3 Vital Rules of Business Success

| May 16, 2019

“A small business present big opportunites. The key to your success is
found in just 3 easy to follow rules. ”
~ E. R. Haas, CEO

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The 3 Rules of Business Success…

3 Vital Rules of Business Success

Follow these 3 rules and you have a real shot of achieving entrepreneurial greatness.

Don’t, and no matter how hard you work… how hard you want success… it just won’t happen.

Yes, I am the proverbial expert in this matter!

I have tried it both ways.

A couple of times I skipped rule 1 and 2… resulting in total disaster.

A few times I skipped rule 3 and watched Microsoft take away all hope and joy from my various software businesses!

But when I followed all 3, I achieved what you would call true business success: The Midas Touch!

Rule #1: Know the rules of the game…

All games have rules.

Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, etc.

You are strong, quick, and have the wingspan.

A player.

What do you think will happen with that natural talent if you show up to play football, but only know the rules of soccer?

Skill and talent make no difference.

Too many forced errors and you LOSE!

Same in business.

Every business has rules of the game, and it is priority number 1 for you to know them.

Action: Write down, right now, what you believe the rules of your game are. This is the first step in forging a strategy to win. Think about Nike and how they became Nike! They broke all the rules… what were they?

(Before you can break them, you do need to know them!)

3 Vital Rules of Business Success

Rule 2: Plan to WIN…

This one is so obvious on the surface as to be not worth talking about.

If you do not have a current operational plan for the next week, month, quarter, year, and 5 years — a vision updated on your calendar — you are out of business and don’t even know it.

This problem affects 99% of all small businesses… which is why the failure rate is over 50% in less than 36 months.

Action: Take your My Biz IQ Stress Test and start filling in the holes in your Strategic Plan.

If you do not have a simple Strategic Plan, determine what failure will cost you, your family and community, and if you can afford to pay it, no problem.

If the price of failure is too high, pay attention — I have tried to let this slide and it cost me millions of dollars… not to mention the heartbreak of laying off hundreds of employees.

These guys sell pizza in a very crowded space. Would you have ever heard of them unless they Planned to WIN?

3 Vital Rules of Business Success

Rule #3: Play to WIN…

Business can be fun.

It can be incredibly rewarding.

It can be the path to making all your dreams come true.

It can also be heartbreaking.

Playing to win means giving it all you have to give — every day — not just when you feel like it… or are motivated… or are somehow inspired.

Every day.

A friend of mine in Boulder started White Wave. For 30 years Steve hit it hard each day, facing unbelievable competition. He won! Silk became the #1, multi-billion dollar brand in a category that was so small it was not even worth the paper his plan rested upon. BUT, his mission was to introduce more SOY into the American diet… he had a plan… and pulled together a WINNING TEAM and he is now a mega-millionaire! He played to WIN because he Planned to WIN.

3 Vital Rules of Business Success

Success is possible… failure probable

3 Vital Rules of Business SuccessI know this sounds a bit dramatic. I know, but sometimes the unvarnished truth speaks louder than a bunch of soundbites and punchlines.

I have found that most people “kind of” know the rules of the game they are playing.

This is the easiest rule to follow.

And yet, 50% — HALF — of all businesses started just 48 months ago are GONE. If they had understood the rules and planned to WIN, that failure rate would be cut in half. Smart!

The vast majority of people have no clue what a strategy even is, or what an operational plan looks like, so they delude themselves into believing they do.

No reason to get help if you don’t think you need it!

Most small business leaders work way too hard… too long… living on the precipice of disaster.

What changes everything is the planning to WIN mentality.

Not just a honcho attitude, but truly a plan to win the game you are playing.

This is how wealth is created.

A Simple Strategy…

3 Vital Rules of Business SuccessOnce you determine what you are going to make happen you can move forward toward the goal. Until then, you become overwhelmed, locked on the horns of a dilemma.

A simple strategy, executed well is the key to growing the next Apple, Whole Foods, Nike… even the next hot new restaurant, cycle shop, or salon.

We make strategy push-button simple.

You answer a few deeply engaging questions, tell us what your objectives are, and we give you the answer to the question, “What should we do next?”

Your Choice: Hours vs. Years…

MyBizIQ is like gaining the operational savvy of a Harvard MBA in 6 hours… not 6 years and $500,000!

Your Stress Test takes about an hour. Simple questions but profoundly predictive.

The personalized results will take you 2-3 hours to fully absorb. We have distilled the complexity of business success into a simple to understand, gaited package that guides your thinking at every step.

Then, each week you return to your secure, personal strategy page and review your actions, decisions, and your next focus.

The result is that you know exactly what you must do NEXT.

It means thinking WIN WIN…

What’s Important Now?

What’s Important Next?

The Key Word For This Decade: Volatility

Just look at the crosscurrents of a constantly changing business landscape: China trade issues… NAFTA… ruthless competition… lack of quality and quantity of new hires… tough new business regulations… the list is endless.

Let’s take a quick walk around the Biz IQ Success Clock.

3 Vital Rules of Business SuccessAnd what you can do to tame this volatility and chaos is equally endless:

Faster new product development and innovation…

Smarter marketing…

More effective customer creation and retention…

Better financial controls…

Better operations management…

Better admin management…

More responsive actions to local business conditions.

Yes, you have thousands of choices — some good — some bad — some just ineffective — so you must choose wisely! Which is what strategy is all about.

To join the ranks of long-term successes like Apple, Amazon, Dell, Whole Foods, and a million small business who play the game of business to WIN, you must reenergize, reorganize, and reinvent your business — continuously.

It means thinking strategically and acting tactically.

Chaos will reign this year — get used to it…

Volatility is the new norm — complaining about it is counterproductive…

Business conditions will be good and bad… sometimes in the same month…

It is up to you to navigate these conditions and WIN. Proof?

This Gallery depicts businesses that all started with no more than an idea, little cash, but still turned into a Goldmine… after facing more than their fair share of heartbreaks and tough times.

3 Vital Rules of Business Success
3 Vital Rules of Business Success 3 Vital Rules of Business Success 3 Vital Rules of Business Success 3 Vital Rules of Business Success 3 Vital Rules of Business Success


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3 Vital Rules of Business Success


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