentic Direction in your life and create a direct path to your Natural Mission. Instead of dying a little bit each day, these 3 variables guarantee that you live life to the fullest.

And they maintain your performance edge whether on the job or off.



Please take a moment to look at the simplicity of the above graphic.

As you can see, success is not a matter of philosophy or theology but of simple geometry. Highly successful people are guided by an intense sense of personal values and can recite their top 10 forward and backward.

If you are to LIVE what’s most important you have to actually KNOW what’s most important.

As it turns out, for most people —especially people in challenging jobs where the organization dictates the values — this is remarkably difficult to do. It seems simple, but since your entire life depends on you actually KNOWING them, not just accepting what someone at some time told you to value, we find that this is the first big CHALLENGE you must overcome.

Now, connect the dots to an entire series of VISIONS that actually permit you to LIVE those values…

What are your dreams and goals for your family… your friends… your community? How do you see life in 5, 10, 25 years from now? Put simply, how do you want to spend the one life you have to live?

While simple enough in concept, we have found that it is VERY difficult for people to disconnect from the job to look at the fullness of their lives through the Someday Prism. This is the second big CHALLENGE.


The third big CHALLENGE, Perhaps the most difficult to resolve. We have found that the golden key to success is found in the ROLES you will play to achieve your VISIONS and to live your VALUES.

Roles are the parts you play in life: Husband/Wife, brother/sister, son/daughter, father/mother, hunter/boater/adventurer/etc. No question, if you are to live BIG values and achieve HUGE visions you must put yourself in the RIGHT role to make it happen.

Sorting this out for real is challenging for even the most well-balanced among us… which is where we come in with the tools, tech, and training needed to create ROLES big enough to actually live your VALUES and achieve all your VISIONS for a purpose-driven life!



Now For The Actual Living Challenge!

As we said above, the challenge is to have a life OFF the job better than the life you have ON the job.

This takes exceptional personal power… what we call The Power of TQ.

To live large you cannot play small.

To live a life of happiness, satisfaction, and significance requires you to triangulate your missions in time. As should be obvious by now, a person with BIG values, BIG visions, and BIG roles requires substantially more POWER (a bigger TQ Score) than someone with BIG values, LITTLE visions, and is playing a TINY role at this time. (Why worry about power when you are in a puny role that has little influence on your goals?)

Or a person with a HUGE world-changing vision but has no power to achieve it because they are in the wrong role or is supported by an organization with the wrong values.

To succeed then, you must constantly raise your expectations for what is possible in your life by expanding your visions, empowering bigger roles, and connecting your personal values with your organization’s values.

A disconnect here spells death.

Yes, we are being a bit dramatic but the point is, if you are not living up to your full potential each day, you are simply committing slow-motion suicide… dying a bit inside each day rather than living life full-tilt, flat out, both personally and professionally.

So, Your Challenge is…

The challenge is for you to become the best YOU possible… to live a thrilling, joyful, engaging, and satisfying life OFF the job.

Not to sacrifice you in the process of becoming a great Cop, Fireman, EMT, etc. — but to create BALANCE between the PERSON you see in the mirror at HOME with the person you see in UNIFORM in your mirror.

Inner-wellness is critical to thriving in your career, your life, and your retirement. Take responsibility for your own physical and mental wellness. Make the time to workout, meditate, walk, talk, listen, read and eat healthily. Work on the relationships that matter – don’t leave them to chance.

It sounds like a lot but if you make it part of your daily ritual you will be able to maintain a level of resilience and overall wellness throughout your career and beyond.



It doesn’t matter if you are on the firing line or a 911 dispatcher… a manager or a captain… even the mayor of a major city. The challenge is exactly the same as we see in all other occupations (albeit, blood is not drawn in the boardroom of Apple!)

It is up to you to accept the Living Challenge… or quietly live with the status quo.

If that’s your choice, OK.

But don’t expect people to listen when you sing the same sad songs over and over.

If you want to excel in your skills, tactics, decision making, abilities and career you need to make a commitment to training on your own.

If you want to be a success in your life, you need to commit to the same level of practice.



We hope we gave you some useful advice prior to our speaking to your organization. We focus entirely on methods and momentum, not forgettable motivation and inspiration.

You becoming the best YOU possible is inspiring and motivating enough.

You living your best life on and off the job is thrilling enough.

We just need to give you the tools and tech to make the Living Challenge a little less challenging:)

Expect Success,

E. R. Haas, CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Author


Faith Wood is a communication and presentation specialist.  She is also an award-winning novelist.

Faith worked as a First Responder for almost 16 years.   During that time, she realized how important it is to know what you are working for and developed a commitment to fostering strong connected teams.

Since hanging up the handcuffs, she has traveled the world, helping people all along the way better understand   human connection footprints. Wood has revealed to thousands how to influence daily actions, which in turn, offers a new way of thinking and leads to a more fulfilling life.

Faith is a mother of four, grandmother to 7 and wife to one.  She lives with her husband in Coldstream, B.C., CANADA.


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