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Friendliness as Strategy

| May 21, 2018 | 0 Comments
Friendliness as Strategy

The Purpose of Business…

One of the greatest articles ever written on business success was drafted way back in 1960 by Theodore Levitt entitled, Marketing Myopia and makes the case for why businesses of every size either succeed or fail.

I was on my 4th or 5th business by the time I read this article in the Havard Business Review.

I immediately saw the connection between his thoughts and my business.

The big idea is that the reasons FAIL is that they don’t know what business they are in. They lose their focus and simply become irrelevant to the customer.

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Thinking In Front of a Tiger

| May 19, 2018 | 0 Comments
Thinking In Front of a Tiger

Mental Toughness Begins Here…

“If you can THINK in front of a tiger, you will surely succeed.”

This has been one of my most favorite quotes!

Our new Time Prism trains you to THINK. It’s the constant mentor that causes you to pause for a few seconds… grab an Idea Seed… BREATHE… and take 10 seconds to just THINK.


BUT it is hard to stop the world’s excessive NOISE and learn to THINK in front of…

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Breathing as a Success Strategy…

| May 14, 2018 | 0 Comments
Breathing as a  Success Strategy…

What Happens When You Use The Time Prism?

We all want to be more successful — it’s why we’re here — why we are constantly looking for tools that will help us achieve more and get ahead faster!

Almost from day one after launch, we started getting reports that our directions were working.

“WOW, no one reads the directions, but glad to know they work,” I thought.

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Hopes vs. Strategy…

| May 11, 2018 | 0 Comments
Hopes vs. Strategy…

Dreams & Visions…

Every person who starts a business dreams of success.

Dreams of the day when they find freedom, peace of mind, and high cash flow.

We in business all HOPE things will work out, but realize there are many ups and downs with lots of potholes on the road to success.

Hope & Power…

At some point, we realize HOPE is not enough and that real POWER is needed.

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4 Steps to Move from Scarcity and Fear to Wealth and Abundance…

| April 30, 2018
4 Steps to Move from Scarcity and Fear to Wealth and Abundance…

The Excellence Habit:

The Shortest Path from Scarcity to Wealth.

There is a natural series of steps that lead to the pinnacle of prosperity.

If you’re stuck at Anxiety, Stress, Fear, and Sacrifice, the next step up is…

Excellence, Accomplishment, and Mastery.

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New Solution ~ Old Problem

| April 24, 2018 | 0 Comments
New Solution ~ Old Problem

This article is for people who are absolutely serious about building a business worth owning… turning your hard work into a veritable gold mine.

The simple truth is, if you do not run your business with a month by month Strategic Plan, you are stepping over DOLLARS to pick up DIMES.

There are literally tens of millions of small businesses around the globe where the prime strategy for success is prayer!

A prayer for…

Better cash flow…
Faster growth…
Smarter employees…
Sales expansion…
The list is endless.

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Expect Success

| April 23, 2018 | 0 Comments
Expect Success

In life you have two choices:

Accept what you get…
Or, learn to Expect More.
Most people, especially in small businesses, are in the first camp.

They watch the parade rather than lead it.

They mistakenly think this is the safe strategy when it is the riskiest of all.

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A Thought On Thinking…

| April 20, 2018 | 0 Comments
A Thought On Thinking…

The greatest power you have…

Training your mind to THINK is a very big deal around here.

It’s why we invented the world’s first Time Prism!

Now that it’s been in use for the past 60 days, something remarkable is shaping up.

People are doing the unexpected…

They are following directions!

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The 10 Second Miracle

| April 16, 2018 | 0 Comments
The 10 Second Miracle

Everything Can Change in 10 Seconds…

When we launched The Time Prism we had no idea how it would be used.

The design is simple enough: Read… Breathe… THINK.

Each screen was written to be short and on-point.

You simply READ what is presented to you…

Take a deep BREATH to inject some oxygen into your brain…

And take 10 seconds to just THINK…

About what was being said…

About anything at all that pops into your mind.

The Result?

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Business Success: A Thought

| April 12, 2018 | 0 Comments
Business Success: A Thought

Every PROJECT begins with a thought.

Every GOAL begins with a thought.

Every PLAN begins with a thought.

Every STRATEGY begins with a thought.

Every DECISION begins with a thought.

Every ACTION begins with a thought.

Every FANTASY begins with a thought.

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Is it possible to earn $5,000 per MINUTE doing something you love?

| April 9, 2018
Is it possible to earn $5,000 per MINUTE doing something you love?

You don’t need to be a race car driver to understand that to the swift goes the race.

Unless you are in a position where results don’t matter… winning doesn’t matter… getting ahead doesn’t matter or turning yourself into the best version of you doesn’t matter… then you need to think like a champion.

This means mastering your Clock Management skills.

Regardless of who you are… young or old… rich or broke… successful or struggling… we all have exactly the same number of minutes to work with:

1,440 minutes each day.

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Ideas as Strategy

| March 31, 2018 | 0 Comments
Ideas as Strategy

One of the great questions facing every business today is, “How do I grow my business faster and become the next hot new thing… the hot new toy… the trendy new restaurant… great new App… retail experience… making your business the rising star in your industry or community?

Every leader in every organization on Earth is asking this question right now

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What’s Your Forgetting Curve Costing You?

| March 19, 2018
What’s Your Forgetting Curve Costing You?

All habits, our good ones, and our bad ones are based on 3 basic conditions:

1) A TRIGGER — something that gets your attention and reminds you to take some kind of action…

2) A BEHAVIOR — a specific action you will automatically take…

3) A REWARD — what you get when you recognize the Trigger and engage in the Behavior to get the Reward you desire.

Habits are based on CRAVINGS, either positive or negative.

Crave nicotine and you smoke.

Crave chocolate and you eat cake.

Crave success and you grow rich — when you take the right sequence of actions.

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More Done ~ Less Time

| March 12, 2018
More Done ~ Less Time

Time Management Simplified…


Do it in LESS TIME.

Always remember…

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New Ideas Matter — Even MORE Than You Think…

| March 5, 2018
New Ideas Matter — Even MORE Than You Think…

Ultimately, the Excellence Habit is all about the inculcation of great ideas…

POSITIVE IDEAS that shape your performance.

To succeed, you MUST have a constant flow of great ideas… a reservoir to depend on for true innovation.

For inspiration.

To motivate you to take bold action.

When we run out of ideas, we run out of hope.

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Oscar Worthy Performance…

| February 26, 2018
Oscar Worthy Performance…

Regardless the controversy about who should and shouldn’t be nominated for high recognition, the fact remains…

EVERY contender is both a winner and a Time Management EXPERT!

The reality is, 95% of all success is simply showing up… on time and ready to perform.

Ready for the opportunities that naturally come your way.

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The Will to Win, The Desire to Succeed…

| February 19, 2018
The Will to Win, The Desire to Succeed…

Have you been working harder and harder and still haven’t achieved the success you desire?

Would you like to know WHY?

Factually, scientifically, precisely?

If you’re like the vast majority of our customers, you have read all the books… listened to the tapes… attended the seminars…

BUT… there’s still a barrier between where you are now, and where you want to go.

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Your Time Prism & The Power of Aha…

| February 15, 2018 | 0 Comments
Your Time Prism & The Power of Aha…

The Proverable Aha Moment…

A flash of inspiration and illumination…

A moment of unexpected insight and discovery…

An epiphany—a sudden revelation and awareness…

Yes, I am sure you know what an Aha Moment is… so the question becomes… how do you achieve this moment many times a day, rather than just once or twice in a lifetime?

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Predicting Business Success

| February 5, 2018 | 0 Comments
Predicting Business Success

Ayn Rand said it best, “Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.”

But the key to this observation is exactly what to THINK about!

This is especially important if you are a small business owner who wants to grow and expand profits.

So, if you want to grow, make more money, enjoy your business more.

Here’s a short list of what you want to think about, pretty much every hour of every day!

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A Long Journey to Vision

| January 29, 2018 | 0 Comments
A Long Journey to Vision

A Life is a Terrible Thing To Waste…

It is also a wonderful thing to embrace!

Most people go through their lives with a deep case of Success Myopia… they have no vision beyond the obviousness of their lives.

They fail to see the ever-present opportunities, the signs pointing to a better life, and the big milestones in their lives.

Without vision you WILL perish. Your dreams die, your hopes fade, and you find yourself in a thorny field of deep regrets.

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